baby number 5 on the way


Well, I'm pretty sure it's been mentioned here already but here is the formal announcement.
Our 4th baby is about 18 months old now and he is going to be a big brother soon.
The first trimester with this pregnancy was so so easy I was worried. I hardly felt sick or tired. For a long while I had no idea I was pregnant at all. I figured it wasn't a good catch and didn't want to say anything. But now that I am into the second trimester and still feeling great I am starting to get attached :)
I am finally starting to look a bit pregnant (well to me, to others I'm sure I just look a bit thick through the middle). My uterus is very high (can't reach my cervix) and my anterior wall is thick and hard (not soft and squishy at all). My rectocele has not bothered me one time this whole pregnancy- and I suspect that is because it is being held up and forward by my uterus and supported from inside my vagina by the anterior wall (which is not bulging- but it is bigger- I've felt the cystocele bulge before- it is low down and floppy- this is nothing like that- the firmness extends from bottom to top). I have felt like I needed to get up and pee at night which was very annoying- but that has passed now that my uterus is bigger. When I lie on my back there is a mound between my hip bones that sticks out further than my pubic bone- so I have popped forward for sure. This is the earliest that that has happened for me- Usually I pop forward somewhere around 20 weeks- and this happened right around 15. Once it happened the need to pee at night went away, thank goodness.
I'm also smaller this time around (which is so strange for a 5th pregnancy). I attribute it to all the working out I was doing to strengthen my back, glutes and abs before I got pregnant. I may not have the ligamental support I had with my first but I think the muscles made up for it a bit.
I am at the phase where I look bigger at night than I do in the morning.
I guess that will last the rest of the pregnancy.
About a month ago we all went to disney and universal studios. I had a terrible cold- and coughed and coughed. I rode rides and spent about 8 hours a day for 3 days at the parks with 4 kids. Once when we were at Universal, outside the wand shop, I remember wanting to sit down because my crotch was aching- I felt a little worried. But it went away and didn't come back since. I think it was a combo of the pregnancy, the walking all day, often standing in lines and holding the baby, and the coughing. It was that feeling you get when you are really big pregnant and everything feels heavy.
I am about 17 weeks give or take a few.
We are gearing up for a trip over thanksgiving. We are going to fly- it's the first time for 3 of my kids. And we get to use our passports! It's not a long flight and all the kids have their own bags to carry. Should be easy right? ;)

anyway, when I had my first pregnancy after prolapse I enjoyed reading about other women and how they felt about pop and pregnancy. That's why you get all these details. This time has been pretty uneventful for me. I feel the baby bump me every once in a while. I hardly get a chance to be still and notice much- but yesterday I ate some icecream (oh yummy) and then went to a movie and I was still and could feel the baby moving around in response to all the sugar.

Oh speaking of, I have not been hungry like with the other 4. I have not gained any significant weight either. Usually I eat because I feel nauseous-this time that didn't happen. I have had some cravings though- yesterday I ate raw sour kraut mixed with greek full fat yogurt. It was delicious! The rest of my family thought I was nuts. This is the first time I've been pregnant and not been vegetarian. I am still grain free (and mostly sugar free.....*icecream*) and eating lots of meat and veges. I am loving salads right now with nuts and apples- yummy yummy. But not crazy hunger like previous pregnancies.
So maybe I'll be able to gain just enough for the baby and nothing else. Course as soon as I say that I'll put on 15lbs.....

I still spend time each day stretching and doing the cat cow yoga position. I have not been running since July. I still ice and rest well. My back is annoyed by the position of my uterus right now- so I'm hoping for a growth spurt soon to get my uterus up a little higher (past the level of my injured discs).

anyway, If i didn't know I had pop, I wouldn't know from this pregnancy. So far, so good.

How fantastic! Maybe baby likes the meat! Congrats anyway. I stopped at three but often wish I'd had more. Good luck to you all. x

Oh my gosh! Your post has made my day! Congrats, congrats to you!

