Birth Story!


I'm happy to announce the birth of my second baby, another boy! 8lbs 6 oz, and 21" long. He is very healthy and so sweet and mellow. And I feel on top of the world! Though my birth setting was the same as my first (midwife attended home water birth) it was a very different experience. (First labor was 30 hours, with about 45 minutes of pushing). My fluid started leaking on Friday morning, but no contractions until 10pm. Started at 13 minutes apart for about an hour, then skipped right to 3 minutes apart. They were extremely intense and relentless, one on top of the other, and my baby was born about 3 hours from the onset of the contractions. My DH barely got the pool ready in time, since he was trying to be with me during the contractions! And I got my no-push birth! It was really amazing, very powerful. I just stayed on all fours and let my body do what it wanted to do. Well, I did one small, gentle push as the shoulders were being born, but that's it! And, unlike the first birth with a second degree tear, I walked away with just a small first-degree tear. Already I feel so much better about my postpartum recovery. Am trying to "restore" my posture with how I sit to nurse, walk to the bathroom, etc. I plan to take the first week very easy, and gradually add in walks and lifting of groceries and my "big" boy. Time will tell about the prolapse, but I will update as to that. I can officially say that I was prolapse free for the entire pregnancy -- my cystocele didn't even show in the advanced stages. Alright, off to enjoy these new moments!

Wowwwww! BadMirrror, that is just awesome. Well done to both you and your hubby, especially hubby who managed to fill a pool and accompany you during those heavy contractions. That is multi-tasking par excellence! Never believe a man when he says he can only concentrate on one thing at a time.

I am so happy for you, that all your hard work and belief in your own body have reaped their own rewards. Now you go off and enjoy your babymoon. You know what to do.


Hearty congratulations, it was lovely to just read your very good news.Your confidence in your ability for a happy birth is wonderful as is your hubby's quick and helpful hands :-) .My daughter is expecting her first baby in a few months and wants a water birth,so I have been watching for the new births here.Have a lovely rest now and enjoy your wee son.Thanks for the quick posting.xx

Congratulations to you BM!

Thank you for sharing.

Sounds like you had the best kind of birth, a home water birth.

Wishing you all the best bonding with your 'little' guy :)



So happy for you, bad_mirror...thanks for letting us know and I am looking forward to hearing how you are in the coming months!


I'm sure your bladder will have no reason to be anywhere except where it belongs.

What lovely news to wake up to! Thank you with all my heart for sharing it with us so soon! I agree with CB that this perfect birth may have helped push everything into position (contrary to popular believe, a healthy birth does that!) and you may never again experience your prolapse at its worst.

I am thinking of you snuggling with your precious bundle and your big boy eyeing his future play mate and brother with love.

God bless you!


congrats bad_mirror & family! and welcome to the world little baby!
sounds like a fabulous birth, and I'm so glad you're feeling well.
enjoy your babymoon!

Congrats! :D
Happy babymooning for you!

This is fantastic news! Welcome to your family baby boy. :-)