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I am a 22 year old male. I suffer from terrible back and neck pain(attributed to posteriorly sitting in a computer chair and playing video games for 8 years straight).
I have a case of hemorrhoids and a very bad left testicular varicocele. (varicose vein of the testicle). Everyone tells me I am in anterior pelvic tilt and that is the casue of my issues. But when I stretch my hip flexors, I experience worsening back pain, nerve pain in the front of my thigh and worsening of the varicocele. Also, when doing the thomas test my hip flexors are very loose, not tight.
Any recommendations for a male to change his posture in order to ease and heal my issues? People on the internet have succesfully healed their varicoceles with pelvic floor relaxation type stuff. But I can't seem to relax down there, nor take full belly breathes without having VERY awkward posture.
Thank you for your time and advice!
*ps. I also have hip joint pain when walking, almost like my femur head are being JAMMED up into the sockets at the front(front groin pain)

Welcome, shannara! I am new to Whole Woman but can offer a tad of advice. Though male posture is different, some aspects will still apply. Keep your knees slightly bent, shoulders relaxed, chest pulled up and chin slightly tucked. Don't force the belly breathing. Focus on keeping your belly relaxed and take deep breaths through your nose. You may want to try this in a standing position, gaining awareness of these aspects, and then apply them in some gentle walking. Try to spend less time sitting on soft furniture. This encouraged bad posture for me. Opt for a wooden chair or better yet, the floor! An anti inflammatory diet may also be of benefit. You could start by adding in more green foods, especially dark leafy greens, and lemon water. Try to cut back on wheat products like bread and pasta. Best of luck to you!

Take a look at this video at approximately 1:30 and you will see the elements of posture explained.

This is the natural, fully-extended posture that everyone, male or female, should adhere to. It's what seats the torso properly over the hip joints and provides the correct weight-loading on the hips. When we pull in our bellies tightly, we reverse natural breathing and become shallow chest-breathers, so work on relaxing the belly, pulling the chest up strongly, and breathly deeply into the belly, not the chest. You will be able to do this when you get everything down there more relaxed. It can be an effort at first.

We like getting a guy on here from time to time, as it helps reinforce the message that this posture is for everyone. Check around the site, especially the hips forum and blog articles. - Surviving

Hi and welcome.
I endorse what has been said above, and would like to add that I started with the posture and then gradually straightened out my muscles, limbs and fascia with Christine's Save Your Hips DVD after reading the book and her blog posts.

I did come here with "women's issues" and soon noticed that my hip instability which has started to involve painful crunching concussion in the right hip, had resolved upon adopting the posture.

I did start my exercise program using the Hips DVD as a foundation to the other DVDs, walking etc.
Doing this DVD made me realize how unbalanced my left and right side were and the exercises evened them out.
For years, I had been putting most of my body weight onto the side that turned out to be the weakest with the hip issues.
I have no more hip instability and so many other benefits from the feet upward.

Christine's approach is holistic and I dare now to look for benefits in my health as I go and they usually resolve or improve greatly, including varicose veins.

Wishing you all the best in your healing journey,

Aussie Soul Sister


My favourite blog post by Christine and a further link within to "science column", explains the development of the foot arch, lumbar curve and hip placement under their acetabular roof, both in childhood and in ancient man, helping him to survive.

Aussie Soul Sister