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Hey y'all :)

Hope all is well with everyone!

I do have something I would like to address and maybe see what others think about this situation. I'm a 23 year old young momma to two beautiful baby boys. Tucker, 3 and Tanner, 1 month. Both births were easy breezy! I'm currently 7 weeks post partum. Short labors(5 hours or less) and each having a push time of less than 20 minutes. I did tear with tucker needing a few stitches and didn't year at all with Tanner. Well, about 3 weeks post partum this last delivery with Tanner I noticed a bulge of ridged tissue in my vagina. It doesn't stick out but is clearly there. I only noticed this with a mirror because I was checking on healing and all. I immediately freaked and consulted with doctor google of course and had myself worked into a frenzy with every prolapse possible. I was setting myself up for surgery and pessaries, not being able to hold my kids or run again. I went to my doctor a weeks later for my 6 week check up which was done at 4 weeks. Oddly. I told my doctor I thought I had a prolapse and when he checked me he examined the bulge, internally and externally. Checked my cervix and uterus and lassured me it wasn't my bladder but extra vaginal tissue hanging just from a second birth. He said my cervix was a tad bit lower but wasn't prolapsed and my uterus was in perfect place. Now I trust my OB very much an don't think he would lead me astray. I just wanted to know if anyone has heard of this type of thing and if it wa a prolapse, can it get better since I'm early post partum? :/

and thank you for any help I may get! :)

Hi southernbellemomma! Congrats on the newest addition to your wonderful family. I wanted to say hello, though I am not the best person to respond to your question. I was never much of a "checker" and don't have anything much to say about post-partum variations in vaginal tissue. I gather that you are not experiencing any dragging feelings or heaviness which are typical of prolapse? Seven weeks post-partum is a drop in the bucket and you have a LONG period of transition still ahead of you - up to two years really.

I would take this experience as a kind of wake-up call to make some changes. Have you read up on Whole Woman posture? I suggest popping over to the Video page (under Resources tab) and watch the first video which is an overview of posture principles. This is much more than a prolapse issue.....the very health of hips and spine are at stake. What is your definition of good posture? Do you suck in your tummy and tuck in your butt like so many of us were taught to do? If so.....if your organs aren't headed into your vagina now, they will be a few years down the road! Please do seriously give this concept a look. I have been doing this for 3-1/2 years and I feel that if I'd started it while I was having babies, I might not be prolapsed today. Glad you have joined us, please ask anything - this is a great group with all levels of experience and lots of encouragemet. - Surviving

Thank you! I'm not having any symptoms except for the tissue bulge. /: I know I have horrible posture for sure. I'm more of a sloucher and definitely don't waste my breath sucking in. Haha!