I just got out of the bath and my cervix is smooth, closed AND NO POLYP!!! That was the source of the hamburger chunks and small amount of bright red blood!! I believe I saw it last night, but it was covered with t.p. and I wasn’t going to go fishing to check out a bit of endometrium.

I hadn’t bothered my husband with it yet as I wanted to wait until all bleeding had subsided. And during my bath two days ago it seemed the stalk might be too short and slippery to get a ligature around (the original polyp was removed about five years ago, but the stalk grew back and hung out of my open cervix like a little tongue). It must’ve been dislodging itself at the base and that is why it felt larger than usual on Tuesday.

I can’t imagine a couple of days of lipid balance could’ve caused this. More likely, it was the several mornings of pennyroyal sitz baths (and a couple of chaparral and pennyroyal) I’ve been doing to help my burning bum. Pennyroyal, the “royal thyme” of France was a cherished herb in historical times. It has received a very bad reputation in recent years because its highly volatile oil has been stupidly used to try to induce abortion. I believe it would’ve received a bad rap anyway as has chaparral, another amazing substance that science cannot figure out how to safely replicate. The small amount of ground chaparral I ingest in a honey “cough drop” twice each day may have helped as well.

This gives a whole new spin on *some* post-menopausal bleeding, as many of us have a uterus filled with these things!

The uterus is so very amazing!!!

:D Christine

truly an amazing event, christine.
much like the one you describe in your book I think. awesome what the body can do if given the right environment.

I hope that's the end of the hamburger, the bleeding and that you're feeling well.

Great news, Christine. You are probably right about it being a common source of postmenopausal bleeding. We had a discussion about polyps a few weeks ago, and came to the conclusion I think, that a polyp is only a polyp until/unless it turns into cancerlike cells, and is no cause for worry in itself.

Rain comes out of clouds, but we don't put up our umbrellas all day during cloudy weather. I think there is an association between polyps and cancer but if that is the case, removing the polyps isn't going to do anything about cancer cells that are still lurking in the vicinity. It is still just removing polyps. having said that, the association could be more direct than I have surmised.

I would still get postmenopausal bleeding checked out if it didn't stop in a week or so.



EDIT: Maybe your polyp fell off because the conditions that created it were no longer present, ie maybe it is a really good sign. No promises.

Great news, Christine, I hope you will feel better from now, your polyp-story sounded scary to me.
Sending you healing wibes!!!

The bit of bright red blood stopped - I think before the polyp even fell off. I wiped myself the last time I saw ‘something’ in the water, but there was no blood anywhere and no blood since. It was the next day (yesterday) that I found it was gone. I believe the general consensus is that polyps are by-and-large benign. I think the process that creates them may be related to the “hanging moles” that also came with menopause and that seem to have largely subsided as well.

Granolamom, your post expresses what I also feel about the importance of this little bit of data. And yes, I have been greatly intrigued about the ability of the uterus to purge itself ever since my experience long ago that I wrote about in the first edition of STWW. I started using pennyroyal several months ago - not on a regular basis. Initially, I experimented with a strong sitz bath of chaparral and pennyroyal - really to see how it would affect my vulva condition. That night I woke up to a LOT of mucous-like discharge. I was shocked at how much and worried that I had cause an infection - when I sit in a bowl of water, the tip of my cervix is submerged. Nothing bad ever happened and I had to believe that there was a build up of cells on my uterine walls that had been released and flushed out. I never had reason to use those two powerful herbs together again. However, the pennyroyal alone gives great comfort to a burning backside, so I continued with that off and on - and more frequently recently.

Oh...and the greatest thing is that losing the polyp has made a noticeable difference in my prolapse. I am extremely encouraged.


That's so great Christine. And I'm so glad to hear of how it is affecting your POP!
And i just have to say--your quest to find new ways of dealing with things and new ways of looking at our bodies never ceases to amaze me--thank you for your wisdom, and for sharing it!


So glad that thing isn't bugging you anymore.

Hi Christine, thank you so much for sharing this and for all your wonderful work.
Can you tell me in what form the Penny Royal and Chaparral was? Dried herb or essential oil added to the bath?

Hi DKAU and welcome. Christine used dried herbs, as more fully described in her Vulva Vaginal Health video. - Surviving