33 weeks pregnant with cervical prolapse


hi everyone. I need your advice please. I'm pregnant 33weeks with prolapsed cervix. Started using pessary but as if every day makes the prolapse worse most especially when I have bowel movement or move about. the prolapse started from what looks like the tip of my tomb to what now bulge as a medium or large egg with some opening like the base of an apple out of my vagina. I sometimes bleed and discharge liquid which I thought it was my water leaking and I was scared this might affect my baby although my doc said its not leaking water but I'm not sure. I sent a blog but just realise its the wrong forum. My question is will I have to live with a pessary for the rest of my life to support me or will my condition go away if I put to bed? How long will the prolapse last? is the discharge leaking water or what? does the pessary make condition worse? can I have a vaginal birth with a prolapse as big as mine? please I need your advice I'm so confused.

Hi Zhad,
I see this is your second post. Just to let others know you have posted twice about the same subject on the forum.
Generally, the organs are being pulled forward into the lower belly as pregnancy progresses, alleviating prolapse symptoms.
But. I am not familiar with everything you describe and would not feel comfortable trying to answer your question. Either someone with a better understanding of prolapse during pregnancy will come along, or you could try to contact Christine or another whole woman practitioner.
We are not medical people here, and any advice given should not be taken as such.

Hi Aging gracefully, thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate. I'm new in the forum so I made mistake on the forum I suppose to post that is why I re-posted. Although not exactly the same( detailed version is in success story forum) I hope friends will read it and be able to comment.

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I agree with AG, because you are in advanced pregnancy and there is bleeding and water leaking, I don't think we are qualified to say what is happening. We have heard from many pregnant women who have confirmed that prolapse does tend to move out of the way for the birth. But you are really under your doctor's care at the moment. After you deliver, I hope you will be back to learn about Whole Woman posture and how you can spend the postpartum days learning to support your prolapse for life. - Surviving

Thank you surviving60,
I'm glad to hear that the prolapse move out of the way for the birth but what do you mean by "learning to support your prolapse for life" Do I have to live with it all the rest of my life??:-0

That is hard to say. Prolapse is extremely common and it is something that the majority of women will develop sooner or later, to some degree or another. Having a prolapse such as yours during pregnancy, I think it's unlikely that everything is just going to snap back into place after the birth. Post partum is a great time to be learning the posture and the principles of pelvic organ support while your body is actively healing and the organs are shifting back to where they were. You need this posture post partum because otherwise there are things you might do that will make things worse, like slumping into soft couches with a rounded back which pushes the organs further into the vagina. So I don't want to alarm you but it's something you will need to face. You'll be fine but this is a wake-up call you must heed - Surviving