prolapse progression

I was diagnosed with vaginal vault prolapse. I was not given a grade. I do not have anything falling out of my vagina but i do experience the heaviness sometimes. My dr suggested a hysterectomy and repair. I will absolutely NOT have a hysterectomy unless I was in a life threatening situation.
My question is: will this situation progress to where I will have organs protruding out of my vagina?
I have changed my posture, which was very bad. I feel that it has helped my situation. I ordered a video for pelvic strengthening.

Feeling Overwhelmed

I don't know if I'm posting to the right forum. If I'm not could someone help me with that?

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Stem Cell Therapy and Laser

I gave birth last year in an American hospital. I have heard that the worst place to give birth is in an American hospital and now I completely agree. My labor was sped up through aggressive coached pushing on my back. Ideally all the pushing should be the done by the uterus alone since it results in no injury to mother and baby. However in American hospitals they coerce you to use abdominal pushing which is subject to voluntary control of the abdominal muscles.

Postpartum prolapse

Hello Everyone,

I am here having been just diagnosed with uterine prolapse, cystocele and rectocele, I think all grade 1, 6 weeks postpartum. To be honest, this whole situation has me feeling utterly terrified. This is my second baby and I have an active toddler. I just want to enjoy my babies and all I can think about is the doctor telling me that my husband mifind sex weird and I'll need surgery when I'm 50. I feel broken and like I'll never live normally and without thinking about my broken vagina. I am trying to stay in posture and rest when possible.

Pregnancy with a prolapse?

I am 30 years old and have a 2 1/2 year old daughter. For the last year I’ve been dealing with pelvic and vaginal pressure/fullness/dragging feeling and rectal pressure/fullness. When symptoms first started I remember walking around the grocery store and literally felt like I had to sit down because the heavy feeling in my vaginal area was so bad. No doctor in the last year has checked for it. They’ did other tests that all came back negative except my back MRI showed mild arthritis and some bulging discs.




I'm new here and am not sure if this is the right spot to post this question. (I have read the other posts about shoes, which were very helpful.) As an introduction, I am 69 y.o. and have pretty advanced cystocele. After over half a century of poor posture while diligently keeping up with aerobics and yoga, and 10 years of weight-lifting for osteoporosis, plus a bit of Pilates, I'm finding that keeping in posture is very challenging. (I've quit any oblique postures, such as in Pilates.)
I have to remind myself every second to do WW posture.

Feeling a Bit Down

Hi, When I found Christine's wonderful website and programs, I was very optimistic. It was a couple of months ago, and I'd been diagnosed with a uterine prolapse and cystocele. I started practicing the posture, and I bought the FAFP program plus the Exercise Bundle. For a while, the posture seemed to help, and I've been trying to do some of the exercises daily, and learn the firebreathing, but my prolapse seems to have worsened, plus I now have a rectocele. It's mostly in the evenings that my uterus drops down to the opening of my vagina, and the cystocele is bulging.

Mouth Breather

Hello -

When I read about the mouth breathers, people are changing to become closed mouth breathers by choice and diligence. I have had chronic allergies since teen years. I have seen an allergist and my nasal passages are swollen and narrowed. I can breath a couple breaths with a closed mouth but then gasp for breath irregularly, so it doesn't work. I'm assuming that as long as I breath into my stomach even with mouth breathing that it will work? Otherwise, I am in serious trouble! Thank you.


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