I've had a pessary holding in my prolapsed uterus for about 2 years now. My doctor was going to do a hysterectomy but since the pessary was working so well he said I would be just fine using it--possibly for years. I go in every 3 months to have it checked--in addition to douching and using Trimo-San Jelly 3x's a week.

I'm wondering if I can do the exercises, strengthen my muscles, and not need the pessary? I don't like the idea of this foreign body inside me for the rest of my life! Nothing is "perfectly safe."

I haven't seen any discussion of pessaries in this sight.

Hi Cheesehead :-)

We don't talk a great deal about pessaries since only a small percentage of the women here have found them very useful. Remember, it's really the shape of the body that's most important, rather than exercises. If it were me I would experiment and see how things went over time. There are no guarantees - with or without the pessary.


Thanks for your comments Christine.
I don't feel a thing with the pessary in place. My gyn said a doctor must be well trained to insert it properly and use the correct size.
I have a physical therapist who also knows yoga. I told her my goals and she has me doing pelvic floor tightening as well as pulling my navel in at the same time. I'll do as you suggested and try these for a while along with your posture suggestions. Thanks.

Sometimes I think I would like to try a pessary, but then how expensive could it get, if it doesn't work, or you have to keep going back to the doctor for problems. I don't have a lot of money, so I really haven't explored that idea too much. What kind worked for you? Nancy

I have just been fitted for a pessary. It is only 2 days so its rather early to comment with certainty and I am still somewhat uncomfortable but it sure feels good to have things in place.
It is very important to find a good GYN and one that is committed to the use of the pessary. I was fortunate to find such a doctor. In fact she is about to write a book about it and has gathered some statistics which show great success after ten years of use among a cross section of cases.
The doctor determines what kind is the best for you.
I did not have bladder involvement but was a level 3.
If you can possibly find someone who accepts a health plan or can otherwise raise the money I think it would be worth it. If not some diligence with exercise and other suggestions Christine makes are a must.

Hi Nancy,
The pessary costs very little. The initial one was covered by my insurance. (I've had the same one in for 3 years) Every three months I see my doctor to be sure everything looks ok. My copay for that is $20.00. I haven't had any problems and I don't even know it's there! I get a tube of Trimosan from the doctor's office for free if they have one from a pessary kit or I may buy one for $23. It lasts about 3 months. I douche at every shower and use plain vinegar and water instead of the preparations which can be expensive and not as natural.
The best method is to have a doctor who is trained in inserting the pessary and can work with you on the correct size. My doctor is here in Southern California.
This was the best answer for me rather than having a healthy organ ripped from my body through a surgery.
Good Luck! Mary Ellen

I wrote in when I had just had a pessary put in. I was fortunate to find a doctor that was experienced in prescribing them. She gave me a good fit and made it easy for me to learn to insert and remove it. I am very happy to have things in place again and I have total comfort with the pessary. The doctor suggested I remove it daily or after a few days at most.
Christine, I have some questions:
** I find things stay in place longer when after it has been in place for a while and am tempted to remove it only every few days. What are your thoughts on this?
** I don't like using the Trimosan as an ongoing application. It is necessary to prevent infection and maintain PH balance. Could I use aloe gel to accomplish these things, or at least as adjunct measure to prevent using the product all the time?
** Should I be afraid to Kegel while the pessary is in place? (Should I bother?)

Dear Brenda,

First of all, I’m hoping you will share more of your story with us. I’m curious about your statement, “I did not have bladder involvement but was a level 3.” It is a well-known fact, established by pelvic surgeons, that prolapse virtually never occurs solely in one “compartment.” If you have a level three UP, then your bladder must be prolapsed to some degree as well, as they share a common connection. If you have a level three rectocele, I think it would be impossible to keep any pessary in for the length of time you describe.

In any event, I’m happy you are finding relief with the pessary! I would continue to wear it if I had similar success. However, be aware that the active ingredient in Trimosan, Hydroxyquinoline sulfate, is a common, toxic pesticide and possible carcinogen.


I don’t know how the silicone pessary will stand up to the aloe, or how your tissues will tolerate it.

As far as the kegels go, I’m working on the long answer to that!


