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This is a programme we have here (I'm in the UK, so you may not have heard of it). I was watching last night and one of the patients presented with a bulge at her vaginal opening (obviously I knew it was going to be a prolapse, so I was riveted!). Anyway, she was examined and the Doctor said her bladder was big surprsie to me. Anyway, the GP on the TV said, "you can have surgery to fix this" so the lady had the surgery (a half an hour operation!) and the programme followed her up afterwards and the woman had no bulge, no prolapse, no nothing! I was so jealous LOL The GP said to her, "I bet you feel like a new woman" at the follow-up appointment. It all looked really straightforward, like it was nothing.

My Gyne won't do surgery on me until I'm past child bearing age. He said Physio-therapy will improve things fine for now.

I'm so jealous after watching that programme - I want my bulge to be gone! (I have a grade 2 cystocele and a mild uterine prolapse). The patient was SO happy and planning a holiday with her hubby to celebrate!! Arrrggghhhh, great for her though!

We spoke about that and I transcribed it the first time it was on TV...

Unfortunately her follow up was so close post op - It was meaningless - IF they had followed up a year or three later - that might help - And then at 5,7 years.

There are no miracles cures - Post Op swelling would make her feel better as the bulge would be pushed out of the way.

It is sad that the program always show things to be fantastic - A fewof us here emailed the program - Who didn't bother to reply - To ask about how she would be NOW...

If there was a miracle cure - The people who beg for help post-op - Would not be so traumatised about the 'fix' not being a fix...

We all wish our POps away - It is a natural thing - But alot of us realise things are doctored for TV, the programmes do not show the full story (I also emailed Dr Christ Steele on this issue - He didn't bother to rpely either) Doctors live in their own world and if you have problems - They tend to forget how to email (MY own Dr after a hernia Op - I asked him a question 6mths down the line - He forgot how to answer email also - This was a private op - Guess he couldn't be bothered as the money wasn't rolling in any more)

I am sure you are your POP will find a way to reside together and share the same body :-)

Sometimes youre holding someone else's heart in your hands. You can drop that heart & bruise it. You can squash that heart & hurt it. Or you can stomp on it & totally annihalate it. You stomp on that heart or bruise it. It can forever be changed ♥

what you see on tv is not reality

I wish I could blink my eyes, wriggle my nose, or click my heels and it would all be the way it was, but life is rarely like that

So do you think that the woman on the programme with the prolapse is bound to have had further problems, despite the surgery? Or is she still a very happy lady with no prolapse?! I would love to know if the surgery has REALLY worked for her!

Hi Lilly

Sadly, this is TV, designed to attract advertising revenue by massaging the voyeuristic curiosity of viewers and increase ratings. It is not designed to tell us the whole story of each patient's recovery. I am afraid you have been sucked in by the telly! ;-)

Maybe she will have the rest of her life trouble free. Maybe she won't. We have no way of knowing. Sue's emails and the lack of response to them show that there is no feedback, just a black hole. It is not an interactive process.

I think you would get better information about outcomes by speaking with women you know who have had surgical repairs, enquiring gently about how they are several years down the track. Some, maybe most, will be fine. Some will say they are fine. Many will have had repeat surgeries. Many will have a return of symptoms or unpleasant side effects of surgery but are prepared to put up with it because they are unwilling to repeat the surgical experience. This is what the statistics tell us. Read the chapter on surgical repair in Christine's book to see the statistics. They are all drawn from peer-reviewed mainstream medical journals.

For those who do have a return of symptoms or other problems resulting from the surgery, they are often suffering more than they were, perhaps in different ways, before the surgery. And the majority of their suffering would never have happened, had they found Wholewoman and seriously practised it, before considering surgery. Unfortunately, Wholewoman has only been around a few years.