9 Weeks Postpartum


I am currently 9 weeks postpartum and have some comments and questions for those of you who are experiencing this. I think I got my prolapse after my first son was born, but I never asked about it and it seemed to go away on its own. This time around I was fine immediately after I had my 2nd son, but my prolapse showed up around 4 1/2 weeks and was VERY noticeable and distinct. I definitely have a bladder prolapse (bulging out a little at times) and a uterine prolapse (cervix is really low most of the time).

When I went for my postpartum check up, my Dr. said to do nothing until 6 months had passed and then see a surgeon if it is still noticeable. He also suggested losing some weight which really made me angry since I was already back to my pre-pregancy weight and although I may be a bit overweight, I have always been very fit. He had virtually no advice and seemed pretty disinterested in my plight. I do not want the surgery - I am only 35 and have heard horror stories about it. However, I was an avid runner prior to this event and am really disappointed about not being able to exercise like before.


Have any of you resumed more high impact activities like running and if so, what has your experience been with the impact on your prolapse?

Has anyone had any success with physio? I am currently doing it and finding my prolapse seems worse after the exercises.

I'd love to hear any success stories where people have been able to resume their regular activities.

Thanks for any feedback you might have!


I'm glad your Dr advised waiting six months -- in the UK, they consider the vagina to still be in the process of involution (shrinking) for 6 months pp, with healing capability up to a year (US seems to think that 6 weeks is sufficent!!). Since you healed once from this, be confident that you can do so again. But don't "do nothing." Do the posture! And the other tips available for free here in the FAQ and the forum! Really. Get the DVD and book too. It will lift you in more ways than one. I resisted taking the gift offered through this work, and now I wonder why!

I am still fairly early pp, and do not run nor plan to. But there are those here who do. Take the time to read posts from PArunner, arunnergirl, and alemama. I believe these ladies were able to incorporate running back into their lives. Also read posts from granolamom, louiseds, kiki, and reka. These ladies have really great information and experience to impart. It has been invaluable to me.

I think people say that prolapse gets worse before better, but if the PT exercises seem to do NO good, then stop. Most PTs have no clue what to do for prolapse, as they operate on a false model of the female pelvis and pelvic organ support system. I saw a lady with a masters in pelvic floor dysfunction and has a cystocele herself, and she only gave me kegels and vaginal weights. However, some people have had great results. Listen to your body's response. It is the best indicator of what you need for your health.

As for the success stories, I'm having a mini one myself at the moment. I feel miles away from when I discovered my prolapse at 5 weeks pp, and further still from when I started this work at 13 weeks pp. But there are many, many other stories on here. Read old posts! I think there are many who get better and so stop coming here. The few who commit to helping others out can only say so many times, "yes, this works, I am better, and I have no limitations."

You are super early post partum! Do not underestimate the value of rest. Take some time to focus on healing, and I think you will be able to return to the active life you crave. At least, that is what I'm trying to do!

Best wishes

Hi Mom2boys

Bad_Mirror has caught on really quickly. I can only agree with the contents of her post. As you can see she has learned heaps just by Searching the Forums for relevant posts. The book will tell you the most technical information and background. The DVD show you visually what you can do about it.

Check out Christine's blog entry, "Kegels the Right Way" if you want to perservere with them. I have assumed that these are some of the exercises the PT taught you. They are valuable for regaining/improving continence, better sex and developing more awareness of the pelvic area of your body.

Also give it *at least* a year, if not 2 years for full reversion. The improvement will go on and on for years if you do all the Wholewoman techniques.



Thanks Louise!

Thanks for the advice. I have the book and am doing the best I can to stay in posture (although sometimes it is difficult with 2 little kids!) I hope to do the workout too when I get more time (when my baby sleeps a little more)!

hi there
I've started a reply to your post at least 6 times, I keep getting interrupted. pretty much, i totally agree with what's already been said.
I know how hard it is to find time to exercise with little ones about, what I did was just the firebreathing and nauli. 5 min, twice a day. that was something I could justify (as if I have to, but you know how it is) taking out the time to do. every day, 5 min is MINE before dh leaves to work, and again before bed. that and the posture, and I had pretty good results (prolapse not gone, but totally asymptomatic and higher up than it used to be). on bad days I throw in some plies from the ballet workout and I still like the duck walking from the first book (not sure if its in the second as well).
9 weeks is so very soon after childbirth. take things slowly and try to keep in mind that your body is still healing and finding its way back to a prepg state. this takes up to two years.

about the running, I'm not a runner thanks to arthritic knees and hip, but there are runners amongst us. I think before you get back to that sort of activity, its probably best to learn more about your prolapse and develop a sense of what your limits are, what aggravates/helps it. this way you'll know intuitively what you need to do to protect your pelvic organs as you run and when you've done too much. and doing too much once in a while is ok, if that's your passion. but you can get to a place where you are willing to pay the price of a 'bad day' the day after and double up on the plies or whatever it takes to get back to baseline.

about PT, don't even get me started. I have no idea what PT's do for prolapse, though some have found it helpful. if you find your prolapse is worse after, then that is a sign that its not helping. have you told your PT that you feel things are worse after? PT should never make things worse.

I only have another min, but wanted to add, since you asked, I consider my story a success. started out with probably a grade 3 cystocele (peeking out), terrified, crying all the time, resting on the couch while my dh was out with the kids. desperate for a fix, but terrified of surgery. found this site, started the posture and firebreathing and a year later was symptom free with a smaller, higher bulge. went on to have another baby, and I am no worse for the wear. I do everything and anything I want, I wore my baby until he was demanding to walk, I teach my older kids to ride a bike, I garden. whatever.
life is good : )
and I have no more fear, because I've learned so much about my body, about the prolapse, what it responds to and that I have the ability to keep it where it is. nothing will fall out so long as I am taking good care of myself.

Thanks so much, granolamom. I feel better having read your post. I'm really glad to hear how well you have healed yourself and that it is possible. I will continue with the exercises from the book and see how it goes.