5months pp


Hi all,
I posted on here 2months ago about a buldge I discovered at 5 weeks pp. I don't get the achy draggy tampon displaced feeling anymore but at the end of the day the bulge is worse that could be because all day I am picking up my 5 mth old who weighs over 8 kg. as I am in Aus it's hard for me to access DVDs so am looking for a few tips. I have been lax with my posture of late so am going to work on that and I try not to lift anything too heavy. My diet etc is pretty good but I do feel it a little when I cough/sneeze etc. should I brace myself before I lift my baby or cough or sneeze? I don't have any in continence and sex is great but I am worried about subsequent pregnancies and labours. My first labor was very tough and obviously took its toll :(

I guess I am just looking for tips, does exercise help improve pop's? And are there different foods or natural therapies which may help?

Hi Ancasta

I have all the DVD's in stock in WA, except for the newly launched Whole Woman Way to Vulval Vaginal Health. You can contact me via email, my address on my part of the Practitioners' pages. I sell them at the same dollar price (but it is A$, not US$) plus postage and handling.

Ancasta, you are at the worst possible stage right now, between 3 and 6 months postpartum. Search the Forums for '5 months' and '5 months old' or six months. It is just what happens. Have faith in your body's ability to revert post-pregnancy. In another 18 months you will be much, much better.

Re lifting, keep your lumbar curve in place, half squat with your butt out the back. Hinge from your hips, then use your leg muscles to lift, then straighten your torso. Keep the load close to the line of your centre of gravity, basically between your feet. This is usually as close to your body as possible. Another way to do it is to kneel on one foot and the other knee. Pick the load or baby up onto your chest then tuck your toes under and come up onto two feet using your leg muscles. It is all about not flexing at the waist, ie keeping your chest up.

Hey, don't worry about future pregnancies and labours. Just get your body organised this time, and learn how to deal with subsequent pregnancies when they happen. It is not normally any worse after the second pregnancy, thought the second pregnancy might feel looser, but it doesn't necessarily lead to being worse after the second baby is born. Now you know what to do.


When you lift your beautiful baby, can you bend over at the hips when you pull her(?) towards you and if possible hold her high so that her weight is taken by your shoulder? This helps as you take the weight away from your abdomen, and you carry her in your strongest area. When you want to cough or sneeze can you sit down or again bend at the hips? This helps to short circuit that sudden dynamic pressure on your pelvic area which will push any prolapsed organs, or lax vaginal wall in your case, and save them from taking the full brunt of the tensing and rebound of your abdominal and pelvic muscles and sphincters etc. Sneezes and coughs are pretty powerful forces and deservedly require caution on your part.

best wishes, Fab

didn't see your post.

Hi ancasta28,
I agree with Fab and Louise. Just to say I find a regular practice following one of the dvd's in addition to living in WW posture and following other WW guidelines, (inc toilet evacuaiton advise, diet and life-style),makes a significant positive difference re. my prolapse. I thoroughly recommend you invest in some WW resources, such as the book (which has masses of info and answers re prolapse) and one/more of the dvd's; after all it's the actual doing which is going to make the difference.
Wishing you all the best,

Thanks all, Louise I just emailed you regarding some DVDs :)

Got it. Just replying now.

Hi all, I got the DVD and have been working of posture and doing the exercises. I am still breast feeding and 7mths pp. just wondering do things get worse before better? I cycled for the first time the other day and I feel as if everything is slightly worse since then....

I posted here but haven't got a response. Since I wrote my last post I got a terrible cold ( coughing and blowing my nose all the time) I feel like I have made it worse could that have happened?

Much has been written on this forum about the fluctuations of the post-partum time period, and yes, bad coughing is a factor for sure. Your job right now is to learn that posture and make it second nature. This takes time and work. Be patient, work hard, develop your lumbar curvature and protect it as much as you can. - Surviving