I have had no luck at all-I can't use my pessary as it causes me to bleed and the sponge won't stay in . I have gone back to using tampons as I have no problem there although I worry about the process in which they are made. Seems my bleeding has something to do with my hormone therapy too. I was scheduled for an ultrasound and i rescheduled it because I am scared they will find enough evidence I WILL NEED A HYSTERECTOMY. I don't want anything taken out of me. MY MOM ALMOST DIED WHEN SHE HAD HER HYSTERECTOMY and I am terrified. When I used the sponge, I took it out one day and it was black-is that scary or was it just old blood ? Help. I am drowning in fear. Linda
Also, please check out the link below and tell me if you have to download java to see it. Please let me know,if so I have to switch to a provider that does not ask you to download anything to see the page. Thanks.
My Healing Pages:
This page offers links I have found useful for bladder prolapse and women's issues.

Hi Linda,
You can purchase more "natural" tampons at health food stores which do not have any bleach if you are worried about the synthetic substances in regular tampons! Just a thought.
Don't let the fear overwhelm you Linda although I know it is easy to say! :) I think sometimes we are more scared by the fear itself than the reality. Perhaps if you have the ultrasound it will provide you with more knowledge to understand your options and it may well give you a great deal of reassurance that NOTHING awful is happening to your body! (I am not trying to push you in any direction, I just know that for me I feel more empowered with all the information). Take great care!
P.S I could open your pages and didn't need to download anything in order to do so! :)

Brenda's experience has been very much like ours (I'm writing because my wife doesn't have email at home). I've provided health care to my own family for 14 years but we go to a doctor whenever something comes up that my skills and reference books don't cover. Our family Dr. diagnosed rectocele when our son was born 6 years ago and suggested surgery after Ann was done childbearing. He also said he did put pessaries in old women (she was only 35). It came and went somewhat cyclicly and surgery wasn't an option for us, so we just lived with it until our new doctor diagnosed cystocele. By that point we were able to find some books (like STWM) and realized that we were actually dealing with Pelvic Organ Prolapse.

Going to the Dr. was rather frustrating for us because he usually looked at her on a 'good' day & we had to live with the 'bad' days. Once we started reading books we soon knew more about POP than our FP's did, so we bit the bullet and found a GYN that specialized in pessaries. Fortunately he was in our town and very highly regarded. Also he was willing to see us on a 'bad' day, and sure enough--he fitted her for one of the biggest pessaries there is (even had to special order it).

When it's in right, it works great and we intend to forget about the surgery plans. But we've still been very frustrated with the medical approach even with a pessary. We tried to get him to show me how to put it in (that extra 5 minutes added $12 to our bill), but we still feel like we're getting treated like children: "Just do as I say and come back every 3 months so I can see if you're following my directions or not." We objected to using Trimosan forever even before we knew what was in it, but he offered no alternative, assuring us that it was safe or he wouldn't be persribing it. He did compliment us on being one of the few people that actually research their own problems (that was before we got the bill).

So we're using the pessary--yes, it works very well when I can get it to fit right following the diagram in the book we got (Ann can't do it by herself), and I would think I'd have as much ability to notice an infection putting it back in every morning as any doctor could in 10 minutes every 3 months. So we got the Trimosan (you'd think more than one of the local pharmacies would have heard of it) but haven't opened it yet. We're just using KY jelly and taking it out every night. One webpage mentioned boric acid as an alternative, but does anyone have any idea how to use it?

Thanks Christine for your response. I am very comfortable with the pessary, as I said, but still feel concern about my condition, after all things are not staying up by themselves.
I do not have trouble holding my urine and can stop in midstream so I felt I was not incontinent but I have waken in the night and hardly made it to the bathroom in time. That has only happened a few of times but the physical therapist said I was at risk for incontinence. I have not had a clear indication of the exact level of my prolapse. My GYN did not give it and I was so concentrated on the pessary working I did not ask but the cervix was beginning to potrude most of the time and the whole condition was slowly growing for many years before I knew it. I am amazed that none of the the doctors I saw at the early signs of it said nothing.

My heart went out to devoted husband and wife struggling with the pessary.
Are you sure the fit is a good one? The smaller the size you can manage with the better for long term use my GYN said. If a smaller size will stay in that is the size you should have.
It is difficult to insert at first. It would be easy with just one more hand but practice will help.

