Another informal survey


When did your POP occur in relation to pregnancy / pregnancies? Time-wise, how soon after birth did you feel things change?

Exactly 5 weeks pp. It felt like I had an air bubble I couldn't clear. That feeling wasn't around at all during pregnancy or for the month following birth. Thankfully, that feeling passed within six weeks of starting ww and has not returned. I totally buy Christine's theory of pp c-spine time being a major pop culprit.

well, we noticed the bulge when we were looking at the stitches from the second birth on about day 2? But then we didn't know what it was, and it went away and no one ever said anything about it (not at my 6 week pp check, not during my exams for my 3rd pregnancy).
Then after the birth of our 3rd child I had the stitches they put in- rip out. I was feeling achy and wanted them to check it all out and tell me what was up- I think that was a little before the 6 week check up.
It's a tricky question. I bet I had it the entire second pregnancy and just never noticed.

After the 3rd birth.
6 weeks pp I started to feel the constant urge to pee. Docs cleared me up, everything looked normal down there. I've found my cystocele 4-5 months later when I came here and did the self exam.

1st child, ten days postpartum, July 17th, 2010! I will never forget that day and its forever in my mind as one of the worse days of my life!

but i had a few symptoms, now that i look back, during preg with no. who knows when it began! but it made itself super duper apparent at 3 weeks with no. 2
i agree--horrible day!

I noticed my prolapse during my pregnancy with baby no.2 - 4 years after my first pregancy! It went misdiagnosed as a vaginal varicose vein until I was 30 weeks pregnant. It was a horrible pregnancy - I wore so many support belts - v2 supporter, SIJT belt and and over the shoulder belly belt to lift my tummy in order to reduce the pressure! I cringe when I remember getting up in the morning - it was such a chore! Symptoms of pressure were so much better after I had my baby and although things aren't perfect, they are much, much better!

I really noticed 5 months after #2 but looking back things hadn't been right since #1 (couldn't use tampons), during the pregnancy with #2 (thought I had vulval varicose veins) and in the earlier postpartum period (kept walking about with my hand pressed to my crotch but didn't really think about why???).

Things have slowly improved since I realised what was going on and started trying to do something about it!

The first bowel movement after my c-section, I had to splint. Had no idea what was going on, thought I got too constipated after the surgery from the meds & stuff and stretched my rectum or something.

June 11th 2009. 4 months postpartum with my first baby after jumping up and down and landing into a stradled lunge position with my son. I felt something FALL into my vagina...TRAUMATIZING