young & recently diagnosed with prolapse, can I conceive?


I am 25, and in a wheelchair because I broke my back in a car accident a little over three years ago. I believe that because I initially lost all sensation and use of my lower half, that this is part of what caused my prolapse (since the muscle wasn't in use for so long; but I have since regained minimal abilities and much sensation).

I am recently engaged, and although I have a six year old boy from a previous relationship, I long for another child.

It is very important to me that I have another child, and I guess my question is this, can I still get pregnant, even though I have the prolapse, and if I can, can I carry the baby to term and have a healthy baby?

My doctor's diagnosis was very poor, in that all he said to me was that I had a prolapse, did not tell me how severe it was, and told me if it got worse, that he would do a hysterectomy. I was devestated, until I realized there are other options. I obtained what few records that doctor kept and have found a female uro-gyno, but I don't see her until the end of September. I stopped taking my birth control several months ago and have yet to conceive, which has caused much of the concern about conception. Is there anything I can do to "up my chances", so to speak. Also, if i can get pregnant and carry a healthy baby, I would be much less interested in the surgical options.


I got universal prolapse after the birth of my daughter and it did not affect my chances of getting pregnant again at all. I got pregnant again very easily (we weren't even trying yet). I was told by my doctor that it wouldn't affect our chances either. He also said it wouldn't affect my ability to carry the baby and I am 36 weeks and so far so good. So try to relax and know that prolapse has nothing to do with whether you can get pregnant or not. Goodluck!!

OK here goes...
No1 Your doctor is an a$$.

I got my prolapse aged 20 with my first son...
Since then I have gone on to have TWO further children.

When you come off birth control it can take up to a year for things to get back to normal :)

You do NOT need a Hysterectomy for prolapse - It is not fatal not anything bar a pain in the ass mainly lol

If you email me I will send you a link to an ovulation calendar program that you can use - This will aid your chances - Not being funny about this but so far I have had many friends use it and all bar one concieved using it - And most got the sex of baby they wanted :) (Bar one) One didnt mind the sex and amazingly she had twins - one of each lollllllll

But - You dont need a hysterectomy. You will live your life to the full - All will be well - We will help you through all and everything we can :)

Welcome to the family :)


Look into the eyes - They hold the key!

wow. congrats you are almost to the finish line. my question is this. what happens to the prolapse during pregnancy and how will it affect your delivery???

prolapse shouldn't decrease your chances of conceiving, carrying a baby to term, and birthing safely.
more than a few of us here have had 'prolapse babies'.

mommynow.....can't believe youre already 36 weeks! goes so fast when its someone else's pg. how're you feeling?