just a hello from an old friend :)


I've been reflecting on the last decade of my life recently and I owe so much to christine and WW, I wanted to stop by and say hello.

for those who dont know/remember me, I was active here long ago when the site was still real new and I had just found my prolapse. since then I've had two more babies (who are now 7 and 5!) and my prolapse is no longer something I think about. ever. I'm back to living life, I've even been able to begin running and blessedly my hips are pretty much healed. for that, christine, I thank you a million times over. my hip pain was far worse than any prolapse symptom and if I had to develop a prolapse to find healing for my hips, then that is a gift from G-d in itself.

I dont get to my computer much anymore as I'm currently homeschooling 2/5 of my kids and we're pretty busy, but I think of you often and wonder how some of the women who used to post here, and those who still do, are faring.

I hear my oldest at the door, home from a night out with friends (and btw, she is a beautiful teen with gorgeous WW posture!!) so I must sign off soon.
Happy New Year to all of you, and christine, I'd like to wish you a year full of continued energy and passion, with success in all your endeavors. regards to lanny.


G-mom, it's so wonderful to hear from you. I hope you won't mind if I put a copy of this post under the "long-standing member's success" category. I would want any newbie specifically looking for success stories to find this post! Please come back on from time to time and say hello and give an update. Can't tell you how often your name comes up on these pages. You are truly one of the ones who helped bring this message to the world. Love and many hugs - Surviving

How wonderful to hear from you. Please know that I think of you often and have hoped your home and businesses are all put back together after hurricane Sandy. So good to hear about your healthy and happy self and I'm delighted to think of your dd's beautiful posture.

I thank Heaven for the continuity of these forums. Surviving, I am so happy that you remember Gmom and how she and Louise and Alemama *did* send this work out into the world. Now we have you, Aging, Soul Sis, and our other dear forum members, as well as many wonderful WW Practitioners who are spreading our message further.

Happy New Year to you, dear heart, and I so look forward to hearing from you again.

Love from Christine


Many times when I was new to this site, I poured through the endless posts between yourself, alemama, chickaboom and louiseds. It is so nice to hear back from you! I have often wondered how you have faired with your prolapse and all. I too am homeschooling my 2 oldest children, but they are young yet. Please stop in now and again if you can find the time. As a PP POP newbie I remember how valuable your insight was for me, and you had a knack with comforting and advice rolled nicley into a sweet little package! Merry Christmas to you and a Blessed New Year!


I've missed this place so much!
thanks for moving this post to a more appropriate spot, surviving :)
I wish I had the ability to co-mod with you again, where's louise these days? and is alemama still posting? has anyone heard from memyselfandI? and how about the ones who guided me when I first got here..fullofgrace, marie and banama? I know I'm forgetting some names here..

Christine, yes, thankfully our home is back to normal after the storm, our soil is still ...strange...everything we plant dies. many of the local trees had to be taken down this year, the salt water slowly killed them. very sad. my granolaboy was most disappointed to see that there were no birds hanging around anymore :(
my vegetable garden is all in raised beds anyway, so we just replaced our soil there, I wasnt taking any chances with that. but even now, sometimes on a wet day, we can still smell the storm. I cant describe it, kind of like a metallic earthy smell. its not good. the business has its ups and mostly downs, but thats business I guess.
how is your sweet granddaughter? iirc, she's got a birthday coming up soon.

as for my teenager, she rolls her eyes if I talk about posture, so I dont, but I guess modeling is what really makes an impact. as much as she would deny it, she is copying my posture and has even taken to dressing like me too (hehehe dont tell her I said so). I even heard her telling a friend that 'tight waistbands are uncomfortable and they're not good for you insides either'. never underestimate the power of parental suggestion!

agnusdei, thank you for your kind words! how old are your children? my homeschoolers are 13 and 11, we mostly unschool depending on the day and on our moods.

I still have 'become a WW practitioner' on my bucket list, christine! one day I will get out there...

G-mom, it would be heaven to have you pop on here from time to time, so much appreciated. We often have new moms with birth and PP experiences that would benefit SO much from hearing what you went through and how you have handled it.

Haven't seen Louise or Alemama on here for over a year. I hope that everyone is well and out there in the world continuing to spread the message. Meanwhile.......everyone's stories are alive and well on these pages. You're always in our thoughts and your wise words continue to help newbies navigate this crazy journey! - Surviving

Hello Granolamom

My oldest are 8 and 6. The younger 2 are 4 and 19 months. I do follow a curriculum but do not teach everything from it. I live in Canada, and it is harder to find good history books, that aren't (no offence) very Americanized. The history that comes with our program is American, so I have opted out of history right now until I can find better material. We do reading every day, language, spelling, and math. The rest is whatever we get to for now. They love helping out with chores, we have a small dairy farm, as well as hogs, and my pet chickens, geese, a duck and a turkey. We have a fair size garden, and a small orchard, so lots to learn from! Some people think I do not have it structured enough and others too much, but for now, for us, it is working!

Really good historical fiction is a great way to get interested and informed. There was an author named Allan W. Eckert who did a series called "The Winning of America". His writing is rich in detail, description, very well researched, and respectful to native Americans. "The Frontiersman" is the first in the series and I highly recommend it. His books are very readable; I think I would have had no trouble with them by about age 10.

Happy New Year everyone.

Hi Dear granolamom,
A late post from me due to Christmas break... so nice to "meet" you. Your input into the forum is priceless.
You like me have been so blessed by Christine with prolapse & hip health, which I noticed had markedly improved a few weeks into my Whole Woman journey & now with her amazing Save Your Hips DVD & my new favourite the 3rd Wheel, both which I do almost daily, I am learning now how to run the WW way! So good to hear that you are running again.... something I didn't dream of attempting until WW...

Happy New Year,
Aussie Soul Sister

hi aussie soul sister, yes, running! I cant believe it myself. even before my prolapse I was never able to run due to my hips and knees. once my hips healed (and I still keep pinching myself to make sure I'm not imagining that they have) I figured I would give running a try. I am doing C25K very slowly, in WW posture and on my toes. I run slowly, and only every other day with yoga on my off days because otherwise my fibro flares up.
and christine, just so you know...my knees are about 75% less symptomatic than they used to be. my shoulders are improving a little less dramatically, but I've not had debilitating shoulder pain since I've gotten good at the posture. Whole woman is truly a G-dsend for me.

Bebe..thanks for that history recommendation. my boys love reading, which is a good thing because I'm a pretty lousy history teacher. I'll look for those books.

agnusdei...oh what my kids wouldnt give to live on a small dairy farm! I think they'd feel as though they were in heaven. I do think that good solid contributing work makes a kid feel good about himself, powerful and secure. moreso than a 'structured' curriculum anyway.