Ww posture help


Hi all
New to this site but enjoy reading through it all. I'm 6 weeks postpartum and have (hopefully a mild) bladder and bowel prolapse. I've been looking through the site and can't seem to find a basic summary of the ww posture. Do I have to buy the books and DVDs to get this or is there a summary somewhere that I am missing. Where would I buy the books etc from and how much are they? Struggling for money at the moment so might have to try and pick up the posture basics from all your helpful posts.
Thanks in advance. :)

Hi Malteser24 and welcome,
It can take up to 2 years for the postpartum body to completely heal, so your mild symptoms may just resolve on their own. But, learning how to properly hold our bodies the way we were meant to is valuable for a lifetime for all of us, and can prevent future chances of prolapse as we get older.
This site has tons of valuable information available to get you started. Go to the tool bar at the top of this page and start reading and watching the videos. Great stuff. Getting a good understanding of what your body is going through is the best first step to understanding what prolapse is and how whole woman posture can help.
The forums are great for asking questions, but the best resources are in Christine's work. That is where you will get a true understanding of what whole woman is all about.
Congratulations on your new baby!! And best wishes to you!!

To summarise, this is whole woman posture:

Stand with your feet comfortably apart pointing straight ahead. Knees straight but not locked. Relax your belly and lift your chest. Shoulders stay down. Keep the back of the neck long by tucking the chin slightly.

Do not suck in your tummy. Do not tuck in your bottom.

I also find I need to remind myself to "lift out of my hips" which sounds strange and I'm not sure I can explain it better.

6 weeks pp is really early. I felt really bad at around four months and then it improved steadily although it has not been going so well the last couple of months (I'm 21 months pp now).stress and tiredness all have their place in making it feel worse. I'm still breastfeeding which may also be a factor. Not a good reason to stop breast feeding though, if you are (not a good enough reason for me to stop, that is).