Ty's Homebirth after Prolapse Oct 2004


Announcing TY Jeffrey born 4:54 am Sunday October 31,2004 8 pounds 2 ounces 19
1//2 inches long and as sweet as can be.

Saturday night I had a need for my girls to be gone and we dropped them off at
my mother-in-laws at around 8;00 pm. We went to bed around 11:00. A little
before 2:00 am I felt a rubber band snap type feeling and cried out, "ouch" at
2:00 am I woke to tell Chad my water broke. I wasn't having contractions, but
I called the midwife and chad started getting the pool ready and I helped hook
the hose up to the sink. At 2:30 the contractions started and at 3:00 I called
the midwife and told her that they had better get here since it would take them
an hour an a half. Chad was great as he was the last time; birth scares him
and he is so wonderful to stand by my "crazieness" to birth at home. By 3:30
(times are now guesses as I was really to busy to pay attention) the
contractions were such that I decided to get in the pool and I needed him to
breathe with me. His breathe on me gave me another a sensation to focus on.
By 4:00 I was ready to push with no midwives here yet and breathing was not
helful. Not pushing made the contractions hurt. Chad kept trying to prevent
me from pushing, so eventually I climbed out of the pool and I stopped telling
him I was having contactions. :) I went in the bathroom and looked at myself
duirng another contraction, which I pushed with, and made the decision that I
was the only one that was going to have this baby and that I had to do what I
felt I had to do. I got on my hands and knees on a little bath mat ouside the
pool and pushed with the contractions. I couldn't resist and it was such a
relief to actually work with them instead of against them. Chad was pacing
back and forth like an alley cat in front of the window and began trying to
page the midwives to see where they were. Unlike my first hbac, pushing was
instinctive. I could feel that baby moving down. I began to pray that the
midwives would get here, because I really didn't want to have the baby on my
own, but I would if that's what happened. The first one arrived around 4:40. I
told her you better check me because I'm pushing. She did and said there was a
little cervix left, but it didn't seem to be in the way. She tried to remind
me that we were going to try gentle pushing this time since I had a prolapse
issue last time to which I replied, "I'm just doing what my body tells me."
Then my left left started to cramp up and I could hardly stand it. I
practically dove back (this had to be hilarious to see!) into the pool hoping
that that would relieve the cramp. Finally, I stood up in the pool (at some
point the other midwife arrive) and grabbed a hold of the side of it, squeezing
it, as I pushed with all my might, and I felt him move down, I felt the crowing
which I didn't feel last time, I was encouraged to blow, but couldn't stop
pushing, and then I heard them say, "get your baby, Jane." He was out! I
reached down and picked him up, looked and said, "It's a boy!" and we went to
the bedroom. No tears or anything, thank God since he came so fast and aside
from after pains which I did not experience with my other two children, I feel
pretty good. I am resting, resting, resting, though.

I had a dream while I still pregnant that I woke up in the middle of the night
and the baby's head and hand were outside of me lying on my inner thigh and I
reached down and pulled it the rest of the way up and told Chad we had our
baby. When Ty came out, his right hand was beside his head! Pretty cool!
Thank you Jesus!!!