How many babies have you had since you prolapsed? Was your uterine pretty severe? Have you been able to get back to the same place after each baby? Your post gives me hope! I love babies and envy your 'bigger' family!

Do keep us posted and I wish you the best of luck!

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience, alemama! I cannot wait to hear more about your journey of growing and birthing this one!

congrats alemama!
ya know I love babies : )
I love your post, you sound so healthy and vibrant. I hope this pg continues in this way, and that you're feeling fab right up and through the birth.

enjoy your trip! flying with kids own special pleasure >evil grin we've done the 12 hr overseas trip with little ones a few times, last time I was 12 weeks pg and it was soooo not fun what with my vomiting and frequent bathroom trips. but you sound great, I'm sure you'll be fine on the plane. remember to drink lots and lots of water - more than you think you need- and maybe dose up with some vit C or something. other travelers = germs.
and nosy me wants to know where you're going? not that its my business or anything : )

Please continue to let us know how you are doing.

Congrats again, Alemama! Everything sounds so great! We recently started TTC, will see how it goes. Thanks for inspiring us and giving us hope. You and Granolamom encouraged so many moms here, you proved that there IS life after POP. Thanks for this pioneer work.

Please keep us posted, I like the way you tell everything in details. Your explanations helps me a lot to understand my POP better.


Alemama, that is wonderful that it is going so well. I never cease to be amazed how one woman can be affected completely differently with each pregnancy. I always thought a baby was a baby. Maybe not?

I can related to the sauerkraut and full fat Greek yoghurt thing. During my first pregnancy I wanted horseradish relish sandwiches, and they were the yummest thing in the world. I still love horseradish relish on my roast beef. Ironically, since menopause I have become addicted to wasabi- covered dried, green peas!


this is my second pregnancy since I knew I had prolapse. I have actually had prolapse since my second birth. After that birth we noticed the rectocele and just figured it was normal for post birth and no one (midwives at 6 week check up and midwives for 3rd birth- doing my well checks) said a word about it.

I always get to the point that my prolapse is high and small, usually about 15 months after the baby is born-.

my uterus has not really ever been very low. There was a time that it was lower than normal for me- usually I can not reach my cervix and it got to where I could get to it easily and feel all around it, so I know it did come down some.....I have a rectocele mostly-

you can definitely have more children and it won't necessarily make your pop worse for the long haul. It may make it more symptomatic though in the short term. That is one of the factors we consider now. Can we handle me needing to rest more, me not lifting as much, me not wanting to be out all over town running errands. And after the birth is even worse as far as mama out of commission. I really don't do anything except care for my baby and myself. I read and hug and snuggle my big kids, but I let someone else wash clothes, tie shoes, help with tantrums, do dishes, cook meals and shop. Usually that's my husband and sister. This time around I don't have my sister living with us- so I'm not sure what we will do. But I do know that I will not be doing the bulk of the work around here for a few months after the baby comes.

I wonder if my body has always been off! Even when I was a teenager I could insert my fingers inside and put three fingers around my cervix. Was this not normal? Shouldn't my doctor have noticed? Now I am 4 months pp and my cervix is usually at the openning or out the door! I ask n ask doctors, etc. how many babies I could possibily have and they won't say! I get so mad! I just wanna know how many babies some women have had with a prolapse as bad as mine. I really wonder... I would love to have two more! Is this crazy?? Three more was my dream but that's probably craziness!

take some time to recover from your recent pg and birth
take some more time to learn -really learn!- your body, what makes the prolapse feel stable, what makes it feel worse. learn to work with it. in time, this will make more and more sense and you will develop a sense of confidence in your body. I don't see any reason based on the information you've shared here, that you couldn't have two more babies. I'd just recommend spacing them not too closely so that you have time to get back to a stable baseline between.
don't give up on your dreams just yet

