I was recently watching this documentary on the netflix called Sexy Baby. They followed three different women and covered today's sexuality and it's correlation to Internet use. Very interesting film if anyone is interested.
But, call me naive, I was shocked to hear that women are getting these labiplasties at an increasing rate as they are hearing and talking about it on the Internet! I never even heard of this surgery option.
They were even interviewing these men who were poking fun at women they slept with that had these "meat sheets" or "meat curtains". What?!?!? I say! When were men ever so concerned about this in the past? I never heard of it. And, my husband said "Don't ask me." He didn't even have a clue.

Furthermore, has anyone heard what future connotation could this surgery have on a women, both physically and emotionally?

Would love to hear everyone else's opinion and insight.

I agree Aging...horrible! Women are so degraded. I tend to believe every bit of our bits has importance, given the perfection of our evolution/Creation. The labia and pubic hair are probably integral to microbial defense systems, both of which must be disposed of if a woman is to look properly pre-pubescent. Ugh! Another problem is that some of these labiaplasties turn into mini-A&P repairs. I have seen vaginal "bulges" addressed in labiaplasty advertising.

Ironically, men are being sucked into the same cultural trap. I have learned from massage therapists that many men these days have every bit of their pubic hair removed. They also use lots of perfumes and lotions on their genitals. Ack!


Nature Girl

Yes, and not only that, but what is the aftermath of these surgeries as the years go by? Yet another procedure that might give someone the "desired" results in the short run, but how is that damaged vagina going to look and feel years from now? Scary. - Surviving

During the documentary, one of these ladies actually underwent the procedure, and they showed the pieces of labia they just cut off. I was feeling queezy and horrified, and at the same time, somewhat self conscious, wondering what my labia looked liked compared to other women. I then shook myself out of that way of thinking almost immediately, and then just felt sorry for the women who feel they need to do this to fit into our current society.
I surely would love to see droopy boobed fully bushed women in pictures as role models for our current young women to admire and aspire to!

So saddened to see this! I have a beautiful granddaughter (age17) that has horrible issues with her body image. I feel so sorry for the young girls today that have ads geared towards their insecurities blaring at them from all forms of media. It is increasingly hard to reassure them and convince them they are perfect as they are when media is telling them their boobs are too small, their butts are too small, their teeth are not white enough, they weigh too much if they are over 100 pounds.

Case in point: My beautiful granddaughter needed braces for her teeth (really needed them). We are nearing removal time and the orthodontist called my daughter back and told her that my granddaughters smile was "too gummy" and that she had a "weak chin", that he could do gum shaving and surgically enhance her chin. My daughter looked at him and told him absolutely not. He walked out and sent in his partner who will follow her until the braces come off. So now she looks in the mirror and sees what this jerk of a doctor told her: "If a doctor said it, it must be true." How do we convince her otherwise.

Amazing in this modern age that women would actually have this type of surgery (I believe it is referred to as "female circumcision") when in some remote African villages young girls are subjected to this cruelty and some die from associated infections.

Breaks my heart to see women and young girls falling for all this superficial hype that exists primarily to make doctors and cosmetic companies rich. As for me, I will keep my perfect-imperfect body, and will, until my very last breath, encourage my girls and all others to do the same.

Hello Arizona, my dear friend!
I hope your granddaughter can move beyond what that ass of a doctor told her. The thing that is most beautiful that I find about our young women is their true smile, the one that comes from within. Those smiles are so infectious and makes those that see them wonder what wonderful secrets they hold!
My daughter also had to have braces for a very serious overbite. I remember after she had them taken off, all the dentist wanted to do was whiten the hell out of her teeth!
I remeber as a teen always being so self conscious of my smile, always feeling that my gums showed too much. I covered my mouth all the time with my hand, until one day a school mate asked me why I covered such beautiful straight teeth. He was seeing a beautiful smile, not a gummy one! I stopped covering my mouth after that, and continued to get such nice compliments.
Seeing the beauty in everyone is so important, no matter what that beauty is. We all have it!
And, happy New Year to you!!

I agree, it IS the beauty within. I will show her your post and pray it strikes a chord with her. I do admit it took me until the last five years or so to truly be comfortable in my own skin. Funny how we obsess on outward appearances and easily lose sight of our inner beauty. It was there all along, waiting for us to claim it. Happy New Year dear friend and all the beautiful women here!

What people "do" in their lives has become so much more attractive and appealing to me than how they look. Talking to my sister about what she grew in her garden, or even talking about sex at our ages is so much more fun than talking about her new boob job or other superficial attempt at changing her body to keep that ideal look that everyone is going for.
I too wish she could see her true beauty that I can see underneath all that superficiality, because it doesn't seem to really make her all that happy. What a terrible standard to have continually live up to and strive for!!

And what kind of orthodontist tries to upsell plastic surgery for a kid? Guy needs to be reported and have his license revoked. And was this suggestion repeated to the granddaughter, or made in her presence? Unfathomable. - Surviving

He talked with my granddaughter first. My daughter usually just waits out front while they do the quick adjust. My daughter was livid. The exchange between them was enough that his partner will follow my granddaughter now. Am proud of my girl.

I did have my granddaughter read the whole thread last night with special attention brought to Aging Gracefully's post (which did get a smile from her AG). All the woman in my family learned a new slang phrase last night: Meat Curtains :-/

There was a young girl who came on this site quite awhile back who thought she had prolapsed and was scared to talk to her mom. Do you remember her Surviving? It took you and Louise and a couple other women here to figure out she wasn't prolapsed but that her inner labia were just a little more generous than some. I can't remember but I think she had compared her labia to a friends or someone had pointed it out. I just remember you ladies had a go of it. My heart ached for her. This is the type of young woman that will succumb to these types of surgical procedures...Our beautiful girls with body image issues. I think you ladies saved that young woman in more ways than one. Another facet in this jewel called Whole Woman. Happy New Year Surviving!

Hi Aging Gracefully,
I watched a documentary a while back that I believe was called Designer Vaginas.
The host had a plaster cast taken of her vulva to compare with about 100 others at the end of the documentary & then she went on an interview trail. They were all shown at the end & surprise surprise they were all different.......
One young lady had a protruding labia and her sister & or friends used to openly "warn" her new boyfriends & openly tease her so she was shunned by some of the boyfriends.
She had some of it painfully removed and I shudder to think of the excruciatingly painful recovery and subsequent complications.
On another show - could have been embarrassing bodies, a lady came in having had the procedure to the extent that she had no or very little labia & she was having problems with raw areas that were opening up and not healing....
Whole industries are geared to peoples' fear and insecurities..just like the travelling peddlers of yesteryear with their cure all potions which were at best someone' expensive pee - at least we have radars live and active...

We are putting off as long as possible braces for one of ours, as they have a tooth sitting in front of teeth at the side, and they think their other teeth are not straight enough....I will not allow any teeth to be removed to "make room" as I have observed and been shown that it flattens the profile and can cause remaining teeth to slope inward.

... thanks to Christine we are working with nature here.
A Very Happy New Year to all,
Aussie Soul Sister

Both my kids were told they needed braces. I don't know how I would feel about it, if I had it to do over; and of course we'll never know how they would have fared had we not done it. They love to scare you with what "might" happen if you don't.

Though I had 4 teeth removed when I got braces in the 1960's, this was never suggested for either of my kids, but both had a bit of pallet-expanding done before braces were put on. We didn't rush into younger one didn't get her braces off until she was a senior in high school.

I do find it disturbing that they are seeming to start kids younger and younger; I've known kids who got them really young, and it just meant they had to keep them on that much longer. - Surviving