Hi Girls, I don't write like I used to, since first diagnosed with POP, but that doesn't mean I don't think of all of you on a regular basis! This site has saved me from surgery for over a year now, and for 61 y/o I don't feel too bad at all.
Anyway, I can't remember if I ever brought this subject up before, but here it is again. I saw these things in the feminine aisle of the grocery store where I work, and wondered if they would work for holding up the insides! They're called "Instead"! They are (from what I gather) a silicone cup to hold menstrual fluid, instead of the tampon! I am thinking of trying them! Give me some feed back on this, ladies! Thanks, Nancy

My Dr rammed a HUGE one into me yet my mother went private and got a tiny one in comparason - Mine i believe caused my cys and rec as i only had a uterine pop in the beginning



I've used Trimosan for the last two years. Where can I find our what is in it and if it's dangerous? I don't think it's related, but this past year I found out I have NonHodgkins Lymphoma. I've been treated and am now in remission--but still wondering how I got this disease. Any thoughts? Thank you.

how do drs (or the patient) assess who is a suitable candidate for pessary use?
does it depend on the degree of uterine prolapse? where i live (UK), it seems that these are only considered for old women or very severe cases. also there is not the range of pessaries available in the usa.
i had considered buying sea pearl sea sponge tampons and using them as a home made pessary, but don't know enough about whether this will be beneficial, how long you can wear them for etc.
i'd be grateful for any help in this area. also will pessary use help prevent further descent, ie fight against gravity?

Hi Babs,
I went to see a nurse practitioner today here in the US, (thought I am British too), for assessment for a pessary for exercise. She said that if one is symptomatic whatever the degree of prolapse, a pessary may be of value to alleviate symptoms. I have not been fitted at this stage and will re- evaluate when I am further along post partum and with exercise. I read somewhere, (sorry can't remember where), that a pessary does not stop the progression of prolapse necessarily but doesn't make it worse necessarily either. I know what you mean with the rationale that it should help defend against the effects of gravity, makes sense to me too. Lots of women here have had success with sea pearls and there are several posts relating to this and women who made their own sea sponge pesseries too!
Hope this helps and good wishes to you!!

thanks michelle. i'll bear this in mind.

I just started wearing a pessary a few days ago. My midwife and I looked at them online, but in the end we decided to make our own out of beeswax. We decided on using beeswax for a few reasons. The first is that it will soften and mold to my body, therefore eliminating the risk of putting too much pressure on the walls of my vagina and worsening the prolapse. Also this may be more comfortable. The second reason is that beeswax is a natural anti-infectant. The third reason is that as we take it out every week, I will become reconnected with my body through watching the shape of my pessary change as my body heals and strengthens.

I have felt great relief the past few days--my prolapse is pretty bad, and it's fantastic not to walk funny and feel the bulge between my legs. I think that wearing a pessary can be a wonderful help, so long as it doesn't cause one to ignore the condition and quit working on posture, etc. It's not a cure, but the relief, so far, is SO GREAT.

I just think this is the coolest thing since...well...the sea sponge! :-) I have a paper that talks about ancient string-wrapped wax pessaries. If it works that will be so great. I suppose some people will have allergies to the wax - maybe others will build immunity like taking bee pollen. PLEASE keep in touch and tell us how you do!

Hi Pocketmama,

I'm intrigued by your custom-fitted beeswax pessary. How exactly did you fit/mold it? How does it stay in place? How easy/difficult is it to insert and remove - do you need your midwife to assist you? I have been using a silicone donut pessary for just a few weeks now (for severe cystocele), and I find it quite comfortable and convenient, however, the idea of a more natural solution is appealing to me.

In any case, I'm glad you found a solution that provides relief for you - I know how wonderful that is!



in where you can get a beeswax pessary. Sounds like this is quite innovative. Let me know.

Wishing well to all.


My Mom is 90 years old and has been using a pessary for approximately 30 years. She does not use any kind of estrogen or Trimo-san cream. She goes to her gynocologist every three months to have it removed and cleaned. At first she used a Gellhorn but now uses somthing called a Shaatz. The Shaatz is similar to a Gellhorn without the horn. It has worked very well for her and she has never had any infections or vaginal abrasions.

I have a grade three or four uterine prolapse and I am in the process of trying to find a good pessary. I tried the Gellhorn, but it was uncomfortable. Right now I am using a Shaatz and it is easy to place and remove. However, it comes out when ever I have a bowel movement. Unfortunately, this happens two or three times a day so I end up having to reinsert the pessary several times each day. Does anyone have experience with a pessary that worked well with a severe uterine prolapse? My gynocologist is suggesting a cube, but that looks rather threatening and difficult to remove. Has anyone had a good experience with a cube pessary?

