I am new to this site. I have 3 children, my youngest being 4 months old. A couple of weeks ago I got bronchitis and was coughing so bad. Then I started to notice a bulging feeling in my vagina. I went to see a urogynecologist and he said I have a cystocele, a urethracele and a perineocele. He said on a scale of 1-10 I am about a 2 and he did not recommend surgery, but for me to be fitted for a pessary and to attend physical therapy and do kegals.

I am very upset and scared. I am trying to keep a good outlook by telling myself atleast it's not life threatening, I have 3 beautiful children, etc. etc., but honestly I feel angry and scared. I feel too young to have this, although I know this knows no age.

I would love to know natural ways to help beat this, although he said my bladder will never lift up without surgery, but that I can help to prevent it getting worse.
And for those who have had surgery, is it bad?? He said if I opted for surgery he would do it vaginally.

I have so many questions, any input would be helpful.

Thank you!!