Why can't it always be like this?


I just read this Birth story - And just had to share it with you all...

Amazing. Awe inspiring. Just WOW...

Click to read birth story

Well, that one really is a beautiful story. I shudder to think that it is so unusual. Why is it so?? Maybe the good ones are just really good, and left to be without comment? If so, it is a pity. We all need more good birth stories, to show how good hospital birth can be (instead of a painful, unpleasant near-death-experience secret that you don't find out about until you have felt the pain yourself - another conspiracy of silence to be broken by stories like this one!)



My last birth was my best birth - I had a Canadian midwife she was amazing. She understood my disability (kinda) and letme lead the way - But still was not like that amazing birth :)

My first birth was horrific cos they did not give me - A 19yr old scared and ALONE. Without anyone or any emotional help - They just ordered me - Which in some ways is ok but I was not crying or screaming and I needed someone to talk to me not scare or shout at me.

My 2nd birth was VERY fast - All I remember is saying 'I want an epidural' she said - It's time to push! lmao

But my third birth - I really felt like I was more in control although I asked about birth stools etc but was told cos of my disability I would not be able to get down there (apparently they are very low) so yet another on back birth. But she was so amazingly caring and happy - Unlike most UK professionals lol

I would have loved to have had that Dr Wonderful at my births lolol


Look into the eyes - They hold the key!

thanks for the link to that sue
I loved it
that's the way it should be, no?