Huge congrats Alemama. what wonderful news.
Glad to hear you are feeling so well--it is inspirational to hear!
Enjoy your trip. We've flown a lot with the kids, and it's never as bad as i think it'll be. I just ensure i have a bag of nice surprises for them, and lots of good food. I don't travel light in that respect, and never need half of it, but know i'm prepared.
i now ensure that the day before i fly i drink a ton and eat super super well to ensure i'm mega hydrated. then i keep drinking a lot on the flight, but also pee a lot--i can't bear the idea of deciding "oh, i really really need ot pee now" just as the seat belt sign goes on. forget it. i pee often, and figure i'll retrain my bladder the next day. good thing about flying with little ones is you walk a lot more, which means my POP has never felt bad after. so don't worry, i'm sure you'll be fine. to be honest, the jet lag is the bit that i really dread--but you won't have that so enjoy!

Thanks everyone for the well -wishes and travel tips!
Granolamom, we are going to Honduras to visit Babygotback!

how fun to visit bgb! please say hello for me, I hope she's well
have a great time, I'm sure the kids must be so excited about flying
I still remember my first flight -I was 7- it was just the best thing ever.
(my number one fly-with-kids tip: pack an extra change of clothes for everyone-even you! in the carryon. you never know who's going to vomit on you or who's luggage will get lost)

ALEMAMA~OMG SO excited for you! I have not come on the site for some months now but I was thrilled to see your post...certainly will be checking in to see your progress. I know each of us is different with our pops as each pregnancy and baby are different but I really love to hear other womens stories. I will be sending you all kinds of positive healthy vibes for your pregnancy. Wondering...why you stopped being a vegetarian?

baby #4 had terrible allergies. I couldn't eat anything. No veges, no fruits, no dairy. So I tried turkey (which is recommended on an elimination diet for allergies) and he was happy and I was not starving. Then I added sweet potatoes and that was fine. Slowly I put back in a few foods (like apples and avocados) but he couldn't tolerate beans, lentils or eggs (my main protein sources). For about 8 months all I ate were those 4 foods breakfast, lunch and dinner. Really. no fruit, no dairy, just those 4 foods. It was interesting. The meat really kept me full for 3 and 4 hours at a time (before, I was eating every 2 hours or so to keep my blood sugar stable).
Somewhere in there our baby #2 got very very sick with a parasite (that he still has) and started losing weight, had terrible tummy aches (up screaming for hours in the night), and stopped playing- just laid on the couch all day. We decided to give him the 'gold standard treatment' for this particular parasite (at the recommendation of our ped) and that was flagyl (and I knew it wouldn't work- I had read plenty by then about it and it's 100% failure rate- but did it anyway so that the ped would work with me). To reduce the chance of a yeast infection I cut out all fruit, grains and simple starches from his diet. Slowly he started to get better (even though testing showed the exact same level of infection) so we stuck with it. The whole family joined in so he didn't feel so deprived and we have been this way for about a year and a half. He now can have fruit and dairy in a very limited capacity with no added tummy ache, too much and it's pretty sad.

Now that I can eat eggs again I could probably go back to vegetarian. We are still off the beans- but I could try to reintroduce them and see what happens. It's just that I feel so good. Like amazingly good. I have never ever felt this good during pregnancy before. And of course the rest of the family is eating meat still and it would be a pain to cook two separate meals (though I have done that in the past).
I'm guessing we will go back to not eating meat. It will probably be about the same time we start eating beans and grains again.

Thanks for the vibes!!! and the excitement- around here most people don't get too excited about baby #5. It's kinda sad really.

We can never have too many WW babies! Five is going to be too much fun for your adorable family. Goodness knows, you'll have your own relay team in a few years.

I will wait patiently - with even more reason to practice my knitting.

It's been a busy time with creation of the new dvd and as of this afternoon I'm on Gramma duty for five days! I'll check in as often as I can (she Really likes my full attention, and I feel she deserves it, being the full-time school kid that she is). Next week I'll have more time to chat with all of you dearest dears.

