7 months post partum . 3-4 months doing WW


Hello everyone
i joined few months back i have a fairly significant cystocele that has shown no improvement at all yet . I posted once before and thanks so much for advise but am really worried. I got prolaspse and yoga dvds and have been doing that nearly every day for 3-4 months ,i find WW posture extremely difficult to maintain but do try.I am just wondering is it normal for lower back to be quite sore also my knees are very sore and creaky since doing ballet moves is this common? I didnt get prolaspse book just dvds and wondering should i get it is there something i am missing? I am still breast feeding my baby who is 7 months old does did anyone notice any improvement after they stopped feeding? Where can i get mag citrate ? Again sorry for all the questions this prolaspe is really awful and quite sore walking annoying due to constant pressure pain back age sore knees am only 34 not over weight and was so active HELP!!!!

Hi wongy - The posture is what this is all about, so if you are having trouble learning to live in the posture, then that's what you need to work on. It occurs to me to ask, are you at least holding the posture while you exercise? If not, then the exercise isn't going to be helping either. Constant attention to posture elements as you go throughout your day, will eventually allow it to become second nature. For me, this took much longer than 3-4 months. Supplement this with lots of firebreathing and jiggling to let the organs know where you want them to go.

Yes, things should get better all around after breastfeeding is over and estrogen levels return; also you are still far from the end of the PP healing period. But you need to grasp this posture thing. Exercising in the posture strengthens the muscles needed to hold posture, so you should at least have gotten over the soreness period, I would think, assuming you are working things correctly. Don't give up! - Surviving

PS, if you think ballet moves are making your knees sore, skip them. I don't know why they would, though, unless you are forcing your turnout too far. Keep knees directly over toes. Relax that belly!

I found my prolapse at about 5 months post partum, obviously devastated and didn't do much! Did find ups and downs for the first year I think, I carried on feeding at night till my little boy was 16 months and probably noticed a difference when I stopped feeding in the night at around a year old, though I wouldn't stop feeding any time soon to help because you get there anyway and don't want to miss out on special moments of your life. I am pregnant again and hopefully be feeding the second one the same. I think it's just a roller coaster at the start and you examine your days, I have good and bad and cannot always think why, just try to think of posture all the time, change how you sit and try to feed lying down I found helpful. It will get better, keep up with the DVDs I think your just early in the stages of your body recovering from birth. Take care

Hi Wongy Part,

You asked, "Where can I get magnesium citrate?"

I take magnesium citrate in the liquid form. Actually, I just pick up any magnesium that is sold, but here in the U.S. magnesium citrate is sold in as a liquid over-the-counter in most retail stores such as CVS, Rite Aid, Giant or Safeway. I'm sure that it is sold in other grocery stores, you just need to ask. It has a lemon flavor added, but it really doesn't taste like lemon. I think that they add the lemon to cover up the taste of the citrate. Especially in the summer, I take Santa Cruz Pure Lemon Juice, add the liquid magnesium citrate , and a sweetener, and I have a lemonade.

I take magnesium citrate as a part of my regimen to slow down osteopenia, along with potassium citrate. I had a negative reaction to the bisphosphonates (which now I consider a God-send that I did so), and so far I refuse to take Prolia and Raloxifene (which are denasumab medications originally developed for cancer patients that they are using off label for osteoporosis).

The reason I go into so much detail about my history is that I also had very creaky knees when I was in my 20s. I breastfed 3 children for a period of 20 months, 26 months, and 20 months. My dexa-scans in my early 50's showed that I had osteopenia. I was referred to an endocrinologist, and I was diagnosed with idiopathic hypercalciuria. You can look it up, but mainly it is due to how my kidney tublues developed.

To sum up, since I have been taking potassium citrate, my knees don't squeak nearly as much as before.

I did ask my endocrinologist about the toll on my body of having 3 pregnancies and nursing as long as I did, because I was worried about the bone health of my children, and she said that they would probably be fine, but that I was probably the one that was impacted the most. However, after telling you this, I would never have given up the almost 6 years that I breastfed my children. There are so many benefits that I don't think that even medical science can list.

Please don't think that I am giving you medical advise; I'm just sharing my personal journey.

thank you all so much for your advise will definitely try mag and potassium this prolapse never goes away always hanging out except when lying down ! But i always feel better when i log on and read your posts it gives me hope so thank you! My little man yowling now upstairs looking for boobie so better go thanks again x

Hi Wongy Parts,

I just want to make a comment about magnesium and potassium. I have been taking magnesium off-and-on for approximately 10 years. I personally don't feel that a person can take an excessive amount of magnesium because it loosens the stools to the point of "burning". I'm not really sure why it causes burning if you take a lot. Potassium, on the other hand, can cause its own set of health problems if you take it in excessive amounts. I have a prescription for potassium, so I know that I am taking substantially more than the general population who would be buying potassium over-the-counter.

Again, I want to reinforce that I am not giving any "medical" advice, and I feel anyone of childbearing age, whether pregnant or breastfeeding, needs to be cautious when adding any minerals to their normal diet.

Enjoy this time with your son.