Bed Rest


HI all, I went to the doc and he now diagnosed me with my uterus dropping. My cervix is no where near the opening and I am trying my best to keep it that way. I need opinions. I am a college student and plan to grad this May. THis will be my last semester and of course the most intense. I was wondering if i take the next couple of months off to rest, from now till Sept of 08, just rest rest and not worry about anything only my baby. I was wondering if I were to take it easy the next couple of months and just do posture and PT will it make it better. My fear is if I go back to school my prolapses are going to get worse! I have many years to become a teacher. But I will only have one time to heal( if I dont have anymore kids). So what do you think ladies,,, stay home for the next couple of months or go back to school??

sounds like if you go back to school you will be feeling anxious about it which isn't so good for baby either. This might be the last time for a while that you will have the opportunity to rest like this. Why not take advantage of it??!!

personally, my feeling is that if you can afford the luxury of staying home with your new baby, then do it!
but don't stay in bed, that's not great for prolapse either.

good luck with the decision


Why don't you meet with your academic adviser and ask if you can't finish on line. They may give you special consideration!


Actually its my student teaching that has to be done. After speaking to my PT, my doctors wife and myself. I agreed that i need a routine and not stay home and read about prolapse on the internet. I am done thinking negative. My muscle tone is 5 out of 5 and I believe that I will heal. Ill let you guys know when I do. : )