3 Months and Backsliding


My little beauty is twelve weeks old today, and after having had a few weeks of feeling really good and nearly back to normal, the POP symptoms have suddenly gotten much worse again. Trolling through some of the posts here, I see that it is often worse at about 3 months post-partum, so I'm not panicking, but could anyone tell me about why that might happen, and what to do or not do?
I have been loving the posture, and trying to remember to sit correctly (often failing due to fatigue and a difficult-to-feed baby). My older daughter has been unknowingly helping me to be aware of my posture by wanting me to pretend to be a queen while doing housework, or practice ballet with her. I feel much more feminine and confident (at least, I did 2 weeks ago) I finally have the secret to that lovely feminine sway that I have always so admired! I remember a few years ago proving to my husband that I could guess a person's cultural origins by their movement, by pointing out a woman from one of the island nations because she did not walk with her hips and lower spine locked up like women raised in the UK.
I have had to carry my 3 1/2 yo a lot lately, and sometimes that feels bad, but I have to do it; she hasn't been very well. I am carrying my little dumpling on my back more often now that she's getting quite heavy. I am short and short-waisted, and she has a long torso, so I can sit her low down on my back quite comfortably, but keep ending up with the lower part of the sling working itself tight over my waist. I've tried tying the wrap over my chest and shoulders, but my shoulders and upper back are not very good, and the torso carries aggravate the mastitis I've been battling lately.


Hi Moominmama

I think your sick dumpling has something to do with this. This is called a temporary setback. I am sure that you will recover from this. Keep doing what you have been doing. You are still very newly postpartum in terms of prolapse recovery.

I used to use a simple fabric meh tai. I would carry my bigger babies on my back and tie all four straps in a big bow under my breasts. Give that a try.