new forum


Hi Everyone,

I've added this forum, at your request, and will contribute to it as I can. I am being given hell on the Facebook hips forum (filled mostly with post-surgery patients), have my WW Practitioners forum to attend to, have a woman with severe chronic hip pain coming in to work with me all this week, and have my weekly lessons to prepare for the WW students.

Will be back asap. Hopefully we can start new threads here, as the above one is two pages long!



Thank you so much. Gender Issues is the perfect forum title. I knew you were busy and was afraid the request would get lost. I'm so grateful for your responsiveness. This will be interesting (and fraught with controversies, I'm sure)...but invaluable to us all. You are a good friend to us. I hope your week goes well.

Hi Christine,

Which particular Facebook ''hips forum'' do you refer to?