hey alemama
was thinking of you far along are you now?
hope you're feeling well


I'm about 32 weeksish. or so. I think :) Thanks for thinking of me.
I'm feeling like it could be mid April at the latest- ok, maybe I'm just hoping it will be mid April at the latest.
All of the sudden I feel big. Like- I can still chase a toddler but dang if I don't want to- kinda big. And all that crazy birth baggage is unpacking in my head. I had insomnia last night and all I could do was trudge through that crap.
Mostly worried about tearing. Well that's not true exactly. Mostly worried about needing a surgical fix for an internal anal sphincter tear. I just don't trust *who ever is on call that day* to fix me up and leave my rectocele the heck alone! And I don't trust *whoever it is on call* to do a great job- even if they do manage to only repair the anal sphincter and leave the rest of my bits alone.
I am so happy to have no problems at all with my rectocele and I want to keep it that way!
But , I'm still feeling great. Plenty of energy. Minimal pain from my goofy discs. The ice cream craving did go away soon after I started paying attention to my calcium intake and the addition of the probiotic totally killed my sugar craving.
We had a virus that brought a cough to our house. I do not like to cough! I've not had a cough since having prolapse and doggone, a cough can really irritate prolapse. At one point I thought I might actually cough the baby right out of my body. But all is back to normal now with no lasting damage.
We all listened to the heart beat with the stethoscope tonight.

I was thinking about you a lot! Already 32???? OMG! You just announced this pregnancy and baby is almost here!
You are amazing! Sounds like a perfect fifth pregnancy...with some worries of course, I guess it is normal to worry a bit.
I'll pray for a tear-less easy birth for you guys!


You are making me go all wistful ...

oh so lovely, you and the family listening to the babe... sigh....

not long now, but that I'm big feeling is just so, well, not fun...other than knowing there's a beautiful babe inside! do keep us updated--you are so great for helping everyone know how great babies post POP can be ;-)

I was never able to hear my babies with a stethoscope, but I can just picture all the kids sitting around you getting a listen to their sibling to be. so so sweet!!

why do you think you will need repairs? this birth will be fabulous. you will be fabulous. I expect no less : )

I’ve also been captivated with the thought of your family gathered around the stethoscope. Just too sweet.

However, I’ve been struggling with what to say regarding your fears. You are always so strong. Your fear made me afraid.

Thank you, Granolamom, for saying it all.

I believe in you, Alemama.