conntractions only strong when prolapsed organ is out


hi every one. has any one gone through strong contraction only when cervix is out? I'm due 3 days ago and I'm scheduled for induction on Saturday if labour didn't progress. My Dr said I'm 3cm dilated but contraction is only strong and painful when my cervix prodes out only to stop when it shrinks back. will also want to know any birth experience with uterine prolase. thanks

I don't know if there is anyone on here who can answer your question about the contractions. Perhaps by now you have already gone into labor and hopefully everything has gone well for you. I would strongly recommend the Whole Woman work and I'm curious to know if you looked into it the last time you were here. The post-partum healing period is up to 2 years and there is SO much you can do to stabilize your prolapse if you try. Wishing you the best! - Surviving

Thank you surviving for the reply. I haven't tried the WWW but I'll love to because I want to heal naturally. But i dont know where to get info.Thank you once more you have always been helpful.

Hi Zhrad - the information you need is right here on the WW website, forum, and store. Here are a couple of things to watch that will get you started:

How are you doing? I thought they would have induced by now...? - Surviving

hello surviving thanks for the information. I'm feeling much better thank you. My prolapse was hanging so low and I developed cold a day to the scheduled induction and I was afraid I have not enough energy for labor and when I discussed my fear with my dr we rescheduled it.. I'm now waiting for the new date hopefully labor starts naturally before the day.

Good luck Zhrad. You will be fine. - Surviving

I second S60 good luck. I wish I had, had a better position for my two labours than on my back. I assume you have done a bit of reading on the labour stuff and posture on here for your birth. All the best, let us know how you go.