Belly Bra


I'm just wondering if any of you ladies who went through a pregnancy with prolapse used the Belly Bra. It's for use in the last trimester and supposedly lifts a bit of the weight off the pelvis by drawing some of the weight up onto the shoulders. It sounds like a good idea but thought I'd ask if anyone had given it a go. Or if anyone found anything else useful for relieving some of the pressure on the pelvis during pregnancy? belly bra

I used one, but not the 'belly bra'. I think mine was by Prenatal Cradle, it was the small version that was just a wide elastic band that fits under the belly. I used it from 5 mo on when walking on the treadmill. wasn't comfortable enough for me to wear it all day long, but felt wonnnnnnnnderful during brisk/long walks.

Hi Granolamom,

Thanks for your reply. I might check that one out as well because the Belly Bra's only designed for the last trimester. It would be good to have something like that for exercising.