Last night I was taking a shower and noticed feeling like water balloon was about to fall out of my vagina. I had to hold it in. I went to bed and when I woke up it seemed fine. I took it easy today but it is still there and I feel generally not great.

When I was pregnant I was diagnosed with a rectoseal. It did not bother me and I'm assuming that this is what is currently bothering me. BUT I don't know and I was wondering if anyone out there has had something actually popping out of their vagina and what to do about it.


To check what kiind of cele you have do the following TMI test - lol

You ut a finger or two inside yourself and feel (Stood up)

If you feel a kinf of sausage behind a wall to the front - That's a Cystocele (bladder)

If you feel the same but behind a wall to the back - That is a Rectocele (Bowel)

If you feel a sausage centrally and can go in a circle aroound it - That is Uterus

What to do?
Get into the posture - Dont strain on the toilet - Enjoy life cos the posture will get that lil thing back inside of you and out of life-overtaking thoughts :-)

I didnt think a rectocele made an outside bunge tho (Someone else will come in and correctme here) I know a cystocele (Bladder) can cos it did that to me and within a few weeks of Posture - It was back inside again

All WILL be well - Women are strong - So strong - And all will be well :-)


Look into the eyes - They hold the key!

my rectocele is so low that it can bulge outside- or at least to the opening.

I hope your doing better. I'm bumping this thread because I have the same problem and like you I was wondering what can be done about this? I've been very discouraged, that its not going to get better it will get worse. For me, that is.

My problem is the muscles don't seem strong enough to eliminate my bowels. Today I saw the retocele at its worse. It totally freaked me out. My stools are loose so surely I'm not constipated. Its got to be a weakness in my muscles. Does that sort of thing get stronger? How did this break down- the tissue I mean? Does collegian have an impact? Can we get collegian in our diet some how? So many questions...


I completely know what you mean. You probably have estrogen on your side. Vitamin E helps. Use it Vaginally.

And try this:

Lie on your back. Draw up your knees so that your knees are over your hips and your lower legs are parallel to the floor and your arms are cradling your head. Put a book between your knees. While you press the book, draw up your bottom, draw up everything up in the Vagina. Raise your upper back off the floor a few inches and hold but DO NOT STRAIN DOWN ONLY UP, UP, UP! Repeat several times a day. Feel the draw and pull up. It will take a few days to begin to feel the draw as far up as your sternum.

There are ways to strengthen every muscle.

Anyone know anything about Tea Tree oil?

I love the stuff- we use it for lots of different things- ear infections - skin irritations, cuts, laundry.......I even accidentally used it as lube (mixed with olive oil-it was dark.....mistook it for olive/rosemary oil) and it had a pretty intense numbing effect.

Where do you get your vitamin E. I have read alot on it lately. And do you use the suppositories? I cant seem to find them. Except online.
Thanks for the info.

I get my vitamin E at any pharmacy or natural foods store. its in the vitamin section, sold either dry (not what you want) or in gelatin capsules. you pierce it with a pin and squeeze out the oil

I once tried using tea tree oil for a yeast infection. its better diluted with another oil (I used olive) as it can be really uncomfortable if you have any sort of irritation. at least that's what I found.

Don't know how other countries sell vitamins, but here in the US, in any store that sells vitamins, like the grocery store, the pharmacy, Walmart, Dollar stores, you can get Vitamin E gel caps. I don't pierce them because it's not necessary. Your body will dissolve the capsule. I use it at night. I also take B12 for energy, A, and Omega 3 and fish oil.

For period balance, try drinking 3 glasses of soy milk every day. It's full of estrogen - might help over the rough spots. I'm past periods now, but I wish I had known back then. Soy milk tastes like melted ice cream. It's not milk, so don't expect it to taste like milk.

Im not trying to dwell on this topic but im confused. Do you use the regular vitamin E gel tablets in your vagina or do you have to use the suppositories? I didnt know if the regular vitamin E was safe to use in the vagina and how to insert it. Any advice?

Hi Fruitful Womb

I know that feeling too. I think of it as a feeling of wanting to empty my bowel but can't get the contents to move. I think it is because of the rectocele which is basically a kink in the pipe resulting from loss of fascial support.

Think of the rectocele as like the s trap under your sink. If you squirt a hose through an s trap the water that comes out the other end doesn't squirt out. It just kind of sloshes out because much of the pressure from the hose is directed at, reflected by, and absorbed by the walls of the s trap. I think the same thing happens with a kink in bottom of the bowel. Bowel motions happen as a result of peristalsis, involuntary muscle movements that kind of squeeze the contents along, so a kink will result in those forces being deflected into the sides of the bent-over bowel. Also there may be a sharp bend which will reduce the size of the tube, like a bend in a cardboard tube. This may block the tube almost completely so nothing can get past. We have no control over peristalsis, but it does seem to be stronger at some times than others. If you iron out the kink with your thumb in your vagina at a time when you can feel peristalsis moving your gut contents down, the peristalsis will be more effective. Let it come, rather than making it come. Just don't strain. Stop. Iron out the kink, wriggle around a bit, sit back, sit forward, stand up, sit down, do some yoga, anything to rearrange your abdominal contents a bit so that things can move around better. I just don't think there are any muscles you can use to make a poo come! That would be straining, which would contribute to the worsening of the rectocele.

Even if you don't manage a complete bowel movement and you still have a feeling of fullness, stop then come back when you have that sensation again. It may need a few tries before you feel properly empty. I may be way of course here, please forgive me if I am barking up the wrong tree. These are just things that have worked for me, and I now have little trouble with my rectocele.



I don't know about everyone else, but I take 'dry E' orally (vitamin e that's in tablet form - not the gelcaps as I do not eat gelatin). I use the gelcaps for a source of the oil to be applied topically. that is, I pierce the capsule, squeeze out the oil and put it wherever I'm having a 'need to heal' issue. I'm not qualified to tell you whether it is or isn't safe for use in the vagina, only that I haven't had any adverse effects from using it that way. I'd be surprised to hear it wasn't safe though.

You can use Vitamin E vaginally. Lots of medical sites recommend it. You can use a plunger that comes with yeast infection meds.

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