WW posture & the pregnant belly


M'dear ladies, do you think implementing WW posture for a time can actually affect the way a woman carries once she is pregnant? I feel silly writing this but even my husband - who never notices stuff like this- commented that I am carrying differently than I did with my previous three. I had thought so for a time but wasn't sure. I am now carrying higher up with more protrusion - I actually have a bump. With my other pregnancies, I always carried lower and more across if that makes sense. My hips always seemed to widen to adjust to the load and, even at nine months, I could easily hide my pregnancy with a sweatshirt. This time, I don't have that "baby is gonna fall out any minute" feeling I usually have. The only thing WW magic didn't cover was the right sided butt and upper thigh pain I get after sitting cross legged on the floor for a long time or after a long day. But hey that pain usually starts end of the first trimester and it only hit a few weeks ago this time (beginning of third).

You know how the postpartum period is so integral for helping to "replace" those organs... well there's a ton of shifting going on in pregnancy as well, right? Maybe WW work is just as vital during that time. I know I still have a few months to go and could very well broaden out again meantime, but what do you think? Is there even an ideal way to carry? I hope this isn't silly, please bear with me :-)

I love this question, Chicka, and I'm looking forward to an answer or some educated speculation. I don't recall this being discussed before (at least not any time in recent memory). - Surviving

and I am so thrilled that you are expecting!!!!
I carried like you describe- a big ole bump out front.
The only time I carried wide was with #3 and he was transverse until 2 hours before the birth and that was before whole woman.

I can't argue with Alemama on this. Mine were all much the same once pregnancy progressed. However, the pelvis is a little wider at the back in WW posture because the pelvis nutates slightly around the sacroiliac joints. This means that the bit ilia, the crests, must rock a little closer together at the front. Also, your pelvis may be tilted forward more, so it is logical that you could be carrying more forward.

Twins???? ;-)


not sure what it is (not twins!) but I am carrying differently. Could be just coincidence. But I'm thinking posture is playing a role in visibly tilting things forward. Slumping and slouching is incredibly uncomfortable in pregnancy!