Hi everyone. A couple more questions for anyone who might have an answer. My cystocele seems to be getting better, but when it is in rather than hanging out, I have a pronounced bulge in my vulva area. It almost seems like my bladder has pushed back and up to that area. Does anyone know if that is possible?



Not sure what you mean, Mum2boys. Cystocele is bladder prolapse. Urethrocele is prolapse of the urethra. Have I missed something? Could you please have another try at explaining what is happening?


Hi M2B
I know what you mean about the bulge further up towards where the urethra would (I think) be, all of a sudden, and even when I'm lying on my side. Tho to me, while I've got the sensation of a big bulge (since starting posture stuff), in reality, there's no physical bulge in that location, or change in the tissues. Kind of like when amputees say they can feel a phantom limb?!

I wonder whether it's something to do with changes to posture resulting in changes to pressure around the area, maybe even referred sensations, like you can get referred pain? if so, presumably it'll pass, or all the long standing WW ladies would be experiencing it too.

Tho who knows. All feels a bit haywire down there at the moment. Will see how it goes over next week or so. One day at a time, like they say!

Mumtogirls London

Okay, after finally getting my 2 boys to sleep at the same time and having had some time to look up female anatomy (guess I was a bit confused). I have a bulge at the bottom of my pubic area (mons pubis is the proper name I think). It seems to move around and is sometimes worse than other times. I'm wondering if perhaps it is a hernia or if it is a symptom of the prolapse. Or, if I just have strange anatomy (I have a unicornate uterus (dx'd while ttc in my last pregnancy - this means I only have the left 1/2 of my uterus) and had surgery to repair ureters as a kid). Anyone have anything similar?

In any case, I had VERY stressful pregnancies because of the unicornate uterus but managed to carry both my boys to full term and feel very grateful about that. However, I can't believe I am now dealing with POP as well!


Hi Mom2boys

I think you may have nailed it. With a unicornate uterus your pelvis is no doubt a bit lop-sided. In addition, with the ureters needing repair as a child, your anatomy could have been unusual in other ways too, that have not resulted in functional problems. Then there is the surgical procedure to repair the ureters, which was probably more invasive back in those days than it would be today. I would think that POP would be likely, though it is a hard pill to swallow for anybody.

The lump at your vulva? Who knows? I would guess that they could do some sort of scan, maybe ultrasound, to get a better picture of what is where in your pelvic cavity, but if it hasn't shown up any problems until now, there may be no real problem. No doubt you would be offered some sort of repair surgery. You would have to be prepared for that kind offer. ;-) It might also be that the ureter surgery interfered with this area. You might be able to find out exactly what they did, and how and where they did it. If there was an instrument introduced into the vulval area, maybe into the bladder and up the ureters, it may have damaged the fascia around the bladder along the way.

The hernia thing may be worth checking out though, as they can turn nasty. It seems to have appeared suddenly. To have a scan now would give you a baseline for the future, but I am sure that, with your level of awareness of your body, you will know if it is changing over time.

It is wonderful that you managed to carry both the boys to term. Isn't the human body amazing?