2 wks postpartum with prolapses and diastasis recti - what exercises are safe?


I am 2+ wks postpartum with my third baby - 10 lb 3 oz delivered naturally on hands and knees trying to protect prolapses. Great labor but I did end up pushing hard at the end bc he just wasn't coming out. I am very petite and first noticed prolapse at the end of my second pregnancy. Have 3rd degree cystocele, 2nd degree rectocele and 1st degree uterine prolapse. Feeling pretty good but struggling with avoiding constipation and I can tell everything is low low low. Are there any exercises I can begin now to help? I was lying in bed most of the day for a while but started having circulation problems (have varicose veins). Also I noticed that my abdominal wall is separated and read not to do exercises on hands and knees which is what I had been planning on doing to help my prolapses. Let me know what you all think. Trying not to get discouraged. Thanks!!

Hi and welcome, Mopsy,

Congratulations on your new darling baby!

Try to think of your prolapse as another diastasis, like your abdominal wall. It really is the same thing, although not often described as such. These two body walls are best closed like a pair of elevator doors instead of like a round, purse string closure (think kegels). We do that by making both of them as long as possible, which is the goal of WW posture and exercise.

I believe whomever is promoting hands and knees exercise as counterindicated in cases of diastasis recti has it backwards. As far as we can tell, an entire world of practitioners has a severe deficit in their understanding of female anatomy. WW posture, and firebreathing on hands and knees, will help, not hinder, closure of both body walls.

It is a lot of information to try to write out here, and that's why we have developed WW products.

Please don't hesitate if you have further questions, and we would love to hear of your progress.

Wishing you well,


Thank you Christine. Is it ok to do fire breathing this early on pp. I remember reading not to do nauli until later and couldn't remember about fire breathing. Thanks for the encouragement.

My sincere apologies for not responding to your central question! Have a bit of post-Conference haze going on here. ;)

From my perspective, the best thing you can do now is relax and as you feel like it, pull up into the posture. I would like to see you pull into it every time you are on your feet and perhaps twice a day for ten minutes or so while breastfeeding. Can you prop your babe up on pillows or feed from a sling as you sit on the floor - alternating sitting strongly pulled up into WW posture cross-legged, sitting on the soles of your feet, and sitting with your legs stretched out in front of you? Perhaps next week you can nurse this way four times a day for twenty minutes. Relax and make it enjoyable - no need to stress!

I would certainly hold off on firebreathing and nauli until at least 8-week pp, as you will see it increases blood flow. Twelve weeks might even be better (esp. for nauli), but I will trust you to use your best judgment and listen closely to your body. :)

Thanks Christine. Working on staying in the posture!

Mopsy, congratulations on your newest baby! The birth sounds really good. Glad you took time to rest and heal up for a little while after the birth. Now, what to do? More resting is great, but short walks in the posture, with added arm flaps are my go to early postpartum exercise routine. For some reason, lifting the arms that way while walking really helps me. You have plenty of time to work on your abdominal wall separation, but the posture will help most at first.
Also in the early days I like to lie on my back with my heals by my bum (knees up) then lift my hips up and then open and close my knees.
Nauli and Firebreathing are going to be wonderful, but give it a few months.

Thanks alemama. I am going to do the hip lifts you mentioned. Your postpartum posts have been really helpful to me. Have had a week without much help now and I am trying not to over do things like I have in the past. Trying to take lots of breaks. Will add some arm flapping to my walking!

firebreathing and nauli?
Thank you.