Here's my experience with a pessary: I was diagnosed with moderate/severe cystocele (no other prolapses, yet!) about 6 months ago. My nurse-practitioner was convinced that the cube was the only pessary type that would work for me given the type and degree of my prolapse, so I tried one for about a week. Like you, I thought it looked intimidating. Anyway, in my experience, it was very difficult to insert and even more difficult to remove - I actually strained a muscle in my forearm trying to dislodge it. While it was inserted, I found it uncomfortable at best - I noticed a lot of rectal pressure which made me nervous. When I saw my practitioner again, I insisted on trying a donut pessary - I'm not sure why - I guess I just liked the look of it better. In any case, she fitted me properly, and I have been using it ever since - so far, so good. I find it easy to insert and remove, and I don't notice any discomfort while it is in. It has slipped out - only a couple of times - during a bowel movement, but it does not usually bother me at all. I remove it every night to clean it (hot water and soap) and re-insert it in the morning. So far I have not had any irritation or infection. I'm 46, I do a lot of walking, and I am fairly active in general.
I hope this is helpful to you.
BTW: I am not familiar with the Shaatz - do you have any more info. or comments about it? I'll try a Google search.


Dear Christine,Are you the author of the book.I thought you were not available.(I really appreciate all the help I can see will be available)(going to try to get your book.)But it was the professional words that made me realize.The 1st Doctor I saw had no success in fitting a pessasaryThere seems to be no space.I was given a gyny cream after the visit-told to use a bit the size of a pea or small finger nail.I tried to insert the syringe but had problems getting it in & the cream came straight out on standing up. I was sore-dry & emotionally upset with the pain & bleeding.Had to wait 4 weeks to see the consultant.He asked several times why I had a hysterectomy.He said no pessary would ever help.& advised surgery.I did wonder why I had to go thru that.They don.t seem to do scans or check you inside probably because its "National Health"& they are in a terrible state in Lincolnshire.Thankyou to all who contribute.Hope there will be a day when I am encourging others. Needful.

Dearest Needhelp,

Well…it seems to me that your options are (1) continue as you are while implementing the work we are referring to here, which includes natural female posture and very importantly good diet and not straining the slightest bit at the loo. You will find descriptions of the posture in the FAQ section on the homepage. It would be wonderful if your condition could be stabilized, but it sounds like even that would not be sufficient at this point. Or (2) find a surgeon you can establish a sense of trust with and then put that trust fully in their hands. It may well be that surgery will bring you relief. It sounds like the posterior vaginal wall is the leading edge of your prolapse and it’s doubtful any pessary will be helpful. Your condition can easily progress now to a total eversion of the vagina so surgery may be your best choice. The essay I want to post on my blog is not going to be of much help to you.

So many hugs and wishing you well,


p.s. The book is currently out of print. I do have a dvd available, but I think for now you may be best off starting to implement the postural work with what you can glean from this site.

Dear Christine.Firstly,thanks for your hugs & wishes.That made me feel warm.I appreciate so much,your care & replies.I had felt brighter thinking I need not have surgery.But now I am going to do all I can to self help.Plus if surgery has to be,I am praying I have a good one.I don't have the means to choose.I was told I have whoever is available at the time.I am going to find the exercises.I drink loads of water & have fresh fruit.not junk food.I am diabetic.Having to drink such a lot is catch 22 though.I have found your book on Amazon thanks to Flora.Hopefully getting it soon.Bless you in your work. NEEDHELP.

I am in awe with you sir. You are an amazing husband to go through all of this with your wife and talk about it as if it were affecting your body as well. You and she are one and that is... well I cant fit a perfect word for that. I am absolutly impressed with your support for her. Thank you very much for everything you do for her, i wish I had half of that support on my end, i am doing this all alone with a load of noncaring military doctors. Again, thank you.

Hi all,

I am totally frustrated with trying to remove a ring pessary before going to bed.

My goal is to try to squeeze the ring prior to removal, exactly squeezed the same way that it is inserted.

Anyone have any tricks?

Would also love to try a beeswax pessary.

