7 week Postpartum Update


Hi everyone,

I thought I'd update you on my prolapse situation. I know it is still early and I have a lot of healing to do yet, but some moms have been wanting to know about pp progress. As far as my "bulge" goes, I don't like to check it because it depresses me. I am feeling much better and am doing more and more things that I wasn't able to do i.e. long walks with the dog, some babywearing, spending more time on my feet, housework, etc. I haven't been brave enough to stop wearing the V2 supporter, as I still have some bad days. I know what all the moms mean by constantly thinking about their prolapse - I can't wait til' I can go several hours without thinking about how it feels "down there".

I had my 6 week pp check up with the doctor that delivered my daughter. She (of course) checked me on my back, but thought things looked better. I didn't want to see, but she got a mirror and made me look. My urethra is still sitting at the opening, but it is no longer as irritated, my cervix is nice and high, and she doesn't think I have a rectocele (again I was on my back). She has been very positive and doesn't want me to wear a pessary or consider surgery. Before she looked she suggested weighted vaginal cones, but after looking she didn't think they were necessary. I told her what I've been working on i.e. posture, breathing etc. and she seemed quite interested. I gave her the website info.

I cannot believe how much better I am now than when I was pregnant - those were very dark days. I guess I'm just getting impatient. One day I could barely feeling it, but when I checked, it was still there. The next day I could feel it all day. Am I just desensitized to the bulge on some days, or does it ever lift away from the entrance? I am hoping it is the latter. I've got the DVD and am doing the exercises daily, I stay in posture all day, and I only ever sit on the floor. I guess I'm just looking for reassurance and I'm trying to be patient, but it is sooooo hard!..............By the way, I am thankful everyday for a beautiful, healthy, and content little girl who lets me get my sleep! She was sooooo worth it!

It sounds like you're doing just fine. Take it easy with the dvd exercises until you're a good three months pp. Seven weeks is still early and you might spark a bit of bleeding. Play with the posture and don't make it a stringent thing that you feel compelled to stay in all day long! Rest and pull up. Rest and pull up. It will be easy and enjoyable if you take it slowly. Trust the other pp women who tell you that things will pull into place - it takes time! You may always feel a little bulgy (soft), but like the rest, will likely get to a point where it does not concern you. You are wise not to look - it just feeds anxiety. How lovely to be a young, healthy, whole mother! :) Christine

this sounds better than healing! no rectocele, high uterus and only 7 weeks out. You enjoy that sleep mama- get some for me while you are at it.