I'm confused


I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in January of last year. I was induced but labor was actually really quick and pushing was only 13 minutes and she was born. 9 lbs. 6oz. She was big. Well ever since her birth I have been having this horrible pressure feeling on my pelvis, So just recently I decided to inform my ob-gyn about this. She checked me out and said I have a cystole prolapse and there might be some rectole as well, I am gonna need surgery. I don't like that idea. She mentioned they might need to take my uterous out which is no biggie to me because I am done having children. But how is this surgery done and what comes afterwards. I have been searching frantically over the internet to try and find some information but there's not alot on the surgery itself. Can anyone help me out here?


I had the same sort of thing occur. I gave birth to two large babies within 2 years (each were at or over 11 lbs). After the second I presented with a cystocele and rectocele. My OB's first suggestion was surgery and hysterectomy as well. However, I was told that I would then have a lifetime limit of lifting 15 lbs. Aside from being pretty attached to my uterus, I could not imagine being a mother with that limitation. I have since been fitted with a pessary and am working on posture to help the issues. Things have improved somewhat since my diagnosis about nine months ago. Sarah

Hi Stormy,
I am sorry you have had to find WW, but so glad you did! You will quickly see that there is an alternative to surgery--and that surgery is not the "fix" that doctors proclaim it to be. Surgery is all the doctors know. But there are alternatives. The posture (see FAQ's on the main WW page) can do so much to help your body find its way back. Having a hysterectomy is a huge decision, one that you don't want to take lightly. If you can, order Christine's book off the site (second edition) so that you can talk to the doctors with knowledge and you can make a consious decision.

But before looking at surgery, know there are other options. Posture and lifestyle changes can do so much. Some people have a lot of luck with alternative therapies as well. I've had great success with homeopathy and accupuncture, and physio is helping as well. A lot of women here have experienced huge changes w/o surgery, and are a wealth of knowledge!!!

If you google video prolapse surgery- you should be able to watch a whole video of the surgery- that is what convinced me before I even made it here that I did not want the surgery. I think someone else already mentioned to you that there is a book- it details the complications of the surgical procedure- so if you aren't limited financially get the book it has information about many different aspects of prolapse. I can't imagine why they would want to remove your uterus if you don't even have uterine prolapse? strange. There are also some blogs here from Christine and I think they touch on different aspects of the surgery. sounds like you had pretty uncomplicated birth- congratulations on your baby-and good luck finding information here.