What does Christine think about squats?


Hi, I noticed that another online personality who believes in WW type posture talks about squats as being beneficial. I have stayed away from them in the last month as I wasn't sure.

Hope to have some opinions. Thank you, MJH

If you can squat while maintaining lumbar curvature, it is probably OK, though many if not most of us can't do that for long without building up some strength first. Also, I know we have members who observe that squatting makes their prolapse worse - I think this is particularly true in the case of significant uterine prolapse. - Surviving (not Christine)

I have always liked to squat as it helped my back..I have had the feeling by squatting I mught be pushing something out more, that's really scary. Anyway I squatted last night for my back and the prolapse felt good when I got up.. Of course that was short lived.

I don't mind the type of squatting that Christine has in her DVDs. They aren't really deep, and really help in strengthening in conjunction with the other exercises. A deep, butt almost to the floor squat? No way, not for me and my uterine prolapse.

I have First Aid for Prolapse and Saving Whole Woman DVD. Are her squats on those? Thank you.

I think you'd find the First Wheel yoga great for this type of move. I like to do these plies in a turned-out position in really really good WW posture. These are combined with going up and down on toes. A very stable position for the organs while exercising. Deep squats aren't particularly helpful in my experience. It's just too hard to stay in posture. - Surviving

Oh the first aid where they do the circles with their arms doing a kind squat and then circling arms up and on their toes. First wheel has a different kind of squat with knees together and arms above head. Second wheel has that similar to first aid, and a hip pushed forward and backward while in a squat. The deepest one is in the 3rd wheel with baton held above head and knees spread open. I can't describe them exactly, but I like the stretch and strengthen they give. I feel supported while I do them, because of how Chrisine gives direction.


I presume you are talking about "Katy", so just want to clarify that she does not teach WW posture. She teaches to "tuck the ribs and place most of your weight on your heels", which from the WW perspective throws the entire body out of anatomic alignment.

Deep parallel squats are wonderful, but again do not believe, as Katy says, that you can eventually flatten your feet to the floor while also maintaining a full lumbar curvature. It is impossible.

Deep parallel squats with the lumbar curve fully in place are particularly good for stretching the lumbar spine into maximum curvature, because your legs are pulling forward as your bottom is pulling back. They are promoted by Katy as being especially good for the pelvic floor, and I think this is true for women who are chronically contracted in this area.

But where deep squats shine is in their ability to strengthen the arches of the feet. Staying high on your toes in a deep squat is some of the best exercise you can do for your feet. Besides supporting the weight of the whole body, the soft tissues of the sole of the foot are being stretched to the max because the lower leg is stretching far forward.

Speaking of feet! My preliminary plan is to focus this year's Whole Woman Conference around the feet. I have a local friend who had her leg amputated at the knee after a series of foot surgeries performed by a podiatrist here in town. She just couldn't live with the pain any longer. The feet are foundational to all this postural work - without their health none of the rest works too well. I think we could have a lot of fun while being educated in proper foot care.

Have a beautiful day, everyone!


Thank you, thank you Christine. I hope that we will be able to access info, after the conference, on feet. They are just sooo important for balance, as well as all the other things you talk about. I will stay on my toes when I squat. I just couldn't make a "flat on the floor squat" work. Enjoy, MJH

Christine, I love how you started with prolapse and have moved into "whole body" wellness. What a blessing to know that while I am doing your exercises, I am benefiting my entire body to stay in good working form...even my feet, which I agree is so important! Thank you for all you do. :)