Baby boy for mouchoir


Hi ladies. Well it's about time I gave you all a status report! My gorgeous little (well 8lb 7oz) boy was born on 07/07/07 and is just the cutest bundle of joy. The birth was interesting with an easy labour from 10am to 8pm where I was up and playing with my daughter and chatting with friends and family. At 8pm pains stepped up in intensity but went from having been 6/7 mins apart to 10/11 mins apart. I thought everything was slowing down and might stop so decided not to go to hospital despite the pain. At 10pm waters broke with a pop, I felt baby take a lurch downwards and was suddenly in so much pain I couldn't get up to change my trousers! Got boyfriend up from a nap (I'd insisted he take one 5 mins earlier!) and set off for the 30 mins drive to hosp. I could feel baby's head stinging in the car. Was met at the hospital door with a wheelchair, brought straight to delivery where I refused to be examined as I kept telling here "the baby's comingggggggggg". With help made it onto the bed but couldn't flip over so told boyfriend to ignore previous wishes, this baby was being born with me on my back. He persuaded me to let him help me onto my knees and I could feel baby's head kind of sliding in and out of me. I had intended not to push but needed the crowning pain to be over so gave a squeeze for about a minute and out his head popped, midwife told me not to push any more that his body was just easing out on its own. So it was done in about 10 mins from hospital door to baby being born, no time for pain relief, no need for stitches. Pretty good.
Prolapse wise everything felt held up for a few days. I had asked my mum and boyfriend to mind the toddler for a couple of weeks to help me stay off my feet in the hope that things would settle down and not worsening. But on about day 5 I got out of bed and felt everything drop so thought what the heck, get on with living. At this stage, 2 weeks postpartum, things are not so bad. I can feel that there's a bulge to the front of the vag opening, doesn't seem to be anything wrong with bowels. Feel much better than I did 10 days ago and a hundred times better than I felt at 2 weeks postpartum on baby no. 1. I'm just sitting after cutting the lawn (though it is a small garden),doing the hoovering, tidying up and hanging out laundry and I still don't feel that bad. No pain, just a bit of discomfort.
I'd like to say a heartfelt thank you for your advice and support through the pregnancy and I look forward to catching up on all your news when I get more than 2 mins to myself!

Dear Mouchoir,

How wonderful that you have your baby boy! Thank you so very much for the update and your positive birth story - hooray for your man for getting you better positioned to birth!

I worry that you're doing too much too soon, but also can totally relate...I'm that kind of worker too. Snuggle as much as you can with your precious little bundle...and mow the lawn in the posture!! :-)

Love and hugs,


been thinking of you lately, thought you were due soon

congrats on the baby boy, and no stitches -hooray!
enjoy your sweet little one, and don't forget to take care of you : )

Well done - Please keep us updated on how things go with your POP


Look into the eyes - They hold the key!

Wonderful birth story!!
Much love and excitement for your birth and the new little boy
and hope that you heal quickly and soundly!

funny, i had been wondering about you this last couple of weeks cause i knew you were due around now.
do take it easy (as far as you can with a new baby and toddler!) and give yourself a chance to heal.
God bless,

Congratulations to both of you on the birth of your baby boy. Hey, where did you get your man from? I want one like that! That is just amazing, his really coaching you when many other men would be standing back and wringing their hands. Give him a hug for me.((Wonderful Boyfriend)). Keep calling back with prolapse progress over the next few months.