30 years old with bladder prolapse


Hi i am new to this forum and desperate for some information about my prolapse. I gave birth a year ago and now over a year i dont know what to do. my doctor said i have bladder and rectocele prolapse that is at first stage. But! My life is not even close as it use to be: i can't walk without feeling pain like pulling down there, having difficulty doing some simple house work. Sex doesnt even exist. i am constantly refusing any contact with my husband cause i feel awful about my vagina. i dont have urinary incontinence luckily. but my bowel movement is difficult as well. i have 7 kilos extra still after one year. since i have always been running, doing aerobics, pilates, yoga... now i cant do any of these because of that pain of prolapse and i cant loose my extra kilos. PLEASE HELP and let me know what book i can buy and which DVD is suitable for me. of course my doctors ( i have seen two of them) reffere me to surgery, but i know that it is not my solution.

Hi athanasia & welcome,
Read around the forum about how to do the Posture & live in it as much as you can, walking etc. It does take around 2 years for your body to heal from giving birth.

Christine has modified yoga moves to accommodate WWPosture - the Whole Woman Yoga the Second Wheel is suitable for post - partum mothers. the best book to get is Saving The Whole Woman.

As for sex, men don't notice prolapse - try to learn to love your body - it has done an amazing job making a baby. We women can be very hard on ourselves & our men love us anyway.

Search on the forum - there are many discussions about the bathroom - I have found Magnesium supplements helpful for my rectocele, the exercise DVDs & the WWposture all help together along with some fruit, grainy bread & water. Try a few things talked about on the forum & see what works for you.

Eventually you will be able to run, though the other exercise styles you mention are not prolapse friendly, so I use Christine's DVDs & swim &(do some Thai Chi, while ignoring the instructions to have a straight spine).
(((hugs))) for you & your baby,
Best Wishes, Aussie Soul Sister

Hi athanasia - I don't know if you meant to, but you posted your question a total of 3 times on the forum. I've marked the other two as duplicates so hopefully you will get all your responses on this thread. Good advice from Aussie Soul Sis - hope you will find what you are looking for here! - Surviving

This is the most common form of prolapse, and it can be managed quite well with WW posture and some care regarding diet and elimination practices. This is what I have, and many others here, and Christine calls it "nature's pessary" because these bulges in the vaginal walls help to keep the cervix from falling back too far. Please do watch the first video on the Video page (under the Resources tab) for an overview of prolapse management. You are not going to hear these truths from your doctor.

Most of us have been taught to pull our stomachs in tight, and tuck our butts under, in the name of good posture. Most of us have been heavily influenced by traditional yoga, pilates and all the "core" strengthening routines that have come to completely permeate our culture. Hard to break away from that, but necessary if you want to manage this and get on with life. Once you have crossed over, you'll never go back. - Surviving