Yes, I am HEALING!


Hello everyone,

I have been visiting this forum since I was diagnosed with a triple prolapse last May! It’s been a great support system when I needed to know that I was not alone in this journey of self-healing. My intention is to let everyone know that we are capable of more than we know and just to have FAITH.

My journey began after having severe constipation for months, which turned into sleepless nights due to hot flashes, abdominal pain, and loss of feeling in my nether region, and YES I just said nether region.

The doctor misdiagnosed me for several months, and it was not until I was getting a bikini wax and saw something strange down there that I freaked out!

I have come a long way since then, but it was the biggest wake-up call of my life!

At the beginning I couldn't believe it was happening to me, I kept saying to my self “why me”, “why me mom”, why?

I was in severe pain and depressed. I couldn't get off my bed and if I did it felt like my insides were falling out. I was in a state of mental and physical despair. It was too much for me to handle. I wouldn’t go to the bathroom for days and when I would it looked like small pellets. I felt like my insides came out every time I walked or attempted to pick something up. My entire abdominal region felt like it was collapsing inwards and it was painful to sleep.

I am here to tell you that we are not alone in this and that we can get through it. This is not a terminal sentence and we are capable of healing.

Fast-forward 9 months and my world is completely turned around, YES I am beginning to HEAL!
We all have the power inside ourselves to heal. My mother has been my greatest teacher and strength and told me that something similar had happened to her and that we would get through this together.

I am only 38 and have 2 beautiful children and my deliveries were very difficult. I guess I didn't take the time to take care of myself then and am really having to do it now. Long story short, HAVE FAITH it’s never too late.

I have always been in shape and am of a very slender build so when I couldn't tighten my saggy stomach I knew something was wrong. I would look in the mirror with disgust. I had forgotten what it felt like to love myself, and I believe that this was an opportunity to learn to love myself again.

Here is a test, if you get on your hands and knees, do you have a stomach that just hangs down? If so that's a sign of muscle loss! Also I had a Diastasis rectus abdominus, I had no idea what that was but I soon would find out that I need to begin to heal from the inside out.

So after talking to a lot of doctors and getting some not so promising advice I set off on a long journey of self-discovery. My body was talking to me and it was time that I listened. I had to pull myself together for the sake of my family.

So Step 1: I began to listen to things that renewed my FAITH that the world was conspiring to help me heal and not the opposite. I am not pushing any religion so please don’t think that is my intention. But Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday podcast’s brought me a lot of peace and Faith. It changed my life, but the point is listen to something that brings your vibrational energy up.

I no longer looked at my prolapse with hateful eyes, It was a teacher and I was ready to listen, learn and apply, I accepted that. I began to get my hands on any type of inspirational media. I began to listen to Wayne Dyer, Anita Moorjani and several other self-help spiritual writers.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” –Wayne Dyer.

Step 2: I stopped sleeping on my stomach or side. This was very hard because I was a stomach sleeper but we are meant to sleep on our back, I was told by an elder from our community. It was painful and very difficult at first but within a month I was doing it!

Step 3: My first exercise that I started at the same time as sleeping on my back. It is simple but MARK MY WORDS you will feel a difference within one month of performing this exercise! Lie on your back on you bed and make sure that you have room all around you. Bring both your hands together above you head and then go back as far as you can and then down again and do this 50 times. Then do this with your hands slightly apart for 50 times. I know this might be hard to understand so I will make a video if anyone requests it. You will begin to feel you entire abdominal region being pulled upwards!

“The greatest force in the human body is the natural is the natural drive of the body to heal itself but that force is not independent of the belief system. Everything begins with belief.” - Norman Cousins

I’m sorry for making this post this long but I hope this will help those who want to heal. I will continue my story in another post!

I was hesitant to come to the forum this morning as I seem to be always focused on my prolapse issues and I just didn't want to read more to get me down about it...but WOW am I glad I came and saw your post first! Thank you for this encouraging and inspirational message. You have provided hope to many of us women here. I didn't quite get the picture of the exercise you described, so I'd love some clarification. Thank you again.

Hi Cecilly,

I will make a video and put it on YOUTUBE as soon as I get a chance. I hope my recovery provides a light for many. I know how you feel about visiting a forum and hearing so many sad stories. All I wanted when I first found it was that I could heal and no one was telling me that. But I AM telling everyone on this forum that it gets better. I will continue on with my story when I get a chance to sit down in front of the computer when I have some free time. But I did not get a chance to mention that I nolonger am constipated, no more hot flashes, no more bladder incontinence, no more nerve damage. The only thing I am working on everyday is getting all my organs in the proper spots. It's a work in progress but the results so far have been miracles.

We can do it together! If anyone else has any other questions please don't hesitate to ask!!

Hi I am new on here. I have been told today that I need to have a hysterectomy to sort my uterine prolapse out. I am very confused & feeling low so to read this has given me hope. I would be interested in seeing your exercise on youtube too. I will try anything that could prevent me from having surgery, I basically have to think about my situation & decide whether to have surgery or not.

Really nice to hear some positive news!!! I think I understand your exercise and it's the one thing I have found the hardest, I realised through getting every prolapse going and having a hunched back I cannot out my hand above my head without pain :( I often lie down and stretch my hands above my head and I take it you mean lower the towards the floor or mattress? Amazing how we never do this and how hard as my muscles have all locked!! Would be interested if you could keep putting on exercises you do alongside posture as I need to do more for my hunchback as well. Many thanks


If doing this exercise is not easy then I would recommend getting a mayan massage. I did not get a chance to tell the rest of my story but an integral part of my healing was getting a mayan massage done. I've gotten one done once every month for the last 6 months and its what has helped me to get my organs back where they belong.