Congratulations, Alemama! I would have five if I could choose again.


our baby is sleeping (but I doubt for much longer) so I thought I'd update a little.
Our trip was fabulous. The kids really did carry their own bags. The baby went in the Ergo and dh's back and I carried a pack or two depending.
We had an easy flight there and back. The lines on the way out of the country were no problem. Getting back in took a good bit longer and we were worn out by then but everyone held up beautifully.
It was hard on my back (sleeping in a different bed and not getting the rest I usually get) but not too hard. We had a great visit and we are very happy to be home.
I'm still feeling really good. I'm bigger now. Way way bigger. And the baby isn't just bumping- it's more like slamming now. I think I'm about 22 or 23 weeks, so more than halfway or just about anyway. I don't like being this big and hate knowing I'm only going to get bigger before it's all over. I really like being able to run and jump and catch my toddler and keep up with my big kids. It is so weird to be slower. Oh well, it's good training for the slowing down you do for the baby.
My prolapse is fine. I have started feeling that ache in my tendons that attach to the inside of the pubic bone and the femur. I've also started to get that ache in my hips on the outside of them from sleeping on my side and sometimes I ache deep in my pelvis. I have no clue if this is pop related or not....but I bet somehow it probably is.
I am already looking forward to having this all behind me :)
That's about all I can think of right now....big belly, aching in the pelvis, ready to be done.....feels a little early for all these sort of things- but it is the 5th pregnancy.

Checking in with you to see how you are feeling and how things are coming along with your pregnancy.

Well, I read over the last post I wrote and things have changed :)
I'm now in the third trimester. The baby is big and I'm pretty big. As of last week I've gained about 15lbs (13 on the scale at the gym and 20 on my parent's scale- I'm sticking with 15). I'm wearing some maternity clothes now but my 'bigger' pants are still fitting beautifully. These are the ones I bought after I had our first baby and realized at 6 weeks I was not actually going to fit into my regular clothing for a long long time. So, while I normally wear a 4 or 6- these are 8s (and let me just say how silly it feels to share all that- but weight gain matters to me as far as 'information about pregnancy and prolapse"). So, with my last pregnancy I wanted to gain as little as possible to see if it made any difference. Well, as little as possible ended up being somewhere in the 25lb range- which was what I gained with the first 3. I'm on track to gain a little less this time but so far I can't see that it's made much of a difference.
I feel pretty good all the time. I have tons of energy and my hormones are happier hormones than they were a month ago. I went through a really bad patch where I started to worry the blue feeling wouldn't lift. But it's gone, thank goodness. I know the second trimester is usually a happy time for most but for me it was tough.
and now an update on my pop. Recently my urine stream has slowed down- but it's not consistent- which is terribly frustrating when you are pregnant and really need to pee. It sometimes feels like it takes forever. And then sometimes the flow is really fast and strong. I think it really depends on the position of the baby.
The cystocele is definitely back. The anterior wall is soft and moves quite a bit if I bear down. I know that is the reason for the slow flow at times. But so far no stress incontinence- even if I jump or run or sneeze.
I can palpate my uterus on the anterior wall and it takes up most of the space along the anterior wall. When I'm not pregnant, I can feel the uterus but it's small and doesn't seem to put much weight on the anterior wall. I don't know if that makes sense but......
My cervix is still way out of reach. But when I trace the anterior wall to try to get to the cervix it feels much more horizontal. When I'm not pregnant the wall sort of angles up and back- now it mostly feels like it doesn't go up much at all just back- like the uterus has filled up the space.
And the rectocele is happy as can be and not any bigger. My body sure doesn't mind natures pessary.
Everything is still tucked well inside.
I've been having some intense nerve pain that comes and goes- I'm guessing it's because of my disc issue. But it radiates down the top of my hip bone and into the ligaments of my uterus - and ends at the place where those ligaments insert in my pelvis- right around the bottom of the ball and socket joint. It doesn't last long and I can go days with out noticing it.
I'm still active. Swimming is so comfortable and when I can get out to do it I feel good for it.
A few weeks ago my entire family had the worst bug ever with vomit and violent diarrhea. It's was intense. I was so worried that all that puke and abdominal force would make my prolapse worse- and it was more noticeable in the short term- but everything is back to normal now and we are all well again.
I have totally been cheating on my sugar free diet. It's getting bad now and I'm trying to talk myself back into going cold turkey- and not being willing to do it. Usually I don't struggle with food issues- I eat when I'm hungry and I don't have any problem avoiding foods that are not on the approved list or cravings. But the last few weeks I've just had a series of cravings that all involved sugar. I figure I'll just indulge and see what happens. My dh commented that in the last few weeks his joints have been bugging him and I bet you it's because he's eating sugar :) cause you know that when I eat it he eats it :)
Oh well, that's about it- prolapse: yes it's there- no it's not causing issues.
I'm starting to get that whole 'thinking about the actual birth and not wanting to go through with it' feeling. That's normal for me.
Our family is ready for a new baby. Though when we were in the middle of the vomit thing dh looked at me and said 'what were we thinking, now there's going to be 7 of us sick at once' and all I could do was laugh. Sort of....

