Great improving in evacuating


I just want to tell, that after suffering from evacuating problems for years, I finally managed to catch the whole women evacuating posture with success. Evacuating is not a problem for me anymore. I would like to encourage all women with bad rectocele not to give up trying, bacause for me it didn't work at the begining, but I didn't give up trying and after that my thighs and bottom strenghtened one day I was suddenly able to evacuate easily, and since then I have been able to do so even when the stool is hard. For me evacuating was a great fear every day and now I am free again. Thank you!!!
PS I also suffered from bad anal fissures for 4 years and since I learned the posture for evacuating I haven'had this problem. I am healed!

That's so wonderful, thanks for posting! We know it has been a long road for you. And we always tell women that improvements take time. You have shown this to be true and this should encourage other women having this problem......on this forum alone, there are plenty of those!!! Hugs to you, my dear - Surviving

Yes, Surviving it has been a very long joruney for me, and when I read here that after 3 or ten months women learned the posture I feel I am very slow. But this fantastic improving in evacuating shows me, that if I don't give up working on my sitting and standing posture I will experience stabilizing. I have more success too, for example sitting on the floor helps a lot, and I also learned fire breathing pefectly, which moves my organs out of my vaginal space. Changin my diet according to Christine's advice helped a lot too. But I have to work on my posture a lot, maybe the reason why I am slow is beacuse my spine at my lower back is so flat and rigid that it takes extra time to move my organs into my lower belly since the lumbar curve is still not enough. When it is OK I think I will stabilize my rectocele eventually.
I think many women give up because nowadays we think we get everything instantly, we can be cured instantly because that is what we learn from doctors and from TV. Commercials say when you take this pill it will help in a minute. That is what we expect from surgeries too. But it is not true, good things take time to be reached.

Dear Buda,

Congratulations, dear one. We watched you suffer for - I think about a year - the time frame we tell women they will see good results if they simply do the WW work. Thank you with all my heart for believing us and believing in WW. Always trust in your body's innate capacity to stabilize and reverse prolapse!

Love from Christine

Hi Dear Budahazya,
Wonderful wonderful news XXOO
Rectocele is something I have to be mindful with diet etc, & now that I do exercises and walking, & some fire breathing while standing regularly I realize there is a noticeable difference with my rectocele further in and shaped differently. So I do it more often during the day if I feel the need 'cause it works....
Best wishes,
Aussie Soul Sister

I am so happy for you!! Its so good to hear good news stories!!

I don't know how or where to chime in, but I think I have a fissure and hemorrhoid. I have to know if anyone else has had this problem. I talked to my dr. over phone and he hadn't. My butt started getting wet - must like I had sat in water. It was sort of leaking, not much, but definitely had never had this. Prior to that, I had spot of blood and figured it must be a hemorroid. I had OBGYN yearly last week and she said if it had been a fissure, I would've screamed. But, also said that wasn't her area of expertise. I will be going to my internist (but so don't want to). Has anyone had these symptoms? (Yes, I have prolapse) Thank you

Hi canary,
I found this thread on fissures:

Seems to be some good advice here.

Oh that IS great news and SO encouraging for me who suffers with this same issue! I have to keep this bookmarked so I can stay focused. Your good news for you is good news for all of us!