Pointers - Christine...


Could you give us all out here who are thinking of - Or having - another child post Prolapse a few pointers as to how to keep our bodies from getting any worse?

Things like...

Birthing and a better way to do it? Positions to birth etc?

Post Birth hints and tips to get body back into Pre-Birth state (If already have prolapse how to get it back to at least the spot it was at pre this child's birth)

Things like that?

:) Thanks

Give me a little time on this one, Sue. Prolapse is really the missing link in a huge circle of dysfunctional women

For postbirth care-- definitely rest with the baby and leave the rest of life and care up to others. After my third birth, I lounged around in bed for most of my waking (and of course sleeping) hours for close to two weeks and had help with my other children. I so treasure those memories of lying in bed with my dear newborn. I was fortunate to get two and half full months off and then to only have to go back to work half days for another month and half. I felt so recovered when I went back to work. Unlike after my second birth when I discovered prolapse, when I went out of the house two days later and did heavy lifting only two weeks later and was on my feet a lot two to four weeks after. The body needs time to recover. It's not a weakness anymore that needing sleep is.

Also, Diane Lee is physiotherapist I believe in Canda, she has a great postpartum program on CD-ROM to help strengthen the areas that are weakened by pregnancy.

Can you mail or give me the link to your birth story (If this is the one i am remembering lol)

I am at the point where i HAFTA make a decision one way or the other - but the fear of the pics i saw online scare meeeeeeeeeee