Does inserting plain yogurt cure yeast infection?

Hello and long time no hear. I’ve been super busy trying to finish my book too ( I am eager to read Christine’s new/revised book I guess soon to be printed as well. Well as mentioned in my book, I am one of the extreme 0.05% of females who get a prolapsed without ever having kids. In fact, I am currently celibate – not by choice – awaiting this seemingly never arriving help mate for me.

Well I always seem to be very wet down there compliments of my ?cervix sticking out of my vagina. I also know I have Candida and I am planning to get several colonic treatments to spew the 20+ years of impacted poop out of my colon – and hopefully rid this annoying Candida. With that said, I have developed this REALLY ANNYONG yeast infection. I think I may know the cause however. My vulva would itch on and off a lot since my prolapsed seemingly gotten worse and I started to leak urine. I assume because it’s now super moist and dark down there.

Because I leak urine, I wear pentyliners. However, after 12+ hours, my pants get moist. Many times, because I am ALWAYS SOOOOO SUPER SONIC BUSY with absolutely no one to help me do anything, I end up running ragged (usually in circles getting very little done). When I do finish, I try and rest a good day. This means I can easily be in bed/lounging around for over 15 hours to an entire day. Of course, without changing. Thusly, I seem to get diaper rash a lot. I use that baby diaper cream with zinc and it works great. I have been using it a lot lately and after my last period, I have been semi putting the cream around and inside my vulva and opening of my vagina. My lips would itch then burn which I thought was some type of “diaper rash” thing. I didn’t really think much of it; after all, it’s for babies. I did this for almost 4 days. Now, my lips are REALLY itching. And I’m sure the more I scratch (which I guess I’m not supposed to do) the worst it gets. So now it REALLY REALLY itches. I would end up scratching at work. And as of this past Sunday, the itch seems to have traveled from my lips to my vagina, etc.

I was searching the internet for a cure and I came across this plain yogurt cure. Several people said they inserted the yogurt into them and it soothes them and they felt better I guess in a day or so. But someone cautioned that the yogurt only cures certain bacteria. She said that if you have some bacteria, you should use apple cider vinegar instead. She said to mix the vinegar up with water and squirt it in you. She also said to take 2 or 3 tablespoons 3 times a day. I know I was taking 2 tbs of Bragg’s vinegar daily so I could lose weight amongst other things. Of course, I got busy and stopped. Being that America doesn’t offer universal healthcare for people who are self employed, contract, or part time employed, I still have no health ins. Being that the last time I went to Kaiser, a major health ins. chain, I was quite disgusted with their suggestion of a hysterectomy for a few fibroids. I have always been into alternative medicine so I wish to seek a more natural cure with few side effects. Someone said that they really broke out with the over the counter yeast cure. I personally never broke out from such and bought Monistat 7 today. I plan to use this 1 time suppository tonight and put that cream all over my vulva. I assume diaper rash is NOT meant for your vulva.

I was reading your form about grapefruit seed extract and other suggestions to calm and cure this infection. ( Sorry for the length, I’ll repost a very trimmed down version of this next for you who don’t have time to read a book.

...but I bought your book! :-)

My guess is that getting the flora and fauna inside your bowels healthy and providing a moisture barrier (salve) to the perineum would be the best bets. Have you been tested for candida?

If it is yeast, regular use of that monostat stuff carries the risk of growing bigger, more resistant bugs. A good probiotic taken internally is probably more effective over the long run. There is no substitute for a powerful immune system.

If I remember, you are too young to be having the watery, "acrid" secretions that sometimes accompany menopause. That's what I've been dealing with for the past year and keeping a good salve on that area is a must or the skin gets fried.

Thanks for the update, Ms. Cutie, and I hope you've seen improvemnt with your uterine prolapse.


I have used a combo of yogurt, tea tree oil and garlic cloves to get rid of a mild yeast infection. it took about a week.
but I've got to be honest with've got to control the moisture levels down there. somehow you have to find time to change the pantiliners more often, and I'd also recommend using cloth if you aren't already. they are much less irritating to already irritated skin.
I have also read about apple cider vinegar for yeast but for some strange reason, any time I put some vinegar in food or the wash, my dd ends up with a yeast infection. so I personally avoid it.

running yourself ragged can't be a good thing either, I hope you can find a way to slow down and take care of yourself before you absolutely have to

I have tried the yogurt cure when pregnant and things got much worse after. But maybe I was not using the proper yogurt...

