2 more questions from a newbie.


Hi ladies,

I'm still very new to all this and have another couple of questions if you dont mind?

Firstly my GP is a bit useless so I dont even know what grade my Cystocele is. Am I right in thinking that if it comes down to the vaginal opening but not actually through it at ll it is grade 2? Is it as simple as that or are there other grading factors involved?

Secondly I have noticed that I am constantly 'wet' with clear discharge down below. It's not so much that its uncomfortable or anything but I always thought a symptom of a new mum was being dryer for a while? Is this to do with the fact that my vaginal wall is being pushed low down so the lubrication it produces is just more prominent or am I missing something?

Finally - The Posture.
I am having a bit of trouble understanding it - I mean, I think I have the normal standing posture now but things like bending and lifting are still difficult to understand how I should be doing it. I have a LOT of trouble crouching to lift eg toys from the floor and find myself just bending over but I know this isnt helpful to my condition. I find my legs are weak (I had a very inactive pregnancy and my muscles are all shot) and so standing from squatting whilst in the right posture is almost impossible. I tried yesterday and only achieved a lot of laughs from my 2 year old as she watched my tumble over from squatting as I just couldnt get up correctly!!!

Thanks in advance, you are helping this thing be bearable!

Zoe x

Baby no.1 is 2yrs 8 mnths and my newie is 6 weeks old :-)

re: grading of cystocele...I've not received a number for mine, my mw is pretty laid back about such things and that's fine by me. I care more about how my symptoms feel than what number it looks like. and since it moves and changes from day to day, and even over the course of a day, the grading system, imo, is not terribly accurate.
so, your gp is useless, that's ok, since you don't need him to fix your cystocele. once you have the knowlege, the power lies within you : )

re: discharge
when I first found my 'cele I, too, had lots and lots of clear discharge. didn't know what that was all about. still not 100% sure its related to the prolapse but now that you mention it, maybe it is?
in any case, it lasted a while, I'm sorry to say. probably about a year. cloth pantiliners became my best friends :)

posture for picking up toys...I just crawl around on all fours at the end of the day tossing toys to their corners and then putting them away. the kids do get a kick out of it and tend to join in and help

but for bending down to pick up something, I don't squat. I bend at the hips and knees, but not in a squat, hard to describe. I guess the same way you'd bend at the waist, but I keep my spine stretched out. I don't know how to better describe that one.

If it is to the entrance I think thats about a Grade 2 (They keep changing the grading but in the old grading it's a 2 I think - not that numbers matter)

Being wet could be just that it is low and mor elubrication is sent so it doesn't dry out (I am sure someone else will arrive and clarify this for you)

The posture - It is Hmm how to desribe it...
''A proud holding of the upper body that isn't slouching and by that I do not mean rigid abs lol - Just if you lift your upper body your lower comes in also ) And re-putting back the curve in your back

Think of how a child looks standing up... A young girl is as things should be...

i will search out the pic of my daughter a year or so ago and add it... This shows how her spine tilts - Should help you...


Look into the eyes - They hold the key!

Hoping this helps you some...



Look into the eyes - They hold the key!

I think Sue's comment about the body sending additional lubrication to the prolapsed uterus is very insightful. The wisdom of the body never ceases to amaze me. Thank you, Sue!