Herbal Information


I do no take the useage of herbs lightly. I am not a herbalist. I am just a girl who has decided to take her body's health and well being into her own hands. Please use an herbs listed here AT YOUR OWN RISK.

I put a lot of thought, time and research into the herbal ointment I have decieded to use on myself. These herbs may or may not be irght fo ryou. I have had some request for the ointments I use and I am very hestitant to tell everyone the informaiton because I want everyone to be as informed and educated as I was/am before using them. However, I will share my information because I hope everyone will have wonderufl benefits the way I have from this information.

Back ground on me: I have vulvodynia and vulvar vestibulist (VVS). I used to have a lot of rectal pain and a high rectocele. I have choosen these herbs to benefit me, my body and my symptoms. They may not be right for you. In addition to these herbs I use other oils on my vulva for the VVS. If you have vulvar pain and owuld like to know what I use please ask.


Information for Herbs:

**The first herbal ointment to consider is COMFREY. Comfrey is aminly used for wound healing and first aid. Comfrey is rich in allantoin which works by chemical stimulation of cell proliferation. Applied topically comfrey will keep the tissue of the body (especially muscous membranes) strong and flexible. Generally, comfrey should not be usedinternally as there is a risk of developing liver cancer. Some studies show this to be true and some herbalist disagree. Comfrey has been used in animals with prolapse.

**Next is HORSETAIL/EQUISETUM. Horsetail is a great genito-urinary system astringent. Because of the high silia count (silia promotes cell repair). it is great for stregnthening and regenerating connective tissue. HOrsetail is espcieally benefical for the urinary track and treating inflammation of the UT.

**Dr Christofer's COMPLETE BONE AND TISSUE: contains: White Oak Bark, Lungwort Herb, Slippery Elm Bark, Marshmallow Root, Mullein Leaf, Black Walnut Leaf, Gravel Root, Wormwood Herb, Plantain Leaf, Skullcap Herb, Lobelia Herb, and Aloe Vera Gel. All of these herbs promote healing and generally work to strengthen tissue.

Informatoon on Oils:

**Sea Buckthorn Oil: promote cell tissue regeneration, thus aiding in the healing of wounds, and restoring skin tissue, extremely beneficial to mucous membranes, full of natural antioxidants and essential fatty acids, can be used for the treatment of vaginal infections. I use this on my vulva and in my vagina.

**Emu oil: natural anti-inflammatory and is an excellent transdermal carrier of ingredients through several skin layers. In addition to reducing swelling and stiffness in joints, it reduces bruising and muscle pain. I only use this on my vulva, not inside of my vagina.

**Tea Tree oil: antiseptic and anti-infective, kills fungus and bacteria, wonderful for treating/preventing vaginal infections. I use this on my vulva and in my vagina. this should be diluted because it can cause a lot burning and irritation used directly on the skin.


How I use the Herbs and Oils:

I take 9 capsules of Dr Christofer's complete bone and tissue daily. I usually take about 10-12 Sea Buckthorn capsules daily. SOmeimtes I take horsetail and swa palmetto but I haven't been consistant with it.

Topically: I used an empty container and mixed my own ointment. I use 1/2 Dr Christofer's CBT, 1/4 Pure Comfrey ointment, 1/4 Horsetai ointment. I add about 10 drops of tea tree oil and 2 fl oz of pure sea buckthorn oil.

When my vulvodynia and prolapse was bad (the prolapse hung down only on the left side about half way down my vagina), I used the ointment daily. Every morning I squirted some one the ointment into my vagin with a syringe and then I used my fingers to rub it in really well. Then I use a small piece of cotton pad to hold my vagina in place. I owuld tak eout the cotton pad around noon. During the night I massage a little bit more of the ointment into my vagina and on my vulva (vistibule). I only had to do this for about a month.

This may sounds silly but during this time I wouldimagine my vagina as perfect, with no prolapse. I would imagine that when i took out the cotton pad my vagina would stay in place naturally and all by itself. I also pratice good eating habits, proper posture and other healing techniques.

When I done using the cotton I simply massage the ointment into my vagina once in the morning and once in the night. I'm not exaclty sure how long I had to do this for.

I only use the ointment as maintence once a week now for two times day. Sometimes more if I have any irritation from sex (I get irritation form sex because of the vulvodynia and VVS). This is when I use the emu oil on my vulva.


I do no thave bladder or UT problems but in my reading I have found this information for those with cysteoles. Please look into using these herbs as well Saw Palmetto, Uva-Ursi, Pure Cranberry Juice, Cough Grass



Hi there...

I so appreciate the detailed information that you posted, so wonderful and I am so glad to hear that you have had such amazing success with herbal and natural medicine. No doubt your great results have come from the intuitive knowledge that you have of your own body, what a gift!

I am currently 6 days out of surgery to fix a bladder fistula, and I am not to place anything in my vagina for 6-8 weeks, but I am very interested in creating a natural formula of herbals to help my vagina and cystocele heal from the traumatic birth that I experienced. I am especially interested in diet, homeopathics and herbal tinctures that will help. I believe that Mother Earth has provided us with all of the natural remedies that we need to heal most anything that happens to our bodies, along with the amazing power of visualization and faith in our minds and bodies to heal.

Continued healing to you.



I'm glad you ejoed reading the informaiton. It took quite some time to put together. The great thing about these herbs is that they all have such general healing ability they would have helped your fistula as well. In fact, they would definitly help prevent another fistula from forming. The next time you gt a cut or scrape on your arm or leg you should consider using an COmfry ointment or A Comfrey ointment mixed with complete bone and tissue and watch how fast you heal. There is a product called FissureHeal which may be of some interest to you. I believe it can also be used for fistuals, take a look at the ingrediants for future referance. I owuldn't buy it however, it's a bit expensive considering how you can make the same thing yourself. http://www.absorbplus.com/fissureheal/fhingredient.asp

Take care!!


Hi There Jacquie, It has been so long since you posted this information about herbs.I hope you are healthy and well.Would you please update if good results with herbs were long lasting.....Thank you. Regards.Kam