I hope that you will be feeling better soon.


Hi, just putting my tuppence worth in. When I last got a yeast infection it was the worst I'd ever had. Best thing I think I did was to use a simple, non-perfumed soap when washing down there. Seemed to help - give it a try.


Thank you all for your advise thus far. And Christine, thanks for your purchase – I didn’t know it was out and ready to purchase! WOW that’s news to me too. ;D

Well, firstly, what is dd? I’ve seen it used in other posts and I assume it’s just an acronym like GSE for grapefruit seed extract. However, I never got the benefit of figuring out what dd stands for. Also, I kind of got impatience and decided to just use the monistant 7 cure. It was this huge softgel pill like thing that I inserted way in me. I also used the cream to saturate my labia. I also washed with ivory soap. Even though I know it can be very drying and harsh in some predicaments, I know Tone deodorant soap would be much worse. I did this last night and the itching/burning seemed to cease right away. THANK GOD!!!! I didn’t want to wash it out, but I did rinse off down there and reapply the cream around my lips. I also took 2 AZO Yeast pills as well as some folic acid – what ever that is supposed to do. I saw folic acid on the yogurt site as well. Now, I very glad I didn’t take any yogurt.

“getting the flora and fauna inside your bowels healthy and providing a moisture barrier (salve) to the perineum would be the best bets. Have you been tested for candida?”

I believe so. Not via a pap smear, but from this holistic chiropractor. Also, just via various questioners I seem to have a super form of cadida. I know yogurt has various probotics, is drinking a yogurt smoothy or eating yogurt enough or should I actually take those probotics pills? And what is this moisture barrier salve you speak of? Is it some sort of vasolene?

“you've got to control the moisture levels down there. somehow you have to find time to change the pantiliners more often, and I'd also recommend using cloth if you aren't already”

I know you are right. I actually decided to not be so (shameful to say lazy/trifling) and make a point to not be super cheap and change my pantyliner as much as I would change a pad on my period. I usually wait until 12+ hours when it is quite moist to change saying I wish to use 1 liner per day. You know they give you a box of 30 pads so I try to use 1 box per month. I also put much corn starch/powder down there as well.

You know, I probably had a very mild yeast infection for several months. I know at least the past month I had a discharge, I assumed it was due to a fibroid issue. I also know I was quite chafe down there, that’s when I put diaper rash cream on my lips. The chafeness soon began to very mildly itch. Obvious the signs of a yeast infection, but my mind was soooo far away, that was actually the last thing I was thinking about. Thusly, the yeast went wild and I ended up scratching like some maniac and thus spreading it. (I need a rolling my eyes face icon here). It may be easier said than done, but PAYING ATTENTION AND TAKING CARE OF YOUR BODY SHOULD ALWAYS BE NUMBER 1 IN YOUR LIFE!! I PERSONALLY NEED TO POST THAT UP ON MY DOOR, CAR, AND MIRROR!!

try cloth pantiliners....much cheaper because they are washable, so you can change them often guiltfree. if you have a sewing machine they cost less than a dollar apiece to make.

I'm happy to hear things are clearing up

and dd = dear daughter

This is a late response (sorry!) to your questions directed to me.

About the probiotic...yogurt isn't the only, or necessarily the best, way to get it. Do a search for Grandma Joy's encyclopedic discussions on them. She sells an absolutely awesome totally organic powdered green drink containing several high-quality probiotics. You can find others at natural food stores. You can add it to apple juice and not have to deal with the heaviness of dairy.

Yes, the moisture barrier would be something like vasoline, but that isn't a petroleum-based hydrocarbon. Shop for a good herbal salve in a base of olive/almond/or sesame oil and beeswax.

Please keep us posted on your progress and good luck with the book - my copy has been shipped!

