Carrying baby


I am 6 weeks PP and feel like I am falling apart physically and mentally. I believe my prolapses happened when I started carrying my son around in his car seat at 4 weeks PP. I wish this hadn't happened to me! Not only do I feel trapped in my house because I can't carry the car seat, but I am afraid to lift baby, to rock him while standing, ... I am mourning the future already because I can imagine not being able to carry him like I did my other boys and how much we will both miss out on because of this. I feel so sad.

Hi gumdrop23,
Oh hey - you've got so much on your plate (not to mention all those pp hormones throughout your body), that it's not at all surprising that you're feeling a tad over-whelmed. It can be tough to come to terms with, but honestly it's ok. It's worth bearing in mind that this is a condition for which there is appropriate and generally successfull physiotherapy, i.e. whole woman posture, exercise and life-style. I think most of the women on this forum have felt pretty desperate at some point or another and the ww community is testimony to the fact that most people's symptoms improve and we can lead normal lives.
One thing that can happen when we feel anxious and desperate is that not only do we suffer the symptoms but we also worry about the 'what ifs'. Some people call this kind of thinking "the 2nd dart". the 1st dart is the actual problem, the 2nd dart is the negative dialogue about the problem. Of course the 2nd dart makes things worse rather than better. So please try not to worry about the future. (With the help of WW, the future is likely to be much better rather than worse anyway.) Also when/if you do feel anxious, take 3 slow nasal breaths and make the exhale twice as long as the inhale.
In practical terms of what to do find out more about WW posture. There's loads on this site and forum and there's also Christine's book and dvd's, which I found really really helfpul. When you're carrying baby hold baby close to your body and maintain ww posture as much as possible. Re car seat, it does seem a shame for yo to feel trapped in the house. Young mum's so often feel that at the best of times! I'm thinking Heath Robinson here!..... baby chair on wheels, in the pram, asking for help (boys old enough!), maybe leave the carrier in the car and carry baby in your arms? Just wondering out of the box...
Sounds like you're going through a tough time, but that will pass - and with ww help change for the better!
With love and best wishes,

Hi Gumdrop, I just wanted to give you some encouragement. I was in your position 4years ago with the birth of my third child. I prolapsed PP too, and it was shocking at the time. But you have a really good chance of improving. I did go see a women's health physio and she did teach me how to do pelvic floor exercises correctly.....I dont know if that was the solution or just time and healing post birth. My prolapse got better and was not a problem until 9 months ago, when it reemerged due to improper exercises. The lesson here is that I should always have considered myself to be at the risk of prolapse. I am 44. There is a very good chance you will improve but my advice is that when it does don't forget to always look after yourself and protect yourself from further prolapse. I hope this helps.