Merry Christmas


I'm not sure if this is the right spot to put this in but to all of you at Wholewoman I wish you a Merry Christmas. I'm still ok having had problems with a rectocele since I was 56 years old. I'm now 67 years and still plodding along. I'm glad I didn't have surgery or I could be worse and dependent completely on doctors. I'll watch what I'm eating at Christmas.

Hi Cleo and a Merry Christmas to you too. Thanks for checking in! The holidays can be a challenging tiime for prolapse, but we just keep doing the joyful posture work, and better days are always ahead. I myself have had a nasty cough for about a week, and that is a killer. But it proves why the Whole Woman work is on-going and life-long and never ends. I wish you, and all my WW family here, many blessings of the season. And I thank Christine and Lanny for the gift that keeps giving every day - Surviving

For the ones who cough or sneeze, I have leant that if you cross your legs and bend over at the waist it will be better on your prolapse.

Thanks for that tip Tess very useful. Thanks also to Cleo for her encouraging message . Happy Christmas to all and thanks so much for being there this year , you have saved me from a nightmare!

Merry Christmas cleo & All,
Dear cleo, thanks for your good wishes and for checking in -
good to know you are doing ok - rectocele management is ongoing,
however better than the alternative and if you could do some of
the WW DVDs if you aren't already they really help- along with fire breathing
& nauli, & belly breathing.

Dear everyone... Happy Christmas... thankyou for all the sharing of information... wishing us all a WW improved 2015 with improvement, growth and strengthening of our bodies, souls and hearts...
Love from Peacelilly from Australia xxx

Dear WW,

What a wonderful (if challenging) year it has been. We graduated a large class of superb WW Practitioners, shared a lovely WW Conference, and produced our Goddess Belly video.

For my WWYoga/WWGoddess series I have been moving up the chakras in each succeeding video. I'm now at the 5th, or throat, chakra, which is all about expression and finding my voice. It may take a couple of years to do, but I believe this next project is going to be about the Divine Mother and how she has been so degraded in modern societies. The WW work seems never-ending.

I want to encourage each and every one of you be the very best you can be, to always follow your heart, and most especially, to never give up. Continually remembering to remember to pull up into WW posture will give you the strength to pursue your dreams, especially in times of struggle. I believe the spine serves as a very special antennae, which sends and receives clearly when it is in its proper shape.

I wish for you all the best, always.


My wish for all of you, this season and always.......The Whole Woman work is a gift; do it with joy and commitment. Support the work and spread the word. See the bigger picture that stretches out in all directions, past present and future. In helping and accepting ourselves, we make the world a better place for those around us. Thank you WW - Surviving

So beautifully said, surviving. And, happy holidays to you!!

Merry Christmas for You All!
I am so grateful for Christine and all the other ladies here that I could write for hours to tell you all the things which I am grateful for. But to keep it brief I just say I wish you all the good things I got here from you wonderful ladies! Budahazya