:-) Christine

Thanks you all for your help. Now where is this “Grandma Joy's”, I personally couldn’t find anything on the internet – which quite unusual being that the internet and wikipedia has almost everything a human could want, desire, or need on-lineline. Thanks granolamom for your tips, I however am SOOOO not a sewer, I shamefully staple my pants up instead of heming them. :o I do realize that moisture will unfortunately chafe me you and be perfect breeding grounds for yeast.

And Christine, thanks for your advise. I actually looked up “Grandma Joy's” on yahoo and google but couldn’t find anything. I actually never heard of her before, but does she have a website or something? I also noticed some semi-lingering itching down there. It could be due to me slushing the Monistat cream down there on my labia and the subsequent discharge.

In the mean time, I have been taking those AZO pills and drinking plenty of delicious red raspberry leaf tea. I bought this candida detox/cleanse by Zand from the health food store. Surely between AZO and this candida cleanse I’ll get rid of this annoying overgrowth of yeast inside me. I really don’t want any bacteria to become immune to any creams, etc. And lastly, I am DEFINITELY planning to do a series of colonics hopefully within the next few months. Not only to cleanse the gook inside me, but the lady claimed that you could lose up to 2+ pound on each visit. This leads me to another topic and post. I’ll post that somewhere else. The topic is “Outside of liposuction, what other offer can be offered to us?!”

I think this is the link:

grandma joy is actually a beloved member of this very site.

you can do a search here on a specific member -- she has a thread just called probiotic. and, as i use it personally, i can vouch for how fantastic it is. and it is. made a HUGE difference for me, so i encourage you to check it out.

good luck!


Hi Ms Cutie,

I'm so sorry you are having such a series of problems and will try to answer as best I can. One of the first things I can tell you is to commit yourself to taking the time to make the changes necessary to get your health under control, especially since you are such a busy person. This also means calming yourself, learning the relaxing breathing techniques to clear your mind, then making a plan to address each of your issues.

Order Christine's books, including the diet book. Her information on posture, exercise and diet is invaluable to all of us, and is a must to getting the prolapse under control. You won't find answers to prolapse anywhere else except for sugery which is not what we want. So far as the itch. Christine mentioned to you to use an herbal salve as opposed to all other products which could make your situation worse. Commercial salves have chemicals in them that are comedogenic, meaning they work just like acne medicines do, they clear up parts of it but actually cause more breakouts. Wenz made an excellent suggestion to use a non-perfumed soap. Reka108 answered your question about using the yogurt cure - she said the yogurt cure did not work for her, and probably truly has not worked for others either.

Granolamom offered the suggestion of changing your pantyliners more often or making your own. This is a powerful aid with your problem. If you can't make your own out of organic cotton, then buy the organic ones at the health food store. Aside from wearing them for 12 hours (way too long-2 hours is probably long enough) the commercial ones have chlorine bleach in them along with other chemicals that are probably aggravating your condition.

On candida - Yogurt has been a common thing offered for candida, and I attempted it years ago until a health food person told me I'd have to eat 25 pounds of it a day for it to do any good! I never liked it anyway so I quit. Candida is yeast overgrowth and if you are feeding your body anything with yeast in it, you are feeding your yeast, so at this point, it seems to be imperative to pay attention to your food. Absolutely NO dairy(this means cheese, too), NO wheat, No mushrooms, NO vinegar (it has yeast extracts in it), nothing with yeast in it. If you have candida, it is throughout your body, from the mouth to the anus. Antibiotics and chemicals in our food is the source of the breakdown of the flora and fauna in our gut, it also destroys the digestive enzymes our body naturally makes. We have living bodies that need whole, living foods for it to work properly, so we must clean it up as best we can. The probiotic that Susan and Christine mentioned that I sell is a certified organic probiotic that is comprised of 26 whole living foods and the entire 13 strains of the lactobacillus family that our intestines need, because these are the things that have been destroyed in our gut. There are other probiotics out there that probably work; however, many of them are fast-tracked from fecal matter, as are some of the antifungal solutions, but ours is the only certified organic one and is not fast-tracked.