It will also get blood flowing back to your muscles and help you with your back as well. This advice is from personal experience only but I hope it will help you in some way.

I have heard of that massage because I've look at Katy Bowmans site sometimes, are you in the US though or UK.. I can't find any in the uk, I do have kore therapy to help as I have terrible posture issues. Please keep us updated with exercises and positive news it does give us all a real boost!! I am pregnant so can't really sleep on my back all the time as they say not to don't they... Thanks again

Hi Mumto4smb and welcome to Whole Woman. You will see lots of suggestions posted by the members on this site. Before you do anything else, I would like you to get an idea of what Whole Woman has to offer. Look above for the Resources tab, then look for the Video page, and watch the first video on the page. It's called Whole Woman Approach and it's about 20 minutes long. Watch it a couple of times, let it sink in. Look around at all the parts of Christine's website, Blog, and various topics on this forum. You will learn, first of all, that hysterectomy frequently causes the other organs to prolapse into the empty space, and has the potential for a host of other problems as well. There is no "cure" for prolapse, there is only management. You can learn to stabilize your symptoms, while improving overall hip health, if you take on this posture correction that you will read and hear about. Give it a shot! Ask your questions here. - Surviving


If you are looking for a qualified practitioner please go to to find one, that's where I found mine.

I have heard that it is faster heal if you take care of your self after having the baby properly. They use to give women abdominal massages in India as a part of the healing process! It was quite common and they did not think that prolapses were a permanent issue. They all believed that it was a part of life and meant to heal with time and self care.
Good luck and enjoy the pregnancy and baby!
I will indeed keep everyone posted about my healing!

Dear Saiya,

Since 2003 Whole Woman has been helping women share information amongst themselves all day, every day. During which time we have discussed every kind of treatment known to (wo)man. We have always stayed very open to the possibilities and everything has gotten a fair shake.

However, because of certain anatomic realities only certain exercises have stayed the course. I came up with WW firebreathing, Louise figured out “jiggling”, and Alemama brought us nauli. These remain integral parts of our program.

Mayan Massage, like kegels and inversion tables, did not receive our stamp of approval - not because I said so, but because women themselves did not find them useful. You might be able to affect the pelvic fascia a tiny bit by massage - but the organs can only stay in their anatomic positions by the forces of intraabdominal pressure.

Sleeping on your back has absolutely no anatomic foundation in moving the organs forward. And if you sleep with a large pillow under your head the organs are even less supported. The bed exercise you describe could only be helpful when a woman is on her feet - and sounds very similar to what we do standing and holding the WW baton overhead. I am fond of saying “The work gets done when we’re on our feet” because that’s how the female pelvic organ support system is both developed and maintained.

I certainly will not argue with your success and want to emphasize that prolapse often resolves spontaneously in young women. Just understand that we’ve been around the block with prolapse, have studied female anatomy thoroughly, and are very confident about what we do and do not wish to pass along to others.

Thank you for your understanding.


Hello Christine,

The whole women postures definitely played a large factor in my healing process. Before finding the forum I was sucking in my stomach, sitting on my tailbone and tucking in my behind. This forum has brought me some great advice.

However, I was under the impression that this forum was a place to exchange information about our experiences.

For me the mayan massages, the exercise I described and sleeping on my back have relieved me of my symptoms. Symptoms that affect many women across the world.

I was simply sharing my story. My mother too healed this way and so did all the women of her village.

Thanks for you insights!

Yes Saiya, this is certainly an open forum, in the sense that anyone can join to comment and ask questions. But it is also the Whole Woman forum, where women will come who are looking for information on prolapse management following the research and teachings of Christine Kent. So when a new member dispenses as much advice as you have, the moderators or Christine herself will be obligated to point out that some of it contradicts the best practices as we ourselves have proven them to be. This is a responsibility we have, to avoid confusion. - Surviving

Hello, thanks very much for the information, I agree with everything I also a 100% believe in the posture and exercises Christine has so kindly made us a aware of, I am a big believer in trying alternative therapy as well to help, especially with me who has let me posture get so bad I feel I need some help as well as posture to actually be able to get in that position and also some things work for some and not others so I really wish everyone the very best and thank you for sharing a positive story however it was achieved as just helps you pick your mind up!! Though I wouldn't ever tell anyone to do Kegals or something Christine is positively against as I believe in her work. I did want to try the massage and I take it we don't think it's harmful just some have reported no effects? Many thanks

lifegoeson, I agree with you about no kegals, I have front anterior wall prolapse, think this means my bladder. I was sent to physio and done kegals for about 6 months and they did nothing for me, prob made it worse. I've been here for only few weeks but I can see how the kegals would pull the organs backwards when we need to get them forward as the posture does. whm

If Kegels helped, I wouldn't be here today! I did them pretty religiously for many years. I will never know to what extent they contributed to my prolapse; I just know I'm glad I stumbled onto WW as soon as did, so that I didn't continue doing them even after prolapse manifested itself. - Surviving

PS: For anyone who hasn't read them, or needs a refresher, here are a couple of articles from Christine's blog:

Interested to know how you are getting on with healing and massage?