unconsciously holding tummy in

This is still a problem for me, not only in the day but I often wake in the night and am aware I am holding my tummy in. Has anyone been able to shake this. thank you in advance.

Found a very interesting article

About Vesalius's mistake, qoute:

Closing of the forum

I just got the email about the closing of the forum...

I do not post on here much but I was very saddened to hear that it will be closing as I do still come here to read every now and then and I know what a great suport this forum has been to so many people over the years.

When I got here my youngest was about 2 or 3 years old - And is now over 17yrs old.....

Hysterectomy story

Hi everyone,

Bad prolapse

Hi, I have posted before. My prolapse is so bad. Uterus is out, cervix down. I tried two different pessaries but was very uncomfortable. Is anyone familiar with the gelhorn pessary. Because my prolapse is so heavy, I was wondering if this would do better. I am 70 years old and do not want surgery, but am very miserable. Any users if the gelhorn pessary? Many thanks.

Been feeling great lately

Hi lovely ladies of Whole Woman - it's been a little over 2 years since my last baby and my prolapse and I've been feeling so great that I went ahead and got pregnant again!
I had been wanting a 3rd child and thinking about it and since I have been pretty symptom free, and 2 years had passed post baby, I felt confident in going forward...
and then as soon as I peed on the stick and saw that second line - fear!!! what have I done? can we handle a 3rd (at 40)? will my body be ok??



I've done 3 years of physiotherapy with little to no results. I am so excited to report just one month in with the exercises and whole woman posture stress incontinence is almost not a problem at all anymore. I am thrilled! I also just love standing tall, I feel more confident being given this permission to carry myself in such a loving, strong, empowered way! Hooray for WWP!

Not sure what to do next

Hi ladies, I've posted before about a developing hip pain and I'm really at a point now where I dont know where to turn next. I have been doing the posture for nearly three years and over the last year have been noticing a pain in my left hip. Not a pain that stops me doing things but an ache that has certainly become more frequent. It is a pain that moves. I believe it began in my low back but that has all but gone but I just cannot shift it from my hip. I finally gave in and saw a GP recently.

Possible Prolapse

I honestly had no idea this issue existed until I saw it with my own eyes. I believe I have a Prolapsed Uterus and my mind is all over the place. I am in my early 40s not in menopause.. but this is my situation. A little while ago I felt the need to lay down a bit too much and had some abdominal discomfort brushed it off until I saw unusual spotting.. a large dot when I had wiped. My period wasn't due for another 3 weeks and I thought perhaps I cut myself from or something. I decided to check and saw nothing on my inner thigh area and something told me check my vagina..

Getting started


I stumbled upon the Ww after diagnosis of pop in uterine, anterior and posterior. Suddenly I could not walk or sit without feeling as though my uterus was coming down and very heavy uncomfortable feel. The only comfortable position is lying down flat and swim/floating.


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