Another new recruit


Hello all,

I am now 10 weeks pp with my second beautiful daughter and have been lurking here as a guest for the last 6 weeks. Just wanted to say how helpful I've found reading your posts and realising that I'm not alone in feeling the wave of emotions that go with discovering you have a POP - devastation, worry about it getting worse, about having sex, lifting children, exercising etc...

I found the site after having a look to see how things were about 3.5 weeks pp. I was alarmed to find a bulge towards the back of my vagina which I now know to be a rectocele. My first labour was induced, with 2 hours pushing and a second degree tear. Second time around labour was much quicker, I think because I was induced first time I didn't realise how far along I was (I just thought I was not managing the pain very well), then my waters broke and my daughter arrived 40 minutes later - I only just made it to the midwife-led unit and I can't help but wonder whether trying to hold her in during the 20 minutes car journey may have contributed to my POP. I've also been giving myself a hard time about overdoing things - I really had no idea about prolapse and, now I realise very stupidly, decided to make quite a long walk to get help from the breastfeeding clinic 3 days after giving birth. Maybe neither of these things made any difference and it would have happened anyway, not very helpful to dwell on it anyway!. In retrospect I do remember feeling something bulge possibly when having a bowel movement soon after giving birth (sorry if TMI!).

Slowly coming to terms with it all, most importantly realising that I'm not in pain (just aware of the bulge), it's not life threatening, there's something i can do to help it and it may improve or at least how I feel about it may improve. Thanks to Christine and all the regular posters - your advice on ditching the mirror, emotions, diet etc have been invaluable. Trying to adopt the posture but have ordered the DVD so that hopefully I can find out more and make sure I'm doing things right!

right, better get to bed and both my children are asleep and I should be too!

Glad you have been reading our weird conversations and made your first post. Sounds like you are doing OK. In another month or two you should start to see some improvements. The stage you are at right now often seems to be the worst, rather than immediately postpartum. I am sure you will find the DVD helpful.



It's not helpful to dwell on the why, don't I know it. I think you'll love the DVD. And, not to discourage you, but just something to keep in mind . . . I know for me, weeks 12 through 18 pp were the worst for me. And then I got much, much better. It's a journey for sure, and best wishes with yours!

Just wanted to say that after two weeks of practicing the WW posture and exercises I am more comfortable and confident and loving my body again. Here's to you finding the same results.

Thank you all. As you say things sometimes get worse around this time and fairly sure I now have a cystocele to go with my rectocele. Had been feeling like the front wall had that characteristic half pipe shape to it and now there is definitely a bulge at the front too. From reading other posts I suppose I shouldn't be surprised but it is a bit disheartening.

Still waiting for the DVD to arrive (must be taking a while to cross the pond) but hopefully once I can start doing some of the exercises things might improve....

oh, I'm sorry, badgermum {{hugs}}

I found my rectocele shortly after beginning the wholewoman posture for my cystocele. disheartening is an understatement!

the good news is that the two will prevent the uterus from getting out while you learn to pull everything up and forward with the posture and exercises.

it gets better.

Freaks you out doesn't it? I had the half-pipe feeling for months that finally turned into a cystocele-
It is gone now. not even a half-pipe feeling.
You really can reverse prolapse.
Have you been able to Nauli yet?

Alemama -- that is so cool that you were able to not only reverse the cystocele initially, but that it hasn't come back with a subsequent pregnancy and birth. Wow. I hope I am able to work towards a place like that!

that not all are reversible. I had the half pipe deal which I am guessing is a softening of the support of the wall- and then had a bulge- but not for long. I think the reason it came in in the first place was to meet the rectocele-
and when it went back up the rectocele felt worse for quite some time- totally unsupported. It took a long time to notice any difference in the rectocele.
Since baby #4 I have had a worsening in the size of the bulge when I compare it to how it was 2 years post baby #3- but it is smaller and higher up than when I first knew about it after baby #3 so I think that says something....I'm still holding out hope anyway that I will get back to that.

That's probably the truth of it, but a girl can dream, right? :-) Anyway, it is exciting to hear that you are "starting" in a better place already with the rectocele. I think that definitely says something.