Since you are busy all the time, are you eating fast foods? If so, that will have to change for a variety of reasons. Organic foods have natural probiotics in them, and have naturally slimming properties, also. I finally convinced my husband, a truck driver, to go with organic food which is tough to do with his job. He started the first of November, weighing in at 250 pounds, eating as much organic food as we could prepare for him to take with him, and as of a couple of weeks ago, weighed 205. Yes, he had to eat a few other foods, particularly being stuck in the Pennsylvania ice storm for 3 days and no place to buy more organics. But he is persevering, his big belly is shrinking, but will be the last to go because he must now tone up his muscles. So, there is your answer on the weight loss. It can be done. When eating fast foods, sugary desserts and junk food, the body can only process a portion of it because of the chemicals in it, and the rest of it is stored in the fat cells of the body. Over a period of time, it will actually turn to fat. A good diet will help the cells in the body to release the toxins and throw them out.

Colonics are not a bad idea at all, however, if you have a rectocele, I do not know how it would effect that. I would not do the colonics as an aid to weight loss - we all lose approximately 2 pounds daily with a morning bowel movement. Everyone always weighs less in the mornings than they do in the evenings. Colonics to get rid of excess, impacted toxic poop is an excellent idea, but check to see if they insert a bacterial formula into the rectum afterwards to replace that which is washed out. I haven't researched what combination that is, so can't tell you anything about it.

I hope I've answered your questions and truly wish you the very best. All of the ladies on this site are so willing to reach out and give excellent advice; after all, for us, it's "been there, done that". So, don't hesitate to ask questions and be sure to post to let us know how you are doing. Feel free to email me. My contact info is on the contact page.

Grandma Joy

Bless your heart Susan. That is an absolutely beautiful compliment and I treasure it. Thank you.

Grandma Joy

Hello grandma joy and thanks for your swift response! I guess I must thank Christine and everyone else who I guess dispatch you so fast. Especially being that you are no where on the internet. I have several questions and a few Oh My GOSH questions:

1. Yes, I am unfortunate, SUPER SONIC very busy – bad thing. But I tried that yoga breathing and somehow (maybe via my super active mind) it never relaxed me. Besides getting a little sleepy at the end of my yoga class when we are laying on our mats, I never experienced nirvana via the breathing and especially via the positions.

2. I have her video and such – but I have been slacking a bit in doing the exercises. I’ll get her diet book and give it a following try.

3. “herbal salve So far as the itch. Christine mentioned to you to use an herbal salve as opposed to all other products which could make your situation worse. Commercial salves have chemicals in them that are comedogenic, meaning they work just like acne medicines do, they clear up parts of it but actually cause more breakouts” That’s interesting but not too surprising. Where can I buy an herbal salve for my itch? Also, does anyone have any particular brand of anti-itch herbal salve that works pretty well?

4. “Wenz made an excellent suggestion to use a non-perfumed soap.” I actually am trying to use ivory and other non-perfumed soaps to wash. Another thing that I used to do is put perfumes down there like body sprays. Not directly, but I’d spray my underwear and surrounding area. I also use corn starch between my thighs to keep dry. Do you think that is a problem?

5. “Reka108 answered your question about using the yogurt cure - she said the yogurt cure did not work for her, and probably truly has not worked for others either.” That’s funny. That internet site had almost all of the viewer’s claim that the yogurt worked for them. Hmm, go figure?

6. OK, first OH MY GOSH! I know 12 hours is a bit too long – but 2 HOURS?!? :O I’ll go through a bag a week!! Why do you suggest 2 hours? I guess it is a bit moist, but even before my prolaspe got to this point, my underwear would never be that soiled in 2 hours!

7. “…other probiotics out there…..are fast-tracked from fecal matter, as are some of the antifungal solutions….” What does “fast-tracked from fecal matter” mean, that is contains fecal matter? Also, do you have a site where I can see and buy your products?

8. Diet and eating is ALWAYS easier said than done! I know following this (Absolutely NO dairy(this means cheese, too), NO wheat, No mushrooms, NO vinegar (it has yeast extracts in it), nothing with yeast in it. If you have candida, it is throughout your body, from the mouth to the anus. Antibiotics and chemicals in our food is the source of the breakdown of the flora and fauna in our gut, it also destroys the digestive enzymes our body naturally makes. We have living bodies that need whole, living foods for it to work properly, so we must clean it up as best we can) is a healthier way, but it IS VERY HARD!!


