cystocele that bleeds?



I have posted as recently as 2 weeks ago. Didn't know if I should use the same thread?

I have a grade 1-2 cystocele and am now 8 weeks postpartum. I have had bleeding this week. Not a little and not a lot, sort of in-between. My lochia stopped at week 5 so have been blood free for 3 weeks. I called my gyno and she said "you could be having you period. If it doesn't stop, you need to go to triage".

I ask this question b/c I have not read it posted.

Do cystoceles cause bleeding? Together with bleeding do they cause mild stomach pains?
Also with increased flatulence issues does this mean that I could be suffering a rectocele as well?

This is all so discomforting. Why do they not teach these things in pre-natal? It is all about the perfect birth and no issues after.


I've not heard anyone report bleeding accompanying cystocele

blood + mild stomach pains makes me wonder, could it be blood in your urine and a UTI?

I would have a dr check it out, I would think you would know menstrual blood from other types of bleeding.

and yes, I wish I knew about this before hand too. I think not many people know about prolapse, and so they don't tell us

It is not a UTI as I have had so know that one for sure.

It may be a light period with bright red again. I duuno. I guess I need to go back yet again and have gyno check me out. So frustrating on top of the other issue at hand.


Hi Sheppie

I doubt that the cystocele would cause, or be, bleeding because it doesn't usually involve a wound at all.

It is possible that there is some menstrual thing happening, especially if you are not fully breastfeeding, nighttime as well. If you are fully breastfeeding it would be highly unlikely to be menstruation-related.

I would think that 5 weeks to completion of lochia would be quicker than normal, but as it is fresh blood it would not be likely to be more lochia. On the other hand I have recently had menstruation stop after day three, then nothing at all for a day, then fresh bleeding on days four and five, but I am near menopause, so it is all getting a bit pear-shaped anyway.

The other thing that comes to mind is a traumatic injury to the vaginal area. I was forcefully sexually penetrated many years ago as a young adult, and sustained vaginal bleeding with it. It was bad enough having forced intercourse but the bleeding scared the life out of me. It went away after a day. The bad memory lingered.

Another possibility is ordinary old loving sexual intercourse disturbing a partially healed episiotomy or tear, or other lesion, maybe a haematoma.

The other possibility is if your are using hormonal contraception it could be messing with your system somehow.

It would also be wise to check out the source of the bleeding. Use your finger in your vagina, or a cottonball or gauze swab to swab different parts of your vagina and cervix, both near the opening and deeper inside.

Then go and ask your doctor.



Hi Sheppie,
I am 8 weeks postpartum tomorrow.
My Lochia stopped 4 and a half weeks after the birth for 1 week and then I had my first period! It lasted a weeks and now 2 weeks later I have started with a discharge like another period is going to start.

I think things can be very unpredictable for a few months after birth and personally I'm not at all worried. I too have mild stomach cramps on and off since the birth, I think it's a good sign that my body is still recovering and getting back to normal...This gives me hope that there is still plenty of scope for my Cystocele to improve!

I have been checked for UTI and uterine infection (my afterpains were so severe for 2 weeks that I thought I was having another baby!) and am all clear. I can only conclude it's my body healing.

Re the wind thing - I too have more than usual and actually find I cant evacuate the last bit of stool easily...It makes me wonder about rectocele but nobody has found one whilst examining me and I cant feel one - althoughthe cystocele makes it difficult to check :-S

I would have thought the bleeding was menstrual - but do get checked if youre still concerned.

Zoe x

I have a beautiful 7 wk old baby boy and a wonderful 2 and a half yr old daughter who make it all worth while :-)

Hey Sheppie & Zoe

I just remembered. When your baby is sucking at the breast your body produces oxytocin which causes the milk to let down into the ducts so baby can milk it out. Remember oxytocin? It is the same hormone that makes your uterus contract during labour. Yes, your uterus will contract when baby is at the breast. You probably know all this, but there you are.

I take it that both of you are talking about lower abdominal pains, not actual stomach pains?? By the way, these are often more intense with second and subsequent babies.

As Zoe has experienced something similar I wouldn't be too worried, *and* the flow is not heavy, but breastfeeding or not is still the unknown factor. Don't know whether or not Zoe is breastfeeding either. But you don't actually have to have a baby at the breast. It is possible for it to happen just thinking about your baby, or hearing another new baby cry. It is just one of those girl things!

Probably your child health nurse would be a good second source of opinion. They deal with Mums and babies all the time, and have heard every story under the sun.

Cheers again


for all responses. They are well thought out and worded. As no females I know have suffered any of this (are they all perfect??) it is nice to know that others at least understand it.

I have been doing the excercises but feel now that the prolapse is getting worse. Does this mean that it gets worse before it gets better? Or does this mean that I am doing them incorrectly?