Gyno states uterine orgasm is impossible


My Gynecologist insists that the only way to correct organ prolapse is through surgical alterations.
I explained that I DO NOT WANT MY UTERUS REMOVED OR SEVERED because I have internal orgasms wherein the uterus quivers. The doctor laughed as he stated; "Uterine contractions cause pain!" The conversation went back and forth and he repeated the same words again and again. He stated that the uterine sensation does not in actuality involve the uterus at all. It was at that point that I realized the importance of his train of thought. If a doctor came to the realization and acceptance that the alteration or resection the uterus would bring devastation to a woman's sexual pleasure; surgery on the uterus would be contrary to the Hippocratic oath to Do No Harm. As I left the office I bold of a man to think he understood female orgasm. He did state that he could not guarantee that the orgasmic sensations would remain the same, but that clitoral orgasm and vaginal stimulation is sufficient enough to bring a woman sexual pleasure. Oh brother; "That's just like a man."

Hi Salvage - I can only say that this guy is an idiot. The most profound orgasms do indeed cause uterine contractions. Not every woman even experiences these.

There is a long list of reasons to keep your uterus, and I'm glad you are resisting. Start working on Whole Woman posture, and if you need to see a gyn about something, find another one. But don't consult a doctor about prolapse. Even the ones who have a better bedside manner than this dude, still don't understand prolapse.

Enjoyed your post! Stop back soon. - Surviving

Wow salvage! Interesting conversation with your doc. Abviously he has never made a woman have an orgasm, otherwise he would know more about it! As far as I am concerned, everything sexual involves the uterus.
I even remember when I was nursing my children how my uterus would contract which wasn't painful for me, although it did make the blood flow more agressively. I was one of those mothers who got her period back right away, And, everything felt very stimulated down there as well. I have always had uterine stimulation with nipple and clitoral manipulation.
Guess that's why I haven't been to a Gyn. in some. I really don't get where he is coming from.

Well! This guy obviously has no uterus of his own.

Tell him from me nipple arousal creates intense orgasms.
As for me, we don't even have to invite the clit or virgina to the party for this to happen.

Just pull my nipple strings to make my uterus quiver uncontrollably.

Ha! I think we need to invite this creep to a little round table discussion. Guys like him are out there getting paid a fortune to give women this kind of "advice". Nice to see you, Esira!! - Surviving

My doctor said the exact same thing to me. He flat-out argued with me about the fact the clitoris is the ONLY way to experience orgasm. He laughed at my ignorance on the matter. (When was the last time HE had an orgasmic experience from his uterus rippling? It was yesterday for me, thank you very much.) What's worse to me is when I asked the question "Have any of your patients reported a change in orgasm after removal of their uterus?" He stated that they don't talk to him about such matters. I wanted to say,"Who else are they supposed to talk to, then?!"
I'm so glad for this post. I haven't visited you guys in a while, and this was the very subject on my mind. Happy Valentines Day!

I do my exercises daily now. I have found that the uterine prolapse pain stays at bay when the exercises are done routinely. The muscles and core are strong and I have never before experienced this dynamic. Even the WW posture is easier to maintain. Loving it!

On the last visit, the Gyno thought I should have a D&C due to my higher cancer risk DES category. I decided to make a point and said; A man with a higher risk for testicular cancer would likely not choose castration just to be on the safe side. His eyes got really big and he said; Most certainly not! Then I told him; Just so you know, at this stage of life I am interested in only two things: sex and golf. He had no reply.

Ha! Good for you salvage! I would have loved to see his face with that response!