10. “Since you are busy all the time, are you eating fast foods? If so, that will have to change for a variety of reasons. Organic foods have natural probiotics in them, and have naturally slimming properties” Not by choice and I have stopped quite a bit since winter! First thing I noticed is my scared up face is FINALLY clearing up!! Hooray!! And yes, I think everyone knows Carry out is NEVER they way to health and weight loss – it’s just like your husband, we seem forced to eat this way. Perhaps it’s only assumptions and such. For every foreigner /international and person from my grandmothers generation I know ALWAYS cook. Even if it’s super salty, greasy food, they cook and don’t eat out. It’s way cheaper and in many ways healthier. I guess they were either raised/brought up that way or they just are used to eating their own food and not traditional American fast food.

Well I’m amazed at the progress your husband has seen, especially during the holiday season!! If you can allegedly get a truck driver to go organic and lose weight during the Christmas season, you need your own infomercial!! But first I need to make an appointment with you!! I’ll check out your site, etc. or whatever you currently have posted, and thanks everyone for all of you all’s help!

!It takes only 1 to start a movement & change the world! :D

when I tried using yogurt for yeast infection I didn't eat it, I got the plain (no sugar added is important!) yogurt with active cultures and applied it topically to the affected area. personally, I didn't think it was killing off the yeast, but I was willing to hope and anyway, I found it soothing if not messy.

I've also read that you'd have to eat more than you could for the probiotics to actually make a difference.

grandma joy- thanks for confirming my experience with vinegar, even when I add just a few drops to the laundry my dd winds up with a yeast infection. so no vinegar here.

alright ms. cutie- you want to save money? don't wear a pad or underwear at all- just wear a long skirt that way the breeze can help with the moisture-
when you are at home- get some sun on that moist dark area.
I used GSE for yeast- 10 drops 3X a day in 1 ounce of OJ and it only took 3 days-
and no more excuses about the life style change and new way of eating- just do it- with the money you save from pantyliners you could buy some
fresh organic snacks- (fruit leathers, granola bars, etc...) snacks get around the whole "I don't have time to eat well" excuse.

Hi Granolamom,

I meant to mention your experience with the vinegar and your dd, but it slipped by me when answering all the other questions. You might want to keep an eye on what she consumes just so it doesn't cause any major problems. I had 2 or 3 experiences in the early '80's with vinegar and yeast that really put me on alert. My husband came home one evening to find me on the couch. I could hear him, could see him through a blur but my tongue was so swollen, I couldn't speak. He said later that I looked and acted like a drunken wino but he knew I didn't drink so took me to the emergency room. The doc on duty happened to be the local allergist who very quickly determined an allergy reaction to yeast. I had made 6 loaves of homemade bread that day. While kneading the loaves, the yeast had penetrated the skin to the point I had a major reaction. Prior to that, I'd had a couple of smaller reactions from eating stuffed mushrooms and a dish called "copper pennies". The time I ate the copper pennies was at a champaigne brunch and I know the society matron who sat across from me (and who kept looking at me and going "harumph")thought I was getting drunk! I didn't have a clue as to what was wrong with me, I didn't drink the bubbly either, so just got up and went home. The copper pennies are made with vinegar. Also, one year I poured vinegar over my youngest son's back when he had a sunburn, because it seemed the simplest remedy I could find at the time, but it burned his skin. He bent over the tub while I poured but it left red streaks on his stomach and chest where the rivulets of vinegar ran. We never did that again.
The best to you.

Grandma Joy

grandma joy - what frightening experiences! food allergies scare me.
its amazing how powerful (one way or the other!) food can be. I do know that my dd has a bad reaction to pickles, I'm assuming its the vinegar. I do not EVER cook with vinegar, and aside from pickles she doesn't want any either. I used to clean with it, but not anymore.

I always felt/feared no underwear would be worse being that my thighs eternally rub together, but I guess if I’m relaxing at home, I can offer myself a cool breeze down there. And yes, there are MANY health snacks like nuts, etc. that can last a bit, are very portable, and tasty. I just need to be disciplined (which I shamefully have none of :o) and follow through on it. And as always, much easier said than done.