Thank you,


p.s. please advise: best is: pessary in or pessary out, during WW exercises? Thank you♡

Oceanblue, sometimes I can hook a finger and bring it lower, almost out, THEN squeeze it a little, as much as I can get fingers around just a part of it, but can never squeeze completely like when you insert.

Hi AnneH,

Will give it a try!

Think the problem lies in that when inserting a ring pessary, it requires a small amount of lub. and once it is 'in' it then seems to become more slippery, thus the challenge of squeezing it back out.

Suppose practice will help!

Thank you AnneH :)


Yes, exactly. I can't even squeeze it to insert if I get any of the lub on the part of the ring under my fingers. It'll sproing off to the other side of the room.

Hi all,

Consulted with my gyn. and she suggested to keep the ring inside of me between 1 and 2 weeks that the ring could find its proper place.

I lasted 3 days, had pains, actually successfully squeezed the ring out, it was covered in some sort of mucus and what did I do? I immediately douched with a marshmallow root tea, and now am feeling better for it.

Yes, the ring is taking a rest.


Good for successfully squeezing the ring out! Mine is often covered with mucus, that is normal for me. I read that it is just skin cells and normal vaginal fluids kind of backing up around it. I always note that it has no foul smell. That would indicate to me infection. Sometimes I have quite severe pain with the ring in if a bowel movement is attempting to come down and I think it might get "hung" on the ring or something, or my bowel is just cramping to "push back" because the ring is there. These pains are VERY BRIEF. They are similar to severe intestinal gas. As long as they are brief and go away, I do not worry. I notice that I have a movement coming. Except for that, the ring should normally cause no pain whatsoever while you wear it. I have quit putting the Trimo-San jelly in there (only use a dab for insertion). After I remove the pessary I don't douche but just rinse the outside well. A week or two is about right for me.

Dear AnneH,

Thank you for sharing.



Did you get an answer to pessary okay in with WW exercises. I was wondering the same thing, and if it is okay to do kegels with it in. Do you know anything about using sea sponges or beeswax. Both interesting concepts. I am not having good success with the pessary and working out..i feel the bulge in my vagina as soon as I start jumping around......I have only had it one month and pre menstrually it was NOT working at all...would completely slip out of place due to the weight of my uterus I guess. sadie


Oceanblue, I realized today when I inserted the pessary wrong, that this will cause it to hurt more constantly. I could not sit at my computer without pain. I inserted it while standing, and, this is hard to explain, but I think I get it hung up in front of the uterus. So I went to the bed and got on all fours and do like we're talking about in the other thread, create vacuum with my diaphragm, pull the pessary forward enough to push the cervix behind the wall, and up, and forward again. Gads, I don't know if I'm explaining this right, but then it tucks itself correctly with the uterus correctly positioned beyond it. Then I check to make sure I feel the cervix BEHIND the support barrier or whatever you call that thing in the ring. It makes all the difference - the uterus must be positioned correctly or the pessary just doesn't work right. The uterus is very mobile. I know better than to insert it standing up, I was just lazy and didn't walk all the way over to the bed, but like lots of things when you try to take the shortcut you end up spending more time fixing it than if you'd done it right in the first place. (PS Edit, in defense of myself, sometimes it works fine standing up which is the whole point of the vacuum creation and cervix pushing; just helps to have gravity aid also.)

Hi All,

Haven't had the silicon within me for a few days, and I feel fine.

In order for me to feel fine: breakfast, bath, evacuate all, exercises and that includes the WW with Christine, as well as long daily walks, skips and jumps. I also take time to relax by reading and/or knitting.

If I slack off, I don't feel as good, and as a last resort, use the silicon thing. However, only for brief lengths of time, as I have mastered the insertion of, as well as the removal of the supportive device.

I figure the more that you wear it, the less inclined you are going to do your exercises, and that is not a good thing. The support is false, and stretches your muscles, it messes you up.

I'd rather spend a bit of time daily doing my exercises and strengthening my lower internal muscles, and lastely, wear the low cut jeans/hipsters or what ever does not squeeze your belly.



Hi Saddiedog!

Firstly, I am not one for kegels.

i have tried using a sponge from the sea, but most likely I didn't cut the sponge short enough, or lubricate it enough as I did mess that up really good, as it hurt like hell to remove, although I know that Louise has a good method for removal with dental floss.

