Yoga blocks - a wonderful thing for maintaining 'the posture'


Hi there,

Just wanted to share my love of yoga blocks with you, like the ones attached:

I have bought 7 of them and I use them for sitting on (kneeling and straddling), making into a makeshift table for putting dinner or computer on. I am even finding it comfortable to breastfeed my large baby while sitting on a pile of 3 of them. Also while feeding baby (food - she sits on floor in BUMBO), so I am comfortably at her level. They're portable and the possibilities for configuration are endless.

I no longer have need for chairs or tables when at home.

I am sure I am not the only person who uses them and they have probably been suggested previously on the forum, but I know people are more likely to read new postings so wanted to share.

You sound like a salesman (woman) lolol


Look into the eyes - They hold the key!

Aah, yes, you got me. I am secretly a yoga block saleswoman, getting 50p commission for every tonne of foam blocks I sell!

But seriously, they are great. Like a lightweight portable stool I take around the house with me as I do various things with bubs.

And.. but wait there is more..... I have found yet ANOTHER prolapse related use - using as a footrest for the loo (am sure I read somewhere that Christine suggests putting something under feet to get back passage to better angle for #2s)

By the way Sue, I went to see the UroGyn you recommended. He was a very nice man, and although he clearly thought I was bonkers, patiently listened to and tried valiantly to answer all my questions. It was funny how he immediately seemed to think I was after a surgical solution (most women must be, huh), but all I was interested in was a) having him examine me and b)cross-questioning him about all manner of prolapse related research and his clinical observations.

He seemed to think my bulges are not as bad as I may have feared, and interestingly DID NOT recommend a pessary for me at this stage, as he thought it may negatively impact on the vaginal tissues being able to (try) and get back to a semblance of what they were pre-baby. He said this was because the pessary holds things open as well as up.

And this is weird, straight after the birth and for several months, I was primarily cystocele (moderate) and first degree uterine prolapse, but he concurred with my self exam that these have now reversed with the cystocele having shrunk and UP getting worse. Although I suspect the UP has always been this bad, but the cystocele was just masking it. On the plus side, he seemed to feel that more healing may take place, up to 4 months after I was finished Breastfeeding (am still feeding as still can't quite cope with bottles for every feed).

Hooray!...this is the first time I’ve heard reference to a doctor saying a pessary may be detrimental because it holds the vagina open. I've known this to be the case because, well, it’s self-evident! I talk about this in the second edition of my book, cynical. Also…please don’t put the block under your feet while on the toilet. Further study suggests this only creates more pressure. I have changed my view (2nd edition as well) and am now suggesting women rock up slightly onto their feet with all increases in pressure.

Hi Cynical

Glad to hear about another positive doctor. His comments about using a pessary post-partum were interesting. Christine is always going on about how pessaries hold the vagina open, which is not natural. It never occurred to me that pessaries could actually compromise the vagina if used during the healing process but it makes sense. Very enlightening.

I really had to laugh at your comments about 'weaning' your babe. You little tricker, keeping your options open! ;-) I just love hearing stories like this. LOLOL. If you wanted to go back to full breastfeeding you probably could. Just because you are doing some artificial feeding doesn't mean you have to ditch the real thing completely. The more breastmilk the better. Hope it is working well for you and your baby. Hugs.



He has such a great sense of humour about him. My Dr said pessary and rammed (not kidding) one into me - This Gynae said Noooooo wayyyyy too large - After the 18hrs that pessary was in me - I decided on removing it I didnt wanther to touch me again nor any pessary!

Did you think he looks like someone on morning TV? My Mum keeps telling me he does lollll

Personally I think pessaries are good for somepeople - But not for others - My Mother loves the fact herpessary gives her relief. Sheis retired and has alot of pain from her arthritis - And i mean ALOT - So I gues relief fromthis is a good thing. But personally - For me anyways, I will try to just move on with my body doing the work by itself :-) (Specially as originally I had just a uterine prolapse then after the pessary ramming with my Dr (Evil woman) I then suddenly had three prolapses!

How much did it cost you to see the lovely Gynae Man?


Look into the eyes - They hold the key!

BTW - These Bumbo seats - Are they OK on babies back? I have never used one but always wondered - As they look like they sit up a baby who cannot sit up...

Just wondering


Look into the eyes - They hold the key!

Re: Bumbo, I don't think they're great to keep baby in all the time, as you're right, they do artificially help a baby sit up. They're useful in my case as I have a 6.5 month old who needs solids, but can't sit up unassisted (although she can crawl...weird), so great feeding chair. Great also for short periods.

Re: Mr UroGyn, luckily enough I have private health care, so didn't cost a penny. I'm going to go back in a few months' time. He hadn't heard of WholeWomen work, though. He seemed to think any postural work couldn't possibly work though, because (I think) of the insertion points of the relevant ligaments. I didn't think there was any point in trying to convince him, as I haven't yet memorised the anatomy of it all, and therefore wouldn't have done it justice.

Re: blocks under feet on loo.. forget I ever mentioned it!

Maybe I should email him and remind him of where this site is ;-)

I am sure I mentioned it to him once ages ago...

Did you see him at the Medway?


Look into the eyes - They hold the key!

Yep, somewhere in deepest darkest Kent. It was my first outing out there... something of an adventure...

Thanks again for putting me onto him, I think ultimately he may like to take a scalpel to me, but at least I feel like I could have a proper two-way conversation with him.

Thats ok - I live right in that deep dark place - lol


Look into the eyes - They hold the key!