And my goodness, it IS interesting how food can do someone much harm or good. I don’t think I’m allergic to vinegar but that IS a very scary reaction to have. Luckily the you and your doctor figured out what item was causing your reaction. I’m sure I am allergic to yeast or something. I need to make another appointment with this alternative health chiropractor I know to do some visceral manipulation and this type of acupressure allergy testing on me.

And just for the record, I am SUPER tired being that I’ve been up since last night and I was going to skip going to the gym and just sleep. But I literally forced myself to the very high impact aerobics class then I besieged my thighs on weights afterwards. So I guess I should be quite proud that even though I always make excuses not to exercise, I DID IT!!! Yea!! ;D At least it’s a great start in the right direction. And now I will collapse!

By the way, is GSE grape seed extract (that the natural health store manager said was a power anti-oxidant and along with concentrated oregano oil was like a natural antibiotic) or is it grapefruit seed extract. He told me grapefruit seed extract is great for boosting your metabolism but not some antibiotic.

Hi Ms Cutie,

Thought I would try to answer these questions as I will be gone over the weekend, and wanted to get back to you before I leave. Sometimes it's really hard for us to get ourselves together to make a plan; that's why I said it takes commitment. But you can do it; and it may take awhile. Each of us must take the steps necessary that we need in our own time - but we truly must make the decision and start. As Alemama said - just do it. Start at least one of the suggestions given and proceed to another. And Practice!

Go back to doing the posture and exercises. I'm sure you can ask at your health food store for an herbal salve like Christine suggested or at least something similar. Yes, I think spraying perfume in your underwear could be part of the problem because it could be making you break out; and you need to keep the area as dry as possible. I guess I used the word "diet" too loosely. Trying to change your eating habits is not a diet but a lifestyle change. And it is easier than you think - again - one step at a time.

So far as my husband's weight loss is concerned - we are all very proud of him. It took quite a long time to make him understand why he needed to change the way he ate, but once he did - he did not waver. He committed himself to himself. He, too is proud of what he has accomplished even knowing he has another 25 pounds to go. Yes, he has sagging skin, but we are not in a hurry. The time for taking care of that via exercise will come. Food is the major issue still at this point. He only varied with the food after being stranded in the ice but it did not make him fall back into old habits. Btw, we did have a regular thanksgiving and christmas season, but he wasn't here either time so wasn't tempted by things he shouldn't have. Nevertheless, we really didn't go all out like we used to and everything we did make was organic or at least 50%.

I hope this helps you and I hope you can see your way clear to set up a program for yourself. I believe Alemama, Ukmummy and Lily Anne offered some great advice on the pt thought and being really checked out at a gym on one of the other forums.

Best of luck,
Grandma Joy

Dunno about plain yogurt but it seems we got it cured pretty effective just washing it with wu yi chinese weight loss tea (this is just the name of the product) but in fact it's all about green traditional Chinese/Japanese tea. It helps a lot.

and, if you don't want to make your own pads, lunapads are great., I think.


pearlnecklace hello all, I am confused...I cant understand, I have been taken yeast tablets acidophilus probiotic for a while now, wow, does this mean I am getting sometype of fecal material other that my own, maybe form cows or goats or whatevers, patra

..Grandma Joy was referring to how they make "green drinks" - those super powders derived from algae, wheat grass, etc. I always wondered too what she meant by that statement, but maybe didn't want to know the answer!

No, I think you must be misunderstanding something. Fecal matter is a source of the dreaded e.coli bacteria which often cause urinary tract infection. The bacteria in probiotics are no relation to e. coli. We have bacteria that are 'bad' because they can get into the wrong part of the body, e. coli gets into the bladder where it doesn't belong. The oral probiotics can get into the digestive tract are 'good' bacteria and cause no problem at all, often improving your digestion. Vaginal probiotics are probably pretty harmless if they get anywhere else (there are no warnings about getting the product into other body parts).

I don't think there would be much point in taking yeast tablets and probiotic tablets at the same time because the probiotic would make life difficult for the yeast.


Thank you so much to everyone who posted on this thread! I've learnt so much and have some things I will be changing and I haven't even read through everything yet - will look it up again soon. Amazing these posts were 10 years ago - but to me it's new, extremely relevant information!