Beeswax does sound interesting, but I wonder, since I have worked with pure beeswax (not mixed with anything else), if it would maintain its shape, as it is warmer inside of your body than out. Just a thought! Would love to see one!

As previously mentioned I enjoy the exercises with Christine on her dvd. Music is great too!

Peace for you as well Sadie


I have been wearing the pessary now for just over a month and if I do no exercise I feel fine. Even Christines video gives me the bulgy feeling. I find that I do not stay in posture with it because I am unaware if my problem while it is in. BUT my ob/gyn told me that if you do not wear it your ligaments will continue to stretch worsening my prolapse. There is just so much to think and do. I have not done the ballet in days now nor any of my other workouts. Just too tired and too busy baking for the holidays. I have GOT to get back into it. SOOON. I do a lot of lifting with my job....breasts...I am a mammographer and some of them are large and heavy, so I feel better with it in when I work too. I just do not know what to do anymore. I told my doctor my vagina had BETTER NOT get stretched out!!! He assured me it would not....he is probably a liar. me


Dear AnneH,

I am so sorry that you went through so much unnecessary pain, due to the vertical position whilst trying to insert your 'psry.'

If I must, my preferred position is to lie flat on my back, on my bed and then, erm, ... proceed.

Like I said, for several days now, I am without a psry, and am feeling fine. I did all my duties, the most important doing my exercises.... they don't take that long either :)



Hi Sadie,

Just think, if you constantly wear a pessary, wouldn't that stretch your tissues? Make you feel as if you had done your exercises? And then when you go for your next check, you may be told that you need a larger one and so on?

Conversely, if you do Christine's specially designed exercises for pop, wouldn't that strengthen your tissues? Methinks yes, most definitely.

Maybe I am not as bad off as some, but I do feel that I am stronger for following Christine's dvd. Improvement does not happen over night, it does take time as well as perseverance, sorry to say.

Perhaps find another ob/gny? dare I suggest?

Golly day,

Peace for you once again,


ps I am not an authority, this is just how deal with my body

I am new to the WW site and I've been browsing the various pessary threads. I've got a couple of questions.

How do you wash your pessary (for those who remove daily or weekly). I've been rinsing with vinegar and water and occasionally boiling my collection of pessaries.

When using a tampon instead of a pessary, are you putting it further up next to your cervix? Since being diagnosed with prolapse I can barely wear tampons as they get pushed out.

Has there been any discussion about Toxic Shock Syndrome due to wearing tampons more frequently or using organic material such as a SeaSponge or Beeswax? I do not know of risk but curious if this has been discussed? The idea of something that could be molded to the shape of your very own vagina sounds promising. (It would be great if there was a way to take an imprint of the vaginal cavity and then create a custom pessary - like taking dental imprints for braces).

Can one buy Sea Sponges in the US (or just the UK)?

I am 10 months post partum. I have a grade 3 cystocele, grade 3 uterine prolapse and grade 2 rectocele. I've been reading on the forums about the potential issues with pessaries. The collection of pessaries I have tried are not working out. However, on days when I try to go without, I feel the need to use one by mid day as things are noticeably sagging and uncomfortable. I have at least 5 pessaries: Ring with support (my "go to" pessary sometimes turns vertical and tries to peek out, shaatz (gets expelled with bowel movement, the stiffness seems like it would be more harsh on the vaginal walls so I haven't given it many tries, ring with incontinence knob (ouch, this knob hurts and always finds its way to the opening of my vagina), cube (double ouch), and hollow cup with incontinence knob (sometimes helps if I need a lot of support, but once it gets out of place, it becomes very uncomfortable).

Based on some of the other posts under "pessary study" I'm trying to see what happens if I get on elbows and knees with my head to the ground when inserting the pessary.


I think you have some very valid points. I have had those thoughts as well. But I am soooo afriad of my POP getting worse. I even find that with fire breathing (even on all fours) I am getting the bulge feeling. I do not understand why. It takes a while for it to go away after I do the exercises. I am meeting with a yoga instructor on monday to learn nauli.

I just did a patient who had a hysterectomy. I asked her why she had it and she said she was prolapsed. She saw same specialist I have seen. She was very bad off with bleeding and everything. She had the abdominoplexy last year and said it has changed her life. SHe does everything. I enjoyed talking to her because she DID NOT want to loss her uterus as I DO NOT. I think I would cry alot about it after. But it sure does stop and make you think.



