a perfect world


I just love this family. Check out Dave's beautiful Whole Man posture, their children's wide, triangular feet, and the gentle human nature that arises from such a holy life.

I was also struck by Miriam's insights into the fierce power of male sexual energy. Toward the end of the film there is a scene where Dave is driving a team of several horses - another glimpse into the raw, powerful nature of male energy.


I looked up this video, but it said I wasn't allowed to watch it. There are quite a few Amish families that live in Wisconsin, and I have seen them out and about. The men do have a very strong muscular look to them!

I didn't mean it was a perfect world for everyone. I would want them to be vegetarian, for the wife to not be subservient to her husband, and for their children not to be spanked with a wooden spoon. What I'm most struck by are the natural bodies (and gentle spirits) formed by living close to the earth. We generally do not consider how divorced from nature most of us truly are.

I wasn't able to watch this on my tablet, but it ran OK in a regular browser on a PC. Watched about 45 minutes of it. I had very mixed feelings while watching.....definitely a unique and fascinating documentary - Surviving