I felt such sympathy for you and your family, just having read your latest post.Thank you so much for sharing the ups and downs you have been through with stoicism, and still you get back to positivity and calm!!!One can only have great admiration for you, what more can I say except to express this and give thanks.From a mother of 3 and now post meno, similar stage to Louise .Lol wanted 4 but not DH. Interesting about the sugar, as we are fans of it here, but are going to try and new regime in about 5 weeks.Go with the flow, as I think our bodies tell us what we need , especially after such a bout as you have experienced.Take care and thinking of you xx

I just read right through this thread again. Mmmm sauerkraut and Greek yoghurt. I can relate to that! At the beginning of my first pregnancy I found myself making sandwiches of wholemeal bread and horseradish relish. Reading about your combo made my mouth start watering.

Sorry, can't offer you any suggestions for coping with sugar craving. It has to be a need for energy, maybe fast twitch muscles? Or maybe it is the fat in icecream? Lots of brain development happening now for that baby of yours.

I really wouldn't worry too much about weight gain. Your body wants what it wants. It is ironic to read these words of yours coming from such an intuitive person.

I hereby give you permission to eat small amounts of icecream whenever you feel like it. Just make sure it is very good icecream or gelati. No crap, full of chemicals, please.


thank you for the update! I'm glad that your POP are reasonably behaving, even if a bit softer than you would want. hopefully baby will move in some way to make peeing easier.
but you are in the homestretch now, and know they will find their way back very quickly.
sorry to hear you all got ill, hope that the next three months are full of just health and happiness as spring as your baby's arrival approach
take care and keep us updated!

ok. I don't think it's a coincidence that the sugar cravings started right after the virus. I know that my gut flora was disturbed in a big way. I bet it's yeast in my intestine crying out for sugar so they can take over. Or maybe it is a craving for extra fat. I'm going to double up on my probiotic and eat more avocados and see if the craving goes away.
Sometimes you just can't see something- even when it's right in front of you. Thanks y'all for making the connection for me.

this morning I was reading about the third trimester and was reminded that there is an increased calcium need in the third trimester. Since our diet is so high in protein I need to be extra conscious to consume enough. Guess what has lots of calcium :) (I don't like dairy- we don't eat fortified foods- so maybe that's what the icecream cravings is all about).
I've made a big list of foods high in calcium and that have easily absorbable calcium.
The good news is that we make bone broth once a week, eat green leafys every day and I take that calm drink- so I can't be that far behind. Just need to up it a little bit. maybe replace my midnight snack of sugar with beet greens and almonds ;)