Pee On/Pee Off Exercise


Could someone explain to me what the Pee On/Pee Off exercise supposed to do for you? I don't see what it has to do with peeing and just don't get it. What is it supposed to be changing? Has anyone had success in doing this exercise?


Hi Perla - all of Christine's exercise routines are secondary to the WW posture itself. It is the posture that corrects the alignment of the organs and joints, which is what alleviates issues with prolapse, incontinence, and hip pain, among other things. The different routines target the individual problems in a very effective way....but you cannot simply exercise and not practice posture as you go throughout your day. Christine explains it all in her video; there is nothing we can add here that would clarify what these moves are supposed to help with. Just watch and listen to the video, do the routine, and above all else, learn to LIVE in Whole Woman posture. - Surviving

Thank you Surviving for your answer. I will admit that I struggle greatly with posture and that's why I was wondering what the exercise was supposed to be doing - maybe trying to help with posture? I don't know. In a way I've been thinking that maybe the exercise was helping but I can't figure out why it would be just because it doesn't seem to be focusing on anything specific. I'll continue to try to make the posture more of a habit. Thanks.


Perla, in module 5 of the program, Christine describes standing and seated posture and also explains what the pee on/pee off exercise moves are designed to do. We can't offer any better explanation just need to study the program. - Surviving

You are so right and I'm sorry for not re-watching it before I asked the question. I don't always have access to my PC when I want to do the exercises (that's why DVDs are so nice) so I write them down but don't write down all the comments. I did watch it again this morning and yes, she does explain everything very well. Sorry for bothering you with the question.

Posture, Posture, Posture!