I come by the site infrequently these days, but love knowing its here for all its help and support! I wanted to add to the pessary conversation...I also got mine from a specialist and have a rectocele, and very minor cystocele, and uterine bulge. I just went for my 3 month check (although I take it out and clean it every day or two on my own, I just use water and a bit of soap). It was hard to adapt mentally at first, but I now can not exercise without it for fear of my prolapse worsening. My measurements had not changed in the 3 months of use, I think my cystocele may have even improved a bit (probably the natural healing process?). And not sure who asked about kegels, but I do them when I remove it. It just doesn't feel right for me when I tried to do them with them in. I actually use the vaginal weights. I'm sort of in a routine, when it comes out, I do the weight that night, and the next morning before I put the pessary back in. I also feel that after the pessary has been in for a few days, a couple days out the prolapse feels great still, then begins to come back down. So I sort of keep it in a few days, out a few days, but always when I exercise, or know I will be active with the kids. Its not the best thing to know this foreign thing is in there, but I feel I can better avoid surgery this way and get back to living like I did "before".

I wish you all the best in your recoveries!

So I saw this post and even though the dates are old this thread comes up in google searches so need I say more. Here is what i do to get my pessary out every night. I have extremely short fingers and am unable to get the little holes so I bought some cotton kite string and looped it through the smaller 2 holes so the rubber part that is thin wont tear. I tied a 2nd string across the 1st one like an X. They are nice and strong and cotton is actually better than dental floss strings! I found out the hard way. My husband bought mint flavoured floss and i burned for a few hours. So its like a donut shaped tampon. I pull the strings and out it comes but stop pulling when you can reach the pessary so you can fold it smaller to get past the opening because that part is painful too. Well for me it is. I take that medication called Prosed DS so the string does fall into urine stream at times and my pessary is becoming blue but it cant be as bad as a cotton tampon with...i won't describe that because im sure most of us have been there. I tried a sponge and no string and it was blue stained too so i didnt have access and still dont to a private wash room at work to wash the sponge every 2 hours (was not wanting to shock people) Customers.Sponges were not working out well at all due to urine absorbsion. Either i have an undetected leak from one place to the other because i put that sponge all the way up and it caused bleeding sore spots. Which was really odd and unexpected. So.. i hope this helps. My pessary does stop the heavy, falling feeling but thats all it does nothing for pain elsewhere.

How can I find out how to do firebreathing? I did buy your book but have moved house and in the process I haven't been able to find it again yet so would like a reminder please ...

I'd say get another book, or get the First Aid for Prolapse DVD. Many of Christine's materials contain explanations of firebreathing and so much more. And, the best person to teach us these techniques is Christine herself, so the investment is well worth it.

Hi, I have had a moderate bladder prolapse for more than 7 years now. I knew nothing about WW at the time of my 1st visit to the urogynecologist. He fitted me with a rubbery material (silicone) pessary that I remove nightly and clean with a mild soap and warm water. I sleep without the pessary and insert it in the morning. Have had 0 problems or irritation the entire time. Although my doc thinks that surgery is the best option I refuse to go that route! I'm disabled and am unable to stand for longer than a few minutes at a time. I use a cane and scooter outside of the house. I do my best at home to "walk " short distances. I'm disabled as a result of foot surgeries gone bad!! I live with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and am in chronic severe pain all the time. I saw a couple of exercises on this site that I have been doing while on the floor. I have also been doing my best to maintain WW posture to the degree that I am able given my physical challenges. Don't know if I will ever be able to live without a pessary with my limitations. But I sure would like to!! A good, knowledgeable doctor and the WW posture, exercises are important for managing prolapse. Would sincerely like to be able to do more exercises but haven't seen anything else that I can do. Given my experience, living with prolapse and a pessary is possible.

CF552y2 - It sounds to me like you are doing great. We would never think of questioning your use of a pessary, especially in light of your medical issues, and the fact that you have worked hard to understand WW principles and incorporate them into your life as much as conditions allow. There is no question that there will always be a population of women for whom a well-fitted pessary, along with a good healthy removal and cleaning routine such as you have, is going to be the best solution. Keep up the excellent work. Thank you so much for sharing this, we are grateful for your insights and because you are living proof that even severe limitations need not serve as an excuse to disregard